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They can shoot, too!

The Shooting Industry Masters three-gun competition in September hit the X-ring for fun, good-natured ribbing and the amount of money raised to help build the industry's future. Nearly $12,000 was raised during the event, with the money going to NSSF's Step Outside program. (See page 24.)

That's good news for all of us. The Step Outside program introduces new shooters to the various shooting disciplines, with an emphasis on safety, fun and creating an ongoing interest. That translates into new customers.

Smart program. That's why we're strong supporters of Step Outside and why we sponsor and produce the Shooting Industry Masters. Putting on such a competition and fundraiser is not an easy task and we sent 12 people from our company to run the event and compete. However, most of the work was done before the first shot was fired.

Heading the effort was Randy Molde, our company's promotions director, who was the match chairman. Without his efforts, there wouldn't be a masters event.

Handling the hundreds of details was Elizabeth Jarrell, the match coordinator. Again, without her, we'd be awash in misplaced paperwork and raffle prizes.

For the actual event, Roy Huntington, American Handgunner editor; Jeff John, GUNS Magazine editor; and Dave Douglas, American COP editor, ran the shotgun, rifle and pistol stages, reinforced by Mark Hanten, American COP contributing editor, who also was the match's photographer.

Not only can these guys edit magazines and run shooting stages, they can shoot. Roy, Jeff, Dave and Mark, our Team FMG-1, placed third in the Open Class of professional and expert shooters.

How did I do at the event? I tried not to hit any of those flying things in sporting clays, avoided putting any holes in the black part of the rifle targets and required an hourglass to time the pistol stage.

Of course, Roy, Jeff, Dave and Mark didn't run the stages by themselves. They were assisted by Steve Evatt, of American Handgunner, and Delano Amaguin and Brian Friesen, both of American COP.

FMG Publisher Tom von Rosen and Vice President Tom Hollander competed in the event, sold raffle tickets, moved ammo and other supplies, and, most important, supported the wild idea of us holding such an event.

Eric Tse, who did not attend the event, deserves a salute. As Shooting Industry's art director, he designed the masters' logo and most of this year's promotions.

Me, I was the match director, which means I got to talk on the PA system and hand out awards.


We, of course, owe a great deal of thanks to our hosts, Randy Luth, and the folks at DPMS/Panther Arms and the Del Tone/Luth Club in St. Cloud, Minn.

If your company wasn't represented at this year's match, you need to be there next year. Call someone who participated. They will tell you about the fun, the great prizes and the upbeat spirit of the event--and they'll challenge you to be on the firing line next year.


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Title Annotation:Industry watch
Author:Thurman, Russ
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Date:Nov 1, 2006
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