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They can fine us but what can we do? VIEWPOINTS.

EVERY week, late Wednesday evening, I puts out a white compostable bag and a black bag to be collected on a Thursday morning.

Inside the white compostable bag were caddy liners each one filled with food waste. Each week they are collected without fail, but on this occasion it wasn't collected - why was it missed? After I got home from a funeral on the Thursday (July 9) I saw the white bag hadn't been collected, so I phoned up the council that afternoon to see if anybody will be collecting it before the day's end. I was assured it would be collected and was asked to see if anyone else's had been collected that morning; still on the phone to somebody I looked up and down the street to see if anybody else had theirs out and spotted another white bag across the road the next block down from me Whether theirs was collected that afternoon after I ended my call, or evening, I do not know. Hoping our white bag would be collected I left it outside the front and was asked to phone back before 5pm if it hasn't been collected before then - I didn't get to phone back that day. The white bag was still outside the following morning. A flock of urban gulls were making a meal of it and making one heck of a racket. It was everywhere. I had to brush and wash down the front at 6am that Friday morning after the urban gulls made a mess. The teabags were everywhere and I had to pick them up. There was also one big pile of mess outside our window.

If I hadn't gone outside to clean up, the urban gulls would have been outside our house making a racket for some time waking us up and the neighbours.

The council can fine people for putting out bins on the wrong day or for putting the rubbish into the wrong bags, so why can't we fine them for failing to collect the bins that are out on the correct day? Another thing, isn't it about time somebody cull or reduce the amount of urban gulls resident in the city? They've become too overwhelming. And, as it was reported in the Echo sometime back, the urban gulls have a tendency to attack people coming out of their houses. Something needs to be done before Cardiff becomes home to a big population of urban gulls.

Stuart Rees Carlisle Street Splott
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Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Jul 15, 2009
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