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They built a new brick deck on top of an old wooden one.

They built a new brick deck on top of an old wooden one The elevated focus of this garden is a 12- by 17-foot deck with an octagonal spa centered near its back edge. The placement of the spa puts it under the protective mantle of the trees along the fence and leaves enough room for sunbathing closer to the house. Originally, a slightly lower wood-topped deck occupied the same spot. The old deck still exists--but now it supports the added layers of heavyduty building felt, wire-reinforced mortar, and brick pavers laid in a "thin-set" base and grouted. To mask the new deck's underpinnings and to give it a more massive look, a band of 2-by-12s runs around the edge flush with the bricks. The inset spa also lies flush with the deck and has a band of mitered 2-by-6s around its border. Access to the deck is from three sides. The broad steps facing the house are 6 feet long; narrower side steps are 9 1/2 feet long. Near the fence, 12-by-12 split posts mask the spa equipment and form a rugged backdrop (you can see the posts behind the people at upper left). Rodney E. Houghton of Santa Barbara designed and built the spa for owners Marge and Frank Gordon.

PHOTO : Broad steps off the covered patio (left) lead to brick-topped deck. Deck surface is 21

PHOTO : inches above surrounding walks
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Date:Jun 1, 1988
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