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They built a mound for, among other things, a pool slide.

Bare ground surrounded by a slumpstone wall made a bleak back yard behind Joisanne and Bob Dailey's newly built tract house in the Southern California town of Upland. Incorporating their recreation preferences into plans for a new landscape, the Daileys decided on a design that added a few vertical dimensions to the existing horizontal ones. Center of activity is an 11- by 35-foot pool. The pool's depth is only 3 to 5 feet too shallow for a diving board, but appropriate for a slide. Working with a pool contractor, the Daileys mounded some of the excavated dirt at the north end of the pool. Then, with concrete blocks and plywood forms, they shaped the slope into a 12-foot-long curving slide (with stairs on both sides), built in a variety of walled planting beds, and created a level lounging terrace two steps up from the pool. A six-jet manufactured spa unit (out of view to the left in the large photograph above) sits adjacent to the pool. Using PVC pipe, Mr. Dailey connected two of the jets to the top of the pool slide; a separate switch on the spa controls the rerouted jets, which send water gushing down the slide. Both pool and slide have a standard finish of sprayed concrete. To give the slide a slippery surface, Mr. Dailey applied several coats of a chlorinated rubber-base coating that's made for use on plaster and concrete. Bull-nose terra cotta tiles rim the pool, stair rails, and planters. Two beds at the slide end of the pool hold olive trees; in the bed parallel to the length of the pool, a lineup of fast-growing evergreen Cupressocyparis leylandii is rapidly screening the long expanse of wall. El
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Date:Jun 1, 1990
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