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There are a whole lot of shipping containers available for sending your aircraft's major assembly back for repair. Trouble is, those containers are sitting in warehouses collecting dust.

You need those containers to protect the major assemblies from damage during shipment. Too many are arriving with more damage than they started with. Some can't even be salvaged.
End Item   Major Assembly           Assembly NSN       Container NSN

UH-60      Blade, main rotor        1615-01-106-1903   8145-01-081-9236

UH-60      Gear box, accessory      1615-01-353-3825   8145-01-230-0189

UH-60      Transmission,            1615-01-230-6218   8145-01-230-0189

UH-60      Transmission,            1615-01-241-6110   8145-01-230-0189

UH-60L     Transmission,            1615-01-305-2375   8145-01-079-9652

UH-60A/Q   Transmission,            1615-01-503-3115   8145-01-079-9652
and        mechanical
RH-60A     Transmission             1615-01-415-8387   8145-01-079-9652

UH-60      Blade, main rotor        1615-01-106-1903   8145-01-081-9236

UH-60      Balancer, blade                             8145-01-081-9236

UH-60      Turbine engine           2840-01-083-6848   8145-01-128-1842
           accessory section

UH-60      Turbine engine                              8145-01-128-1855
           module, power

AH-64      Turbine engine           2840-01-121-0753   8145-01-128-1842
           accessory module

AH-64      Turbine engine           2840-01-245-6004   8145-01-128-1855
           module, power

AH-64      Blade, rotary wing       1615-01-332-0702   8145-01-235-1536

AH-64      Head assembly, main      1615-01-209-9169   8145-01-235-1530

AH-64      Transmission, main       1615-01-461-8845   8145-01-235-1535

AH-64A     APU                      2835-01-172-6200   8145-01-460-9393

CH-47      Blade, rotary wing       1615-01-082-8194   8145-01-102-3048

CH-47      Head assembly, aft       1615-01-115-3607   8145-01-128-1739

CH-47      Swashplate, control                         8145-00-563-9803

CH-47      Head, rotary wing                           8145-01-128-1739

CH-47      Blade, rotary wing                          8145-01-102-3048

CH-47      Transmission,            1615-01-315-4071   8145-01-128-1857

CH-47      Transmission,            1615-01-315-9365   8145-01-128-4725

CH-47      Transmission,            1615-01-464-3974   8145-01-128-4725

CH-47      Transmission,            1615-01-464-5563   8145-01-128-4725

CH-47      Transmission,            1615-01-287-5319   8145-01-128-4725

CH-47      Transmission,            1615-01-317-6446   8145-01-128-1856

CH-47      Transmission,            1615-01-397-9921   8145-01-128-4725

CH-47      Cylinder assembly                           8145-01-131-3200

CH-47      Dampener, flutter                           8145-00-400-7730

CH-47      Actuator assembly        1650-01-496-6802   8145-01-131-3200

CH-47      Actuator, thrust                            8145-01-131-3200

CH-47      Shaft assembly,                             8145-01-128-1843

CH-47      Engine, gas turbine                         8145-01-341-6301

CH-47      Engine, aircraft                            8145-01-469-0956

UH-60L     Engine accessory         2840-01-284-2662   8145-01-128-1842

UH-60L     Turbine engine           2840-01-286-1909   8145-01-128-1855
           module, power

OH-58D     Hub assembly, main       1615-01-186-4042   8145-01-222-7766

OH-58D     Mast assembly,           1615-01-164-3904   8145-01-222-7765

OH-58D     Mast assembly, rotary    1615-01-243-4221   8145-01-222-7765

OH-58D     Blade, rotary wing       1615-01-239-7004   8145-01-387-1306

OH-58D     Turbine engine                              8145-01-472-6660

AH-64D     APU                      2835-01-413-1057   8145-01-460-9393

AGPU       APU                      2835-01-180-0452   8145-01-460-9393
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