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They're YOUR boys.

SIR - Like many of my countrymen I will be supporting England throughout the 2006 World Cup, for the simple reason that they are the only representatives from the UK left in the tournament.

Hopefully and before I leave this world for a better place I would love to see both Wales and England in some future World Cup competition. And until such a time as they were drawn against each other I would continue to support both sides, as I would support any UK team in the finals. However (and I write this as a proud Ponty-boy, Welshman, British Unionist and staunch European) even though the World Cup has only just started, I am already sick to the teeth of hearing BBC (and ITV) television and radio news presenters referring to the English team as our boys. They are not our boys.

I have already had one nightmare about England wining the World Cup, in which the entire squad to a man (including the coach driver's dog) was knighted by HMQ back in Buck House.

So if anybody from the BBC or ITV news is reading this letter, please support people like me who are supporting YOUR BOYS and just remember that England lost its crown first to the Welsh Tudors, then to the Scots Stuarts, then to the German Hanovers and finally to Phil the Greek. So England is just a region of the UK like the rest of us - so don't you forget it.


Community Councillor Ynysybwl & Coed-y-cwm, Pontypridd
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Jun 13, 2006
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