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They'll back her to sack her but the PM cracked a long time ago.

Byline: analysis by kevin maguire

BACK me to sack me was the desperate cry of the second-worst Prime Minister in modern times.

The worst was David Cameron, for losing Europe in a reckless tactical referendum - but humiliated Theresa May runs him pretty close.

These two terrible duds have plunged battered Britain into a crisis so cataclysmic that future generations will curse the name of May.

The naive PM dropped the ball on Brexit, botched negotiations with our European neighbours and fatally pandered to the Tory and DUP no-deal hardliners now devouring her, leaving her a stumbling disaster zone.

Brextremists cynically voting for a bad deal to dump May would confirm that this was never about the country's interests - but about them, her, and a party lurching further to the Right.

History tells the truth - and it will be brutally unkind to May.

She is the PM who threw away a Tory majority with a rash general election.

She was the home secretary who slashed 21,000 police officers and bequeathed a knife crime epidemic and the Windrush scandal.

She is a partisan Tory who championed ideological austerity.

And she is the PM who offered her P45 without a guarantee it will ensure Parliament will accept her deal.

May knows Brexit would leave Britain poorer and weaker, locking us out of a powerful, successful family of nations in a troubled, unpredictable world.

Her Brexit is about damage limitation. It is, as she knows, a worse deal than staying in Europe.

May will be damned as the PM who purposely harmed a Disunited Kingdom instead of bringing us together.

WORST PM EVER Dud David Cameron


WORST PM EVER Dud David Cameron

CUTS Legacy of May's pre-No10 role

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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Mar 28, 2019
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