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Thesis survey/recension des theses.

I. Doctoral Theses/Theses de doctorat

Bita Amani, Merchants & Missionaries: Patenting Life, Competing International Obligations and the Proselytization of a Realistic Utopia, University of Toronto.

Oleksandra Baglay, Refugee Law and National/Supranational Identity: A Comparative Study of Australia, Canada and the European Union, Osgoode Hall Law School.

Kristin Bartenstein, L'antagonisme <<commerce et environnement>> ou le principe de developpement durable comme fil conducteur pour la reconciliation des interets commerciaux et environnementaux sous l'article XX du GATT, Universite Laval.

Stephane Bernatchez, Juger les lois: La legitimite democratique et la fonction du controle judiciaire de constitutionnalite, Universite de Montreal.

Louise Bernier, Justice in Genetics: Intellectual Property and Human Rights from a Cosmopolitan Liberal Perspective, McGill University.

Irus Braverman, Tree Wars: A Study of Natural Governance in Israel/Palestine and in Four North American Cities, University of Toronto.

Charles-Emmanuel Cote, La participation des personnes privees au reglement des differends internationaux: le cas de l'elargissement du droit de porter plainte a l'organisation mondiale du commerce, McGill University.

Hugo Cyr, Canadian Federalism and Treaty Powers: Existential Communities, Functional Regimes and the Canadian Constitution, Universite de Montreal.

Thierry Dorval, The Role of Corporate Governance in Reducing Agency Problems and Assisting Directors in the Discharge of their Fiduciary Duties, University of Ottawa.

Aldo Forgione, Tax Paradox of a Rich Developing Country: Canadian Taxation of International Business Income in the Digital Age, University of Toronto.

Soren Frederiksen, An Actor Network Approach to the Study of Scientific Evidence in Canada, Osgoode Hall Law School.

Shelley Gavigan, Criminal Law on the Aboriginal Plains: The First Nations and the First Criminal Court in the North-West Territories, 1870-1903, University of Toronto.

Fakhri Gharbi, Pour une meilleure previsibilite dans l'indication des mesures conservatoires par la Cour Internationale de Justice, Universite Laval.

Shiva Giri, Defining the Limits and Scope of the National Treatment Obligation in the GATT: A Law and Economics Approach, University of Toronto.

Mark Heeler, Police Power in Law Reform: A Socio-Legal Case Study o/Police Chief Participation in the Making of 1997 Anti-Gang Legislation, Osgoode Hall Law School.

Juan Antonio Herrera, Mexico's Implementation of the Biodiversity Convention and the Cartagena Protocol in the GMO Era: Challenges in Principles. Policies and Practices, Dalhousie Law School.

Gina Hill, From Outside Contributors to &side Participants: Exploring How NGOs Contribute to and Participate in Creating International Law--Examining the Negotiations for the Ottawa Convention Banning Landmines and the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, University of Ottawa.

Melanie Hoffert, L'evolution des droits des femmes conditionnee par la protection de la famille. L'exemple des alternatives a l'autorisation maritale en France et au Quebec de 1804 a 1938, Universite Laval.

Christopher Jenkins, Judicial Review of Unlawful Combatant Detentions under the United States Constitution, McGill University.

Richard Jochelson, A Relational Account of Freedom of Expression, Osgoode Hall Law School.

Kerline Joseph, La quete d'une egalite effective pour les femmes africaines aux niveaux national et regional: le cas de la Sierra Leone, Universite de Montreal.

Winifred Kamau, Law, Family and Dispute Resolution: Negotiating Justice in a Plural Legal Context, Osgoode Hall Law School.

Jarmila Lajcakova, Ethnocultural Justice for the Roma in Slovakia, University of Toronto.

Tracey Lindberg, Critical Indigenous Legal Theory, University of Ottawa.

Ratno Lukito, Sacred and Secular Laws: A Study of Conflict and Resolution in Indonesia, McGill University.

Heather McLeod-Kilmurray, The Process of Judging the Environment: Civil Procedure, Environmental Ethics and their Effects on Environmental Law, University of Toronto.

Mario Naccarato, De l'incidence normative du droit prive au regard du droit criminel economique: perspectives de droit transsystemique (Canada, Angleterre, Suisse et France), Universite Laval.

Alaa Naji, Diyah as a Third Dimension to Air Carrier Liability, Conventions, McGill University.

Vrinda Narain, Anxiety, and Amnesia: Muslim Women's Equalio, in Postcolonial India, McGill University.

Ganiu Adeyemi Oke, Does "Tomorrow" Matter? Rethinking Intergenerational Sustainability and Traditional Knowledge in Natural Resource Management in Nigeria, Osgoode Hall Law School.

Evaristus Oshionebo, Transnational Corporations in Africa's Extractive Industries: Challenges in the Regulation of Corporate Conduct, Osgoode Hall Law School.

Ittai Paldor, Rethinking the Justifications for RPM--Did the Courts Have it Right All Along?, University of Toronto.

Moira Phillips, The Rhetoric of Equality: A Burkean Analysis of Vriend, Osgoode Hall Law School.

Jean-Francois Roberge, Typologie de l'intervention en conciliation judiciaire chez les juges canadiens siegeant en premiere instance et ses impacts sur le systeme judiciaire, le droit et la justice. etude de la perception des juges canadiens, Universite Laval.

David Robitaille, Normativite, interpretation et justification des droits economiques et sociaux: les cas quebecois et sud-africain, Universite d'Ottawa.

Elie S. Roth, The Jurisprudence of the European Court of Justice on Direct Taxation and the Rule of Reason Doctrine: Preserving Consistency Between the Principles of Community Law and International Taxation, Osgoode Hall Law School.

Kerry Taylor, Facing the Phallic Barrier: Culture, Female Genital "Mutilation ". Circumcision and Legal Identity, Osgoode Hall Law School.

Ugochukwu Ukpabi, All the Boundaries of International Trade and Finance: Developing Countries and the Regulatoty Convergence Between the International Monetary, Fund and the World Trade Organization, Osgoode Hall Law School.

II. Master's Theses / Memoires de maitrise

Adebanke Adediran, Employment of Restorative Justice in Securing Peace in the Republic of Rwanda, Dalhousie Law School.

Onyema Afulukwe, Protecting the Human Rights o/ Women by Re-conceiving the Repugnancy Doctrine in Nigeria: The Case of Muojekwu v. Ejikeme, University of Toronto.

Claudia Ahumada, A Critical Analysis of Statutory Rape Law and its Effects on Adolescents: The Chilean Case, University of Toronto.

Hani Al-Naddaf, L'application de la notion d'entretprise entre le Code de commerce francais et le Code civil du Quebec, Universite de Montreal.

Rasha Albazaz, The Linguistic Trivialization of Human Rights Across Legal and Political Spheres, University of Toronto.

Glorie Alfred, On Wages. Pensions and Collective Agreements: A Comparative Look at the Treatment of Workers under Canadian. Australian and U.S. Bankruptcy and Insolvency Law, University of Ottawa.

Mamdouh Alhoudaili, Air Carrier Liability--Unfinished Unification of Private International Air Law, McGill University.

Amaya Alvez Marin, A Modern Constitutional State for Chile: The Role of Judges, University of Toronto.

Karen Andreychuk, Third Party Discovery in International Commercial Arbitration, University of Toronto.

Lucile Amoux, A Penal Clause in Quebec and French Civil Law: A Comparative Overview, University of Ottawa.

Mugdha Arora, Grains of Controversy: Safeguarding Traditional Knowledge in the Aftermath of the Basmati Rice Dispute, Queen's University.

Elena Asparouhova, Encadrement normative visant l'utilisation de la marijuana a des fins medicales en Occident, Universite de Montreal.

David Asper, Wrongful Convictions in Canada and Defense Counsel: It's Time for Mandatory Professional Education and Competency Safeguards, University of Toronto.

Alles Salimou Baba-Bodi, La justice des enfants-soldats: De la protection internationale des enfants aux poursuites penales a l'encontre des enfants-soldats, Universite d'Ottawa.

Habib Baccar, L'adoption d'un systeme de management environnemental et sa certification ISO 14001: le cas des PME au Canada et au Quebec, Universite Laval.

Jennie Baek, Government Treatment of Stem Cell Research: Bringing it Out of the Shadows of Assisted Human Reproductive Technologies, University of Toronto.

Jean Baril, Bureau d 'audiences publiques sur l'environnement et developpement durable: de simple rouage d'une procedure d'autorisation de projet a un veritable organisme de planification environnmentale, Universite Laval.

Sebastien Beauregard, La reglementation d'internet dans le federalisme canadien, Universite de Montreal.

Michel Bedard, La dignite humaine: limite a la brevetabilite du corps humain, Universite de Montreal.

Michael Begg, Legislating British Columbia: A History of B. C. Land Law, 1858-1971, University of British Columbia.

Haroun Ben Hadj Mbarek, La dematerialisation des operations de credits documentaires internationaux, Universite Laval.

Yohan Benizri, Droit d'auteur et co(regulation): la politique du droit d'auteur sur l'internet, McGill University.

Suzette Bernard, Le Canada, un pays libre et democratique? Le profllage ethnique des jeunes meres autochtones subissant l'impecuniosite, University of Ottawa.

Emmanuelle Bernheim, La relation complexe du juge et de l'expert-psychiatre, Universite de Montreal.

Marie-eve Bernier, Le discours gouvernemental et la legitimite du droit a la negociation collective: etude de deux conflits de travail au Quebec menant a l'adoption de lois forcant le retour au travail, Universite du Quebec a Montreal.

Denis Blanchette, De la gestion des resources fauniques a la participaton au processus d evaluation environnementale: l'evolution d'un droit constitutionnel chez les Cris de la Baie James, Universite de Montreal.

Andree Boisselle, De la consultation des peuples autochtones: structure institutionnelle d'un dialogue appele a renouveler la notion des droits ancestraux, Universite de Montreal.

Pamela Boisvert, In Pursuit of Intercultural Understanding: Interest-Based Negotiation in Aboriginal Contexts, University of Ottawa.

Melanie Borgognon, La protection juridique des odeurs, Universite de Montreal.

Nicole Borovan, The Canada-United States Safe Third Country Agreement: A Constitutional Analysis, McGill University.

Guillermo Bosch Canto, Analysis of Non-traditional Trademarks in North American Countries, University of Toronto.

Genevieve Boudreau, Minority Language Educational Rights in Nova Scotia and the Enforcement of These Rights by an Administrative Tribunal, Dalhousie Law School.

Brynn Bourke, Not Just the Girl Next Door: Feminist Equality Strategies in the Face of the "Woman of Legal Diseourse", Carleton University.

Veronic Boyer, Le droit a l'environnement comme droit fondamental--la fin en justifie-t-elle les moyens, Universite de Montreal.

Lance Bredeson, A Change in Canadian Corporate Governance Philosophy: The Importation of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act into Canadian Corporate Governance, University of Toronto.

Kathryn Michelle Bromley-Chan, Taxing Charities, Imposer les organismes de bienfaisance: Harmonization and Dissonance in Canadian Registered Charity Law, McGill University.

Alain Brophy, Des enjeux juridiques concernant l'efficacite des systemes dechange de droits d emission, Universite de Montreal.

Lolita Buckner-Inniss, Problematizing the Search for Black Rights Under Law: Juridical Negritude, Critical Legal Rhetoric, and the Case of In Re African-American Slave Descendants Litigation, Osgoode Hall Law School.

Claude-Alain Burdet, Proportionnalite et minorites linguistiques, Universite d'Ottawa.

John Bums, Canada's Accommodating Judiciary: How the Supreme Court of Canada Can Actively Encourage Negotiations in Aboriginal Rights and Treaty, Claims, Carleton University.

Norma Buydens, Rape and "Consent to Force": Legal Doctrine and Social Context in Victorian Britain, University of Saskatchewan.

Mary Louise Caldbick, Privacy and Access to Information of Aboriginal Peoples in Canada, University of Ottawa.

Carmen Campos, Therapeutic Abortion: The Brazilian Case of Anencephaly, University of Toronto.

Emilio Cardenas Montfort, The Notarial Services in the NAFTA, McGill University.

Peguy Chahine, De l'interet de l'enfant a la reconnaissance du droit a une vie familiale normale: chemin accessible pour les etrangers?, Universite de Montreal.

Isabelle Charlebois, Analyse comparative du concept de malhonnetete en droit criminel et en droit des societes, Universite de Montreal.

James Cbarlton, The Nation of Quebec in a United Canada: Recognizing and Defining Quebec's Distinctiveness in the Constitution of Canada, University of Toronto.

Nicolas Charron-Geadah, La corporation sert-elle bien ses stakeholders, Universite de Montreal.

Daniela Chimisso dos Santos, Deconstructing Establishment Rights in International Investment Law, University of Calgary.

Rabih Choueiri, La loi applicable au fond dans les litiges concernant les noms de domaine, Universite de Montreal.

Vicky Chouinard, The Legal Framework Related to the Privatization and Commercialization of Remote Sensing Satellites in the United States and Canada, McGill University.

Catherine Chow, Chinatown Geographies and the Politics of Race, Space and the Law, University of British Columbia.

Gideon Christian, A New Approach to Data Security Breaches, University of Ottawa.

David Christie, The Protection of Children Within the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: The Balance Between Pragmatism and Idealism, University of Toronto.

Marie Comiskey, The Criminal Law Jurisprudence of Justice Peter Cory, Osgoode Hall Law School.

Ingrid Cosnard, L'obligation de revelation de l'arbitre et du mediateur, Universite Laval.

Marie-Eve Couture-Menard, Nouvelle vague d'OGM dans nos assiettes: qu'en est-il de l'encadrement normatif du saumon transgenique au Canada?, Universite de Montreal.

Simone Cusack, Addressing Gender Stereotyping under the Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination against Women: The Case of Ciudad Juarez, University of Toronto.

Jacques-Michel Cyr, Execution au Quebec de suretes presentant des liens avec plus d'une juridiction canadienne dans le contexte d'une faillite, Universite de Montreal.

Emile Darius, Reflexion de politique penale sur la responsabilite et le traitement des enfants soldats, auteurs de crimes internationaux, a la lumiere de l'experience de la Sierra Leone, Universite du Quebec a Montreal.

Francisco de Miranda, The Role of Market Definition and Unilateral Effects Analysis in America's Movement Towards Effects-Based Antitrust: An Analytic Perspective, University of Toronto.

Aymeri Delassalle, Les moyens de defense de necessite et de contrainte en droit penal international, Universite du Quebec a Montreal.

Philippe Denault, La recherche d'unite dans l'interpretation du droit prive federal: cadre juridique et fragments du discours judiciaire, Universite de Montreal.

Timothy Denton, Radio Spectrum Policy: Two Conceptions of the Public Welfare, University of Ottawa.

Vijai Deonarine, Interlocking Directorates and Corporate Governance in Trinidad and Tobago, University of Toronto.

Patrick Desalliers, Le droit des prises de controle du Delaware a la lumiere des modeles d'encadrement Director Discretion et Shareholder Choice, Universite de Montreal.

Gaetane Deshamais, La professionnalisation: entre la protection du public et l'interet des professionnels, Universite de Montreal.

Marie-Claude Desjardins, Les possibilites et les limites de l'<<analyse du cycle de vie>> pour un droit de l'environnement plus coherent et efficace, Universite Laval.

Zachary Detra, The Legitimacy of the International Civil Aviation Organization's Universal Safety Oversight Audit Programme, McGill University.

Cedric Diener, Les regionalisations de la mondialisation: blocs economiques. paradiplomatie et souverainete etatique dans le droit international economique, Universite du Quebec a Montreal.

Nelson Dordelly-Rosales, Constitutional Democracy: Canada and Venezuela, University of Ottawa.

Geoffrey Duckworth, The Responsibility to Protect Humanity from Genocide and the Coming End of U.N. Charter Absolutism: Moral Legal and Political Implications, Osgoode Hall Law School.

Florian Ducommun, The Protection of Traditional Knowledge: A Model for Sustainable Diversity, McGill University.

Jim Duffy, Mutual Recognition in the Third Pillar of EU Law: A Shaky Cornerstone, University of Toronto.

Daher El-Aily, Faut-il un droit des groupes de societes au Canada?, Universite d'Ottawa.

Karima El Sammaa, Freedom of Religion and the Principle of Laicite: The Case of France, University of Toronto.

Alana Elliot, Terrorism: The Search for an International Legal Framework, University of Alberta.

Shannon Evans, Intellectual Property Rights, Traditional Knowledge and Access and Benefit-Sharing. Towards a New International Cultural-Legal Relativity, Narrative, Carleton University.

Alejandro Flores, La competence du tribunal arbitral dans l'arbitrage commercial, Universite de Montreal.

Alfredo Fortes, The Prohibition Against Torture in the XXI Century: Current Threats to its Jus Cogens Status, University of Ottawa.

Carlos Fuentes, Redefining Aboriginal Title: A Critique Towards an Inter-American Doctrine, McGill University.

Hugo-Pierre Gagnon, Bill C-55 and the UNCITRAL Model Law on Cross-Border Insolvency: The Harmonization of Canadian Insolvency Legislation, McGill University.

Regiane Garcia, A Critical Analysis of Public Participation in Health Policy Choices in Brazil, University of Toronto.

Diego Garcia-Ricci, Human Rights Protection in Canada: A Unique, Multi-Dimensional Approach, University of Toronto.

Louisa Garib, Biometrics and Employee Privacy Rights: Unequal Protection and Unsure Footing, University of Ottawa.

Bastien Gauthier, Les operations scrutees sous l'angle de l'interet public par les organismes de reglementation des valeurs mobilieres: entre efficience et duplicite, Universite de Montreal.

Philippe Gauvin, Usage Tracking as a "Normal Exploitation of a Work": A Trade Barrier to the Limiting of New Business Models, University of Ottawa.

Louis Gelinas, L'admission des confessions et le risque d 'erreur judiciaire toute verite est-elle bonne a dire?, Universite de Montreal.

Daniel Gold, Federal Electoral District Inequality, the Saskatchewan Reference and Mixed Member Proportional Representation (MMP), University of Toronto. Christine Gosselin, L'emprisonnement avec sursis dix ans plus tard: l'urgence d'accroitre la vigilance, Universite Laval.

Jean-Alexandre Gouin, L'impact des limites de garanties dans les contrats de logiciels au Quebec : analyse comparee, Universite de Montreal.

Oumnia Gridda, La redaction de la clause compromissoire et le droit applicable a la procedure arbitrale, Universite Laval.

James Griffiths, Should the Law of Privacy Draw Inspiration from the Law of Defamation, and Introduce a Defence of Qualified Privilege for when the Media Wishes no Publish Private Information about Public Figures?, University of Toronto.

Nadia Guidotto, Homo(sexual) Sacer: Biopolitics and the Bathhouse Raids in Toronto, 1981, Osgoode Hall Law School.

Jonathan Hadida, Prospects for Multilateral Cooperation in Taxation, McGill University.

Fatemeh Hajihosseini, Alienation, Resistance and Agency in International Human Rights: The Case of Iran, Osgoode Hall Law School.

Marc Remy Halter, Aviation Insurance in International Air Transport, McGill University. Dror Harel, The Case Against a Human Rights Exception to Sovereign Immunity: Is Anything Left?, University of Toronto.

Karine Hebert, Assurer la perennite des enterprises familiales: de la planification a l'anticipation des conflits, Universite Laval.

Sajjad Hotiana, A Comparative Analysis of Islamic Home Mortgage Models in the U.S. and Canada: A Case for Improvement of the Canadian Model, University of Toronto.

Emile Dieudonne Ikamba, L'independance de la magistrature: le droit congolais a l'epreuve du droit international, Universite Laval.

Irehobhude Iyioha, The Deregulation of Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Science-Based Regulation: Merging Myths, Science and Law+ University of Toronto.

Megha Jandhyala, The Protection of Indigenous and Tribal Culture in Developing Countries, University of Toronto.

Joceline Jarry, Les conjoints de fait au Quebec: perspectives feministes pour un encadrement legal, Universite de Montreal.

Delphine Andree Jaugey, The Use of Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) for Air Navigation Purposes: Benefits, Vulnerabilities of the System and Legal Issues, McGill University.

Susan Joao, Regulating the Diseased Society: Power and Moral Regulation in Public Health Discourse, Carleton University.

Sara Josselyn, When Post Mortem Medical Procedures Require Pre Mortem Interventions: A Case for Informed Consent for Post Mortem Organ Donation, Dalhousie Law School.

Meera Kaura, Conflict Resolution and Access to Justice in the Indian Villages: Are the Three Experiments a Gandhian Legacy or Reverence to Common Law?, University of Ottawa.

Adam Kay, Intergovernmental Institutions, Transnational Corporations and the Modern Paradigm: The Reflexive Possibilities of Transnational Legal Pluralism for Sustainable Development, Osgoode Hall Law School.

Lisa Kayaga, Tax Policy Challenges Facing Developing Countries: A Case Study of Uganda, Queen's University.

Saira Khan, Regulatory, Accountability and Responsiveness: A Case Study of How Government Reacts to Judicial Decisions, Carleton University.

Nicolette Kost-de Sevres, Le consentement a la convention d'arbitrage commercial international : evolution et developpements recents en droit quebecois et en droit international, Universite de Montreal.

Sima Kramer, Customers as Trade Secrets v. Employees as Market-Makers: Introducing the Unified Approach of Innovation Policy, University of Toronto.

Karolina Kremens, The Examination of Witnesses in the International Criminal Procedure: Continental and Anglo-American Approach, University of Ottawa.

Kelly Kutchaw-Polak, The Uncertainty of Certainty in Aboriginal Land Rights: Is There an Alternative?, Carleton University.

Shauna Labman, The Invisibles: An Examination of Refugee Resettlement, University of British Columbia.

Anthony Lachter, Technological Protection Measures and Related Issues on the Verge of Canadian Copyright Reform, University of Toronto.

Maxime Lamothe, La renonciation a l'exercice des droits et libertes garantis par les chartes quebeeoise et canadienne, Universite Laval.

Tamara Larre, The Taxation of Personal Injulry Damages in Canada: Reconciling Tox and Tort Law Objectives, Osgoode Hall Law School.

Chloe Latulippe, Territoire. mouvement et protection des minorites en droit international: le cas des Roms et des Gens du voyage, McGill University.

Olivier Leger, "Mistake of Law": The Taxpayer's Ultimate Answer to s. 152(4)(a)(i) of the Income Tax Act, University of Toronto.

Lihong Li, Local Enforcement of Harmonized Laws: Anti-Counterfeiting and Piracv Dilemma in the People's Republic of China, University of Ottawa.

Vladimir Loktionov, Issues of Corporate Governance in Russia, University of Toronto.

Marta Lorenzo, La cooperation internationale au sein de l'OCDE, Universite d'Ottawa.

Kevin Ludgate, Justifing and Mitigating the Semantic Indeterminacy in Charter Jurisprudence: An Exploration of Legal Validity, Moral Considerations and Hermeneutics, Carleton University.

Marcos de Campos Ludwig, Dealing with Power in Contract, McGill University.

Hsiao-Chien Luo, Notice and Notice: A Better Approach to Internet Service Providers Liability?, McGill University.

Kai Ma, Convergence of Corporate Governance. Comparative Study in Canada and in China, Universite de Montreal.

William MacKinnon, Tessling, Brown & A.M.: A Principled Approach to Section 8, University of Alberta.

Emem Madu, Terrorism: The Search for an International Legal Framework, University of Alberta.

Mark Mahabir, "Sweat of the Brim" and Copyright in Sports Statisties, University of Ottawa.

Sara Mainville, An Anishinaabe Perspective of Treaty, University of Toronto.

Gregoire Major, The Role of Bilateral Agreements in the International Protection of Geographical Indications for Wine, University of Ottawa.

Abhi Malik, Horizontal Application of Fundamental Rights in India, University of Toronto.

Amissi Manirabona, La problematique du consentement a l'arbitrage multipartie au sein des groupements de societes, Universite de Montreal.

Marie-Eve Martel, Les pensionnats autoehtones au Canada: un genocide au sens juridique du terme?, Universite d'Ottawa.

Patrick Mathurin, Faillite transfrontaliere: perspectives canadiennes et americaines, Universite de Montreal.

Giulia Mazzanti, The Evolving Role of Broadcasting and the Future of Cultural Diversity, University of Ottawa.

Katherine McDonald, Abortion Rights in International Law, University of Ottawa.

M. Celeste McKay, Applying the Right to Health Under International Law to the Lives of Indigenous Women in Canada, University of Ottawa.

Michael McGonnell, Parliament and the GAAR: Reaffirming Taxpayers' Rights to Rely on the Detailed Words of the Income Tax Act to Arrange their Affairs, University of Toronto.

Adiel Meir, Administrative Detentions: Balancing Civil Rights and National Security, University of British Columbia.

Philippe Mercorio, Le vote par internet a distance est-il conforme aux exigences du droit electoral quebecois et canadien?, Universite de Montreal.

Yalina Molina-Blandon, La viabilite du concept de travail decent dans les zones franches du Nicaragua, Universite du Quebec a Montreal.

Pascal Mongelard, La possible non-conformite du regime canadien de copie privee avec l'article 16 du WPPT, Universite d'Ottawa.

Martin Montague, Raising the Stakes: A Look at the Constitutional Implications of Receiving Customary International Law Domestically, University of Toronto.

Sonya Morales, La responsabilite internationale pour l'eradication de la faim, Universite Laval.

Aida Morales Soriano, Ecotourism in Mexico, University of Toronto.

Nancy Morgan, Peril and Promise: Legal Aid and Securitized Asylum Policy, University of British Columbia.

Sandra Morin, Le juge et la protection du debiteur en defaut dans les relations commereiales, Universite d'Ottawa.

Kurt Mundorff, Taking 2(e) Seriously: Forcible Child Transfers and the Convention on Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, University of British Columbia.

Annett Nakamatte, Achieving Cost-Effectiveness and Equityv Analysis of the International Emissions Trading System, University of Alberta.

Mame Penda N'Diaye, Arbio'age en ligne et les litiges du commerce elecotronique, Universite de Montreal.

Maurice Ndyanabo, Making the Case for Mandatory Disclosure in the Regulation of Capital Markets of Developing Economies: An Assessment of the Ugandan Legal Framework, University of Toronto.

Pamela Obertan, Le brevet sur le vivant, une menace au droit a l'autodetermination des peuples autochtones?, Universite du Quebec a Montreal.

Johanne O'Hanlon, Can Lessons from Gaine Theory be Applied to Family Law Negotiations?, McGill University.

Shiva Olyaei, The Two Sides of the Saine Coin--A Critical Study of Religious Expression on the Current Headscarf Controversies, University of British Columbia.

Takako Ono, Legal Conservation of Forest Ecological Functions in Japan: A Critique of the Protection Forest System, University of Calgary.

Ifeoma Onyerikam, Achieving Compliance with the Basel Convention on Transboundary Movement of Hazardous Wastes, University of Alberta.

Hamdi Ouerghi, L'autonomie de la clause compromissoire en matiere d'arbitrage international, Universite de Montreal.

Faik Umut Ozsu, Towards a Critical Constructivist Theory of Legal "Norm-Internalization": Two Cases from Early Republican Turkey, University of Toronto.

Gina Papageorgiou, The Implications of Large Law Firm Changes for Women Lawyers, Osgoode Hall Law School.

Frederic Paquin, Le Rwanda apres le genocide: Gacaca Ingando et Biopouvoir, Universite du Quebec a Montreal.

Eric Pare, La demi-vie des jugements, Universite de Montreal.

Brian Parker, Protection of Famous Trade-marks in Canada, University of Toronto.

Shauna Parr, A Framework for Environmental Regulation by Local Government, Osgoode Hall Law School.

Frederico Pasquarelli, The Canada-US Safe Third Country Agreement: Analysing the Constitutionality of the STCA Under s. 7 and s. 15 of the Charter, University of Ottawa.

Benjamin Perrin, An Emerging International Criminal Law Tradition: Gaps in Applicable Law and Transnational Common Laws, McGill University.

Marius Petroiu, Forms of Trade Secret Protection: A Comparative Analysis of the United States, Canada, the European Union and Romania, McGill University.

Jacqueline Phillips, Native Title Law as "Recognition Space"? An Analysis of Indigenous Claimant Engagement with Law's Demands, McGill University.

Carole Piche, Confidentiality Myth? Privacy Issues and the New Adoption Information Disclosure Act, 2005, University of Ottawa.

Samara Polansky, Delisting Sex Reassignment Surgery in Ontario: A Justified Limit or a Limited Justification?, University of Toronto.

Veronica Pores, Taking Duties Serioush,? The State Obligations to Consult and to Accommodate hutigenous Peoples' Rights, University of Calgary.

Lucien Prophete, L'approche critique du neoliberalisme dans la perspective de mise en aeuvre des regles du GATT/OMC pour sortir les PVD de leur dependance economique, Universite de Montreal.

Olivier Proulx, Le traitement des porteurs minoritaires de titres de societes par actions publiques dans un contexte transactionnel: ou en sommes-nous?, Universite de Montreal.

Marc-Aurele Racicot, The Open Courts Principle and the Internet: Transparency of the Judicial Process Promoted by the Use of Technology and a Solution for a Reasoned Access no Court Records, University of Alberta.

Diego Ramirez Vincent, La limitation de responsabilite dans le transport multimodal, Universite de Montreal.

Julie Rancourt, La technique et le droit d'auteur dans l'environnement numerique: accueil et ecueil, Universite d'Ottawa,

Sylvie Rapoport, Role et responsabilite des fournisseurs de services Internet: Analyse compare Quebec-France-Belgique: Proposition de solutions, Universite d'Ottawa.

Alfred Reynolds, L'ambiguite du droit international face au statut juridique des enfants-soldats : entre victimes et agresseurs, Universite Laval.

Caroline Rivard, Les politiques Jederales d'exportations enegetiques du Canada et de l'ALENA : une ligne a haute tension entre le libre commeree et la protection des ressources energetiques, Universite Laval.

Maude Rivard-Royer, Le meilleur interet de l'enfant, les tests de paternite et le divin civil quebecois, Universite de Montreal.

Veronyque Roy, Le droit d'auteur sur la mise en scene, Universite de Montreal.

Jurgita Rushkyte, The Role of Prison Chaplains in Restorative Justice, Carleton University.

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