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These pools invite you to wade in.

Nothing evokes summer better than wading into shallow ocean waters or lolling on a lakeshore as water laps at your feet. But these are activities not generally associated with swimming pools. In pools, after three or four steps down, you are suddenly waist-deep in water--or, if you're a small child, in over your head.

The shallow ends of these three pools are friendlier, providing a place for adults to stretch out and for children to frolic. In the pool shown above, the second step has been extended, forming a broad wading area.

The other two have wade-in entries made of tiny river rocks premixed with colored pool cement. This hard surface, which feels like well-worn but bumpy-grained leather, was brought from Australia by a company called Pebble Tec and is now also available from several other manufacturers. it's applied like plaster, with the pebbles then revealed with a water wash. Unlike plaster, the material can extend above the waterline, which does away with the need for tiles.
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Author:Whiteley, Peter O.
Date:Jul 1, 1992
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