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These are 28 phrases you'd only know if you're from Lancashire; You know you're a proper Lancastrian if you recognise any of these.

Byline: Olivia Baron

Forget about Essex and Yorkshire - people from Lancashire have got slang down to a tee.

Southerners may not understand us, but our lingo is certainly something special.

You'll never forget your roots with these common words and phrases.

1. Ey up cocker

Meaning hello mate, ey up cocker is commonly used all over Lancashire to greet friends, colleagues and family members.

2. Ah'reet cha?

Meaning alright mate. Another greeting to be used - We're friendly in Lancashire you see.

3. Eccles cake

You're not a true Lancastrian if you have never tried a Lancashire Eccles cake. A delicious buttery pastry packed with raisins, currants butter and sugar.

4. A Barm

There's nothing quite like going down to the local bakers for a bacon barm. Meaning bread roll. Honestly.

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5. It's cracking flags

Basically, it's really hot outside. 'Ey ma, its cracking flags outside.'

6. Dya want owt?

Meaning, do you want anything?

7. Chuffed

A way of describing how pleased you are.

8. Ta-rah

A special Lancashire way of saying goodbye.

9. I'm sweatin' cobs

To sweat excessively.

10. It's like Blackpool Illuminations in here

It is currently very bright wherever you are.

11. N'owt

An alternative way of saying the word 'nothing'.

12. Bob on

Absolutely correct.

13. Stop yer mytherin'

Stop making a fuss.

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14. Bouncing off the ground

It's raining really hard - so much so, it's 'bouncing' off the ground.

15. It'll be reet

It will be fine.

16. Mek us a brew

A kind invitation to make a cup of tea. The drink that's the key to any Lancashire heart.

17. Ginnel

This refers to an alley or pathway.

18. Lass

A young lady

19. A 'doo'

The Lancashire way of describing an event or party

20. Buttie

This is what we like to call a sandwhich.

21. Chippy tea

An evening meal consisting of chips. Usually coincided with peas, pudding and gravy.

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22. Blooming eck'

Meaning oh hell.

23. Harping on

Going on about something.

24. Spittin' feathers

Not literally. It means our mouths are dry and need water.

25. I'm off to catch the buzz

Meaning I am going to catch the bus.

26. By gum

This is a phrase that is often used as an expression in a state of shock.

27. Teacake

This is a sweet bun with dried fruit

28. Wot's the scran?

Meaning what is there to eat?

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Date:Feb 7, 2019
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