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Theroux, Paul (Edward).

Theroux, Paul [Edward]

(1941 - ) American novelist and travel writer. As a teacher in Malawi, Uganda, and Singapore, Theroux experienced life in the postcolonial Third World firsthand. He has explored the social and personal effects of this life on Europeans or Americans in several novels, including Saint Jack (1973) and The Consul 's File (1977). The Family Arsenal (1976) is a thriller that becomes much more, a brilliant if depressing portrait of urban life in Britain in the 1970s; Picture Palace (1978) is a novelistic reflection on the differences between life and art. The Mosquito Coast (1982) and O - Zone (1986) are deeply pessimistic and scathing accounts of, respectively, a man

's attempt to colonize an exceedingly unhospitable corner of Central America, and a partly devastated United States a few years into the future. Theroux has also written two travel books based on train journeys, one through Europe and Asia in The Great Railway Bazaar (1975), the other through North and South America in The Old Patagonian Express (1979). World's End (1980) and The London Embassy (1982) are collections of stories. Sunrise with Seamonsters (1985) is a collection of autobiographical pieces.

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