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Thermotraffic distribution arm in Germany boosts full and LTL deliveries in Europe.

Thermotraffic GmbH recently dedicated a new distribution center in Versmold, Germany, that will serve as a transshipment point for tractor-trailer deliveries of frozen foods and other products going to and from most European countries. More than DM 5 million was invested in building the bonded warehouse and offices, which boast a 9,000-cubic-meter EC-licensed coldstore facility.

Daily shipments transported via Thermotraffic's 170-truck fleet run the gamut from meat and dairy products to sweet and baked goods, fish and poultry. Warehoused stocks can be maintained in temperatures ranging from -30 |degrees~ Celsius to 4 |degrees~ C.

The single-story building contains 1,100-square meters of office space. Meanwhile, other services offered by the company range from dockside delivery to preparing products for import and export in accordance with customs and veterinary regulations.

Owned by Nichirei Corp. of Japan since 1989, Thermotraffic has six branches in Germany and the Netherlands. It employs more than 50 specialists based in the seaports of Bremen, Hamburg and Rotterdam, as well as the industrial and trade centers of Versmold, Gelsenkirchen, Venlo and Munich.
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Title Annotation:Thermotraffic GmbH; less than truckload
Publication:Quick Frozen Foods International
Date:Jul 1, 1993
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