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Thermogravimetric analysis is combined with a DSC system.

The Thermal Analysis Excellence line is made up of two modular systems, including a combined thermogravimetric analysis and differential scanning calorimeter system (TGA/ DSC 1), the new DSC 1 system and updated STARe thermal analysis software. This company is said to offer the best instrument signals from basic models up to its fully loaded configurations, possible with its customizable and upgradeable instrument platform.

Users are said to get more information out of a single measurement with combined TGA/DSC heat flow measurements. The TGA/DSC cuts analysis time by 50% and increases productivity enormously, according to the company. The sample temperature sensor is directly attached to the weighing arm and detects temperature deviations of [+ or -]0.25 k from ambient temperature to 1,600[degrees]C. The color touchscreen terminal allows visual contact with the instrument, even at a distance, and indicates the status of the measurement. The display can be changed to touch-free operation by actuating the SmartSens infrared sensors.

The DSC 1 is said to dramatically reduce analysis time. High sensitivity, excellent temperature resolution, perfectly flat baseline and a robust design are said to enable users to achieve performance characteristics unattainable with conventional metal sensors.

This company supplies precision instruments for laboratory and industrial use.

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Date:Dec 22, 2007
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