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Thermoelectrics and its energy harvesting; 2v.


Thermoelectrics and its energy harvesting; 2v.

Ed by D.M. Rowe.

CRC Press


1120 pages




Physicists, material scientists, and other researchers provide a broad reference on the science and technology of harvesting electricity from the flow of heat. The first volume covers general principles and theoretical considerations, preparing and measuring materials, and commercial aspects. Among specific topics are functionally graded thermoelectric generator and cooler elements, new thermoelectric materials with precisely determined electronic structure and phonon dispersion, graphene-like exfoliated quasi-two-dimensional crystals, fabrication routes for nanostructured thermoelectric material architectures, and patent basics every researcher and engineer should know. The second volume is devoted to thermoelectric materials and properties; thermoelectric modules, devices, and applications; and thermoelectric systems and applications. Topics include bulk nanocomposites of thermoelectric materials, thermoelectric inverse clathrates, polymer thermoelectric materials, heat dissipaters, and medical applications. The two volumes are paged and indexed separately.

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Date:Aug 1, 2012
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