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Endra Life Sciences strengthens TAEUS System's intellectual property protection. May 4, 2021 183
Continuum mechanics and signals in nerves/Pideva keskkonna mehaanika ja signaalid narvikiududes Juri Engelbrecht, Kert Tamm ja Tanel Peets. Engelbrecht, Juri; Tamm, Kert; Peets, Tanel Mar 1, 2021 9515
Significance of thermodynamics and rheological characteristics of dope solutions on the morphological evolution of polyethersulfone ultrafiltration membranes. Alibakhshi, Somayeh; Youssefi, Mostafa; Hosseini, Seyed Saeid; Zadhoush, Ali Report Mar 1, 2021 4831
Quantifying Human-Induced Dynamic and Thermodynamic Contributions to Severe Cold Outbreaks Like November 2019 in the Eastern United States. Zhou, Chunlue; Dai, Aiguo; Wang, Junhong; Chen, Deliang Report Jan 1, 2021 3284
Methyl 4-O-(2-chlorobenzoyl)-[alpha]-L-rhamnopyranosides: Synthesis, Characterization, and Thermodynamic Studies. Matin, Mohammed Mahbubul; Iqbal, Zahid Jan 1, 2021 5791
Nanosized Supramolecular Coordination Polymers Derived from Divalent Metal Ions, 4-Pyridylacetate and Auxiliary Ligands Containing Nitrogen and Phosphorus Donors. Aly, Aref A.M.; Said, Asma I. El-; Mukred, Rasel A. Jan 1, 2021 6114
Purification and Thermodynamic Characteristics of an Exo-Polygalacturonase from Trichoderma Pseudokoningii. Wesam H. Abdulaal and Yaaser Q. Almulaiky Report Oct 31, 2020 4628
Antibiotic Adsorption by Metal-Organic Framework (UiO-66): A Comprehensive Kinetic, Thermodynamic, and Mechanistic Study. Alsaedi, Mossab K.; Alothman, Ghada K.; Alnajrani, Mohammed N.; Alsager, Omar A.; Alshmimri, Sultan Clinical report Oct 1, 2020 6989
Phenol Red Adsorption from Aqueous Solution on the Modified Bentonite. Linh, Nguyen Le My; Duong, Tran; Van Duc, Hoang; Thu, Nguyen Thi Anh; Lieu, Pham Khac; Van Hung, Ngu Aug 31, 2020 7795
Oxidation Mechanism of Biomedical Titanium Alloy Surface and Experiment. Ma, Kai; Zhang, Rui; Sun, Junlong; Liu, Changxia Aug 31, 2020 4882
Theoretical Investigation on Structure-Property Relationship of Asymmetric Clusters [(C[H.sub.3]FB[N.sub.3]).sub.n] (n = 1-6). Ma, Deng-Xue; Wei, Yao-Yao; Li, Yun-Zhi; Liu, Guo-Kui; Xia, Qi-Ying Jul 31, 2020 7273
Adsorption Thermodynamic and Kinetic Studies of Methyl Orange onto Sugar Scum Powder as a Low-Cost Inorganic Adsorbent. Maguana, Y. El; Elhadiri, N.; Benchanaa, M.; Chikri, R. Jul 31, 2020 5156
Optimization of Fuel Injection Control System of Two-Stroke Aeroengine of UAV. Wang, Yixuan; Shi, Yan; Cai, Maolin; Xu, Weiqing; Zhang, Jian; Zhong, Wei; Wang, Na Jul 31, 2020 7561
In vitro Binding Interaction of Isoxazoline Derivative with BSA: Equilibrium, FT-IR, Acoustical and Molecular Modeling Study. Pisudde, Ajay Madhukarrao; Tekade, Pradip Vitthalrao; Thakare, Shrikant Bandupant Report Jul 1, 2020 3714
Thermodynamic Performance Analysis of a Novel Vortex Tube Integrated Vapour Compression Cycles. Arora, Akhilesh Jul 1, 2020 3409
Online Optimization of Cooling Water System in a District Cooling Plant by Using Digital Twin. Matsuoka, Kenichi; Hill, David Jul 1, 2020 2436
An analytical investigation on the effect of porous conductive cellulose acetate composite morphology on the detection of organic compounds. Noormohammad, Asma; Molla-Abbasi, Payam Jul 1, 2020 6429
The Compact Finite Difference Method of Two-Dimensional Cattaneo Model. Huang, Yating; Yin, Zhe Jun 30, 2020 5143
Influence of the Effective Potential on the Crossover Width in the Two Flavor Polyakov-Nambu-Jona-Lasinio Model. Valbuena-Ordonez, E.; Mata-Carrizal, N.B.; Garza-Aguirre, A.J.; Morones-Ibarra, J.R. Jun 30, 2020 7934
Adsorption, Modeling, Thermodynamic, and Kinetic Studies of Methyl Red Removal from Textile-Polluted Water Using Natural and Purified Organic Matter Rich Clays as Low-Cost Adsorbent. Romdhane, Dalila Fkih; Satlaoui, Yosra; Nasraoui, Rawya; Charef, Abdelkrim; Azouzi, Rim Jun 30, 2020 10890
Mathematical Modeling and Characteristic Analysis of the Vertical Stiffness for Railway Vehicle Air Spring System. Xu, Liufeng Jun 30, 2020 5757
Morus alba-A Potential Sorbent for the Removal of Arsenic: Equilibrium, Kinetic and Thermodynamic Study. Mazhar I. Khaskheli, Zaheer Ahmed Chandio, Faiz M. Khokhar, Wahid B. Jatoi, Abdul G. Memon, K. Shais Jun 30, 2020 5357
The Equilibrium, Kinetics, and Thermodynamics Studies of the Sorption of Methylene Blue from Aqueous Solution Using Pulverized Raw Macadamia Nut Shells. Edokpayi, Joshua N.; Alayande, Samson O.; Adetoro, Ahmed; Odiyo, John O. Jun 30, 2020 5177
A Thermodynamics-Based Nonlocal Bar-Elastic Substrate Model with Inclusion of Surface-Energy Effect. Sae-Long, Worathep; Limkatanyu, Suchart; Prachasaree, Woraphot; Sukontasukkul, Jaroon Rungamornraand May 31, 2020 7483
Detection of Chemical Weapon Agents Using Spectroscopic Probes: A Computational Study. Braga, Leticia S.; Silva, Erika F.; Mancini, Daiana T.; Rocha, Eduardo P. da; Cunha, Elaine F.F. da; May 31, 2020 6905
Kinetic Study of the Adsorption of Polyphenols from Olive Mill Wastewater onto Natural Clay: Ghassoul. Allaoui, Safae; Bennani, Mohammed Naciri; Ziyat, Hamid; Qabaqous, Omar; Tijani, Najib; Ittobane, Naj Report May 31, 2020 5615
Adsorption of crystal violet onto an agricultural waste residue: kinetics, isotherm, thermodynamics, and mechanism of adsorption. Loulidi, Ilyasse; Boukhlifi, Fatima; Ouchabi, Mbarka; Amar, Abdelouahed; Jabri, Maria; Kali, Abderah May 31, 2020 4704
Endra Life Sciences issued additional patents for Thermoacoustic Imaging Probe. May 6, 2020 163
Development of Growth Theory for Vapor-Liquid-Solid Nanowires: Wetting Scenario, Front Curvature, Growth Angle, Linear Tension, and Radial Instability. Nebolsin, Valery A.; Swaikat, Nada; Vorobev, Alexander Yu. Apr 30, 2020 7143
Conductivity, Surface Tension, and Comparative Antibacterial Efficacy Study of Different Brands of Soaps of Nepal. Chaudhary, Narendra Kumar; Bhattarai, Arush; Guragain, Biswash; Bhattarai, Ajaya Report Apr 30, 2020 9579
Evaluation of Methylene Blue Sorption onto Low-Cost Biosorbents: Equilibrium, Kinetics, and Thermodynamics. Singh, Rekha; Singh, Tony S.; Odiyo, John O.; Smith, James A.; Edokpayi, Joshua N. Apr 30, 2020 7174
Phase Transition and Entropy Force between Two Horizons in (n + 2)-Dimensional de Sitter Space. Zhang, Yang; Wang, Wen-qi; Ma, Yu-bo; Wang, Jun Apr 30, 2020 4571
COMPOUNDING: PART 2: Demystifying Devolatilization: Here are some simple tools to help monitor and optimize your devolatilization process. Jermam, Robert Apr 1, 2020 2367
Studies on the Complexation of 3d Transition Metal Ions with NR/PEO Block Copolymer in Aqueous Medium. Mrudula, Mundanayil Sasidharan; Nair, Mazhuvadyil Ramakrishna Pillai Gopinathan Apr 1, 2020 10222
Equilibrium, Kinetics, and Thermodynamic Studies of Malachite Green Adsorption onto Fig (Ficus cartia) Leaves. Gebreslassie, Yemane Tadesse Mar 31, 2020 7160
Removal of Cd(II) and Cu(II) from Aqueous Solution by [Na.sup.+]-Modified Pisha Sandstone. Wang, Xia; Cui, Yongxing; Peng, Qi; Fan, Chenbin; Zhang, Zhiqin; Zhang, Xingchang Mar 31, 2020 7260
Heat Capacity and Thermodynamic Properties of Cesium Pentaborate Tetrahydrate. Sun, Kangrui; Li, Panpan; Li, Long; Guo, Yafei; Deng, Tianlong Mar 31, 2020 4192
Heat Capacities and Thermodynamic Properties of Pinnoite and Inderite. Zheng, Hanyu; Sun, Kangrui; Li, Long; Guo, Yafei; Deng, Tianlong Mar 31, 2020 4819
Research on Sulfate Attack Mechanism of Cement Concrete Based on Chemical Thermodynamics. Liu, Peng; Chen, Ying; Yu, Zhiwu; Chen, Lingkun; Zheng, Yongfeng Mar 31, 2020 10959
A New Model for Competitive Knowledge Diffusion in Organization Based on the Statistical Thermodynamics. Jong, Ju-Yong; Wu, Wei-Wei; So, Sung-Ryol Mar 31, 2020 7854
The art of intelligence: Powering the future of gas turbines with AI. Baset Asaba Mar 11, 2020 2377
Supercritical C[O.sub.2] Brayton Cycle Design for Small Modular Reactor with a Thermodynamic Analysis Solver. Wu, Pan; Gao, Chuntian; Huang, Yanping; Zhang, Dan; Shan, Jianqiang Mar 1, 2020 9363
Electrochemical and Thermodynamic Investigation on Corrosion Inhibition of C38 Steel in 1M Hydrochloric Acid Using the Hydro-Alcoholic Extract of Used Coffee Grounds. Bouhlal, Fatima; Labjar, Najoua; Abdoun, Farah; Mazkour, Aimad; Serghini-Idrissi, Malika; El Mahi, M Mar 1, 2020 8228
Critical Phenomena of Charged AdS Black Holes in Rastall Gravity. Zou, De-Cheng; Zhang, Ming; Wu, Chao; Yue, Rui-Hong Mar 1, 2020 7289
Adsorption of Dye by Waste Black Tea Powder: Parameters, Kinetic, Equilibrium, and Thermodynamic Studies. Lin, Dongyi; Wu, Fan; Hu, Yuqun; Zhang, Tingzhong; Liu, Chengshun; Hu, Qiangda; Hu, Yunfei; Xue, Zhi Mar 1, 2020 7604
Potential Functions and Thermodynamic Properties of UC, UN, and UH. Tang, Shuang-Ling; Wang, Yu; Xia, Qi-Ying; Ju, Xue-Hai Mar 1, 2020 4182
Determination of Thermodynamic Parameters from the Dissolution of Strontium Hydroxide in Water and Mixed Solvent Systems by pH-Metric Method. Shamsher Ali, Shabir Hussain, Irfan Ali and Syed Azhar Ali Report Feb 14, 2020 2232
Minimal Length Effect on Thermodynamics and Weak Cosmic Censorship Conjecture in Anti-de Sitter Black Holes via Charged Particle Absorption. Mu, Benrong; Tao, Jun; Wang, Peng Jan 1, 2020 6647
Biosorption of Pb(II) and Cd(II) Ions from Aqueous Solution by Chemically Modified Syzygium cumini Leaves and its Equilibrium, Kinetic and Thermodynamic Studies. Salman, Syed Muhammad; Muhammad, Sardar; Shahwar, Durre; Iqbal, Mahmood; Siddique, Muhammad; Ali, As Jan 1, 2020 5890
Studies on Adsorption of Fluorescein Dye from Aqueous Solutions Using Wild Herbs. Senani, Ghadah M. Al-; Kadhi, Nada S. Al- Jan 1, 2020 5694
chapter 13: CONDITIONAL ATTRIBUTION OF THE 2018 SUMMER EXTREME HEAT OVER NORTHEAST CHINA: ROLES OF URBANIZATION, GLOBAL WARMING, AND WARMING-INDUCED CIRCULATION CHANGES: The probability of the record-breaking summer heat of 2018 over Northeast China was increased by a combination of human-caused climate change influences on thermodynamics and circulation, and urbanization. Zhou, Chunlue; Chen, Deuang; Wang, Kaicun; Dai, Aiguo; Qi, Dan Jan 1, 2020 3096
Digitizing "The NBS Tables of Chemical Thermodynamic Properties: Selected Values for Inorganic and C1 and C2 Organic Substances in SI Units". Reed, Janiel J. Jan 1, 2020 1396
Numerical Simulations of the Hall-Petch Relationship in Aluminium Using Gradient-Enhanced Plasticity Model. Song, Yooseob; Yeon, Jaeheum; Na, Byoungjoon Dec 31, 2019 5121
Thermoacoustic Stability Boundaries in the Model Combustion Chamber with a Gas-Centered Swirl Coaxial Injector. Min, Yong Ho; Sohn, Chae Hoon; Yoon, Youngbin Dec 31, 2019 5426
Sensitivity of Dynamical Downscaling Seasonal Precipitation Forecasts to Convection and Land Surface Parameterization in a High-Resolution Regional Climate Model. Li, Yuan; Lu, Guihua; He, Hai; Wu, Zhiyong Dec 31, 2019 7868
Fabrication of Reduced Graphene Oxide-Ag Nanocomposites and Analysis on the Interaction with BSA. Zhang, Huali; Liu, Wen; Yang, Linqing; Liu, Jun; Wang, Yunfei; Mao, Xuyan; Wang, Jing; Xu, Xiangyu Dec 31, 2019 3835
Adsorption Equilibrium and Thermodynamic Analysis of C[O.sub.2] and C[H.sub.4] on Qinshui Basin Anthracite. Du, Xidong; Wu, Tengfei; Sun, Fulong; Hou, Zhenkun; Liu, Zhenjian; Huo, Liang; Hao, Yu; Zhao, Yuan Dec 31, 2019 9821
Synthesis, Characterization, and Biological Evaluation of a New Hydrogen-Bonded Charge-Transfer Complex of 2-Amino-4-methoxy-6-methylpyrimidine. Alghanmi, Reem M. Dec 31, 2019 8317
Chemical Kinetics in Combustion and Reactive Flows, 2019 - Modeling Tools and Applications. Dec 19, 2019 747
Dissolution and Solubility of the Synthetic Natroalunite and the Arsenic-Incorporated Natroalunite at pH of 2.00-5.60 and 25-45[degrees]C. Xuan, Yinian Zhu Huiling; Liang, Yanpeng; Yan, Qiming; Zhu, Zongqiang; Jiang, Zhangnan; Zhang, Lihao Nov 30, 2019 12022
Molecular Dynamics Simulation of the Cu/Au Nanoparticle Alloying Process. Zhang, Linxing; Li, Qibin; Tian, Sen; Hong, Guang Nov 30, 2019 4479
Mineral Filling Pattern in Complex Fracture System of Carbonate Reservoirs: Implications from Geochemical Modeling of Water-Rock Interaction. Feng, Jianwei; Zhang, Xu; Luo, Peng; Li, Xizhe; Du, He Nov 30, 2019 10956
Dynamic Characteristics of Offshore Natural Gas Hydrate Dissociation by Depressurization in Marine Sediments. Liu, Xinfu; Liu, Chunhua; Wu, Jianjun Nov 30, 2019 7092
Performance Prediction of the Centrifugal Compressor Based on a Limited Number of Sample Data. Jiang, Hongsheng; Dong, Sujun; Liu, Zheng; He, Yue; Ai, Fengming Nov 30, 2019 7311
Thermodynamic Analysis of Myelin Basic Protein Adsorbed on Liquid Crystalline Dioleoylphosphatidylcholine Monolayer. Lei, Zhang; Runguang, Sun; Changchun, Hao; Huihui, Yang; Chengxi, Hu Nov 30, 2019 5013
Heterostructural Interface Modelling, 2019: Semiconductor Electronics, Solid-State Lithium-Ion Conductor, Solid-State Devices & Thermodynamic Factors. Nov 29, 2019 257
Analytical and Experimental Study of a Naturally Aspirated Indirect Injection 4-Stroke Spark Ignition Engine. Slimane, Boussad A.I.T.; Menacer, Brahim; Bouchetara, Mostefa Report Nov 1, 2019 4346
Negative Surface Energies of Nickel Ferrite Nanoparticles under Hydrothermal Conditions. Rak, Zs.; Brenner, D.W. Oct 31, 2019 3966
Adsorption of Chromium(VI) onto Freshwater Snail Shell-Derived Biosorbent from Aqueous Solutions: Equilibrium, Kinetics, and Thermodynamics. Vu, Xuan Hoa; Nguyen, Lan Huong; Van, Huu Tap; Nguyen, Dinh Vinh; Nguyen, Thu Huong; Nguyen, Quang T Oct 31, 2019 7064
Tea Stem as a Sorbent for Removal of Methylene Blue from Aqueous Phase. Lee, Tzan-Chain; Wang, Shumao; Huang, Zonggui; Mo, Zhongxing; Wang, Gangxing; Wu, Zhuanrong; Liu, Ch Oct 31, 2019 8833
Experimental and Techno-Economic Analysis of Solar-Geothermal Organic Rankine Cycle Technology for Power Generation in Nepal. Baral, Suresh Sep 30, 2019 7635
Chromium (VI) Ion Adsorption onto Maleic Acid Red Onion Skin Extract Resin (MRER) in Aqueous Solution. Onyeogulu, Chibuike; Ibezim-Ezeani, Millicent Uzoamaka Sep 1, 2019 5591
Equilibrium and Thermodynamic Studies using Eco-Friendly Cola lepidota Seed Resins as Novel Adsorbents in the Removal of Pb (II) and Cd (II) Ions from Aqueous System. Pat-Okunbor, Armstrong Ehiedu; Obi, Chidi; Ibezim-Ezeani, Millicent Uzoamaka Sep 1, 2019 6506
Chemical Forms of Important Fission Products in Primary Circuit of HTR-PM under Conditions of Normal Operation and Overpressure and Water Ingress Accidents: A Study with a Chemical Thermodynamics Approach. Li, Chuan; Li, Wenqian; Sun, Lifeng; Xing, Haoyu; Fang, Chao Report Aug 31, 2019 5478
Computational Studies on the Molecule 1-(2-Hydroxyethyl)-5-Fluorouracil in Gas Phase and Aqueous Solution and Prediction of Its Confinement inside Capped Nanotubes. Assatse, Y. Tadjouteu; Ejuh, G.W.; Tchoffo, F.; Ndjaka, J.M.B. Aug 31, 2019 9576
Equation of States and Charmonium Suppression in Heavy-Ion Collisions. Nilima, Indrani; Agotiya, Vineet Kumar Aug 31, 2019 7825
Propulsion and Thermodynamic Parameters of van der Waals Gases in Rocket Nozzles. Costa, Fernando S.; Fischer, Gustavo A.A. Aug 31, 2019 6420
LINKING ANOMALOUS MOISTURE TRANSPORT AND DROUGHT EPISODES IN THE IPCC REFERENCE REGIONS: An online catalog of drought episodes in the IPCC reference regions from 1980 to 2015, with an analysis of the moisture transport during the most severe meteorological drought episodes, is described. Drumond, Anita; Stojanovic, Milica; Nieto, Raquel; Vicente-Serrano, Sergio Martin; Gimeno, Luis Aug 1, 2019 11520
Kinetics, Isotherm, Thermodynamics, and Recyclability of Exfoliated Graphene-Decorated Mn[Fe.sub.2][O.sub.4] Nanocomposite Towards Congo Red Dye. Pham, Van Thinh; Nguyen, Hong-Tham T.; Tran, Thuan Van; Nguyen, Duyen Thi Cam; Le, Hanh T.N.; Nguyen Jul 31, 2019 11384
Numerical Simulation on Thermodynamics Performance in the Fireproof Sealing by Finite Element Analysis. Gao, Shuai; Zhu, Guoqing; Gao, Yunji; Chai, Guoqiang; Zhou, Jinju Jul 31, 2019 5245
Solubilities and Diffusivities of HFC and HFO Refrigerants in a Synthetic Polyol Ester Lubricant Oil. Morais, Ana Rita C.; Simoni, Luke D.; Scurto, Aaron M.; Shiflett, Mark B. Jul 1, 2019 1253
Investigating the Thermodynamic and Transport Properties of Hydrofluorocarbon: Ionic Liquid Mixtures with Applications Towards Refrigerant Gas Separations. Minnick, David L.; Morais, Ana Rita C.; Shiflett, Mark B. Jul 1, 2019 1036
Thermodynamic and Kinetic Analysis of Ammonia in Ionic Liquids for Absorption Refrigeration. Turnaoglu, Tugba; Shiflett, Mark B. Jul 1, 2019 1137
Chronological Variations in ASHRAE Handbook Refrigerant Thermodynamic and Transport Properties from 1981 to 2017. Nagy, Paul H.; Pate, Michael B. Chronology Jul 1, 2019 8830
Preparation, Characterization, and Application of Metakaolin-Based Geopolymer for Removal of Methylene Blue from Aqueous Solution. Alouani, Marouane El; Alehyen, Saliha; Achouri, Mohammed El; Taibi, M'hamed Jun 30, 2019 8235
Modeling of Ice Accretion over Aircraft Wings Using a Compressible OpenFOAM Solver. Li, Sibo; Paoli, Roberto Jun 30, 2019 4796
Investigation of the Specific Retention Volume of the Probe Volume and the Effects on the Polymer-Probe System by Inverse Gas Chromatography. Karagoz, Mustafa Hamdi Jun 30, 2019 7039
Preparation and Adsorption Properties of Biochar/g-[C.sub.3][N.sub.4] Composites for Methylene Blue in Aqueous Solution. Li, Xiaodong Jun 30, 2019 4970
Thermodynamic Characterization of Kidney Superoxide Dismutase from Labeo rohita Exposed to the Mixture of Lead and Chromium. Naz, Huma; Abdullah, Sajid; Abbas, Khalid; Zia, Muhammad Anjum Report Jun 30, 2019 5213
Role of Piston Bowl Shape to Enhance Late-Cycle Soot Oxidation in Low-Swirl Diesel Combustion. Eismark, Jan; Andersson, Mats; Christensen, Magnus; Karlsson, Anders; Denbratt, Ingemar Jun 1, 2019 9460
Insight on the Influence of Nano Zinc Oxide on the Thermal, Dynamic Mechanical, and Flow Characteristics of Poly(Lactic Acid)--Zinc Oxide Composites. Shojaeiarani, Jamileh; Bajwa, Dilpreet; Jiang, Long; Liaw, Joshua; Hartman, Kerry Report Jun 1, 2019 5390
Two-Stroke Thermodynamic Cycle Optimization of a Single-Cylinder Free-Piston Engine Generator. Yu, Houliang; Xu, Zhaoping; Zhang, Qinglin; Liu, Liang; Hua, Ru May 31, 2019 5679
Adsorption of Uranium(VI) from Aqueous Solution by Modified Rice Stem. Xiao-teng, Zhang; Dong-mei, Jiang; Yi-qun, Xiao; Jun-chang, Chen; Shuai, Hao; Liang-shu, Xia Report May 31, 2019 6414
Thermodynamic Entropy in Quantum Statistics for Stock Market Networks. Wang, Jianjia; Lin, Chenyue; Wang, Yilei May 31, 2019 6188
Discovery of 'green' hydrogen producing reactor a breakthrough for scientists. May 28, 2019 357
The Application of Model-Based Tests for Analysing the Consequences of Methane Combustion in a Mine Heading Ventilated Through a Forcing Air Duct. Brodny, Jaroslaw; Tutak, Magdalena; John, Antoni May 1, 2019 2754
Planetary roller extruder. May 1, 2019 132
Thermodynamic Simulation and Experimental Investigation of Plasma Preparation of Nanosized Carbon Using Propane. Luo, Zuyun; Wang, Fangfang; Xu, Jinjia; Liu, Jieying; Hong, Ruoyu Apr 30, 2019 6823
Reissner-Nordstrom Black Holes Statistical Ensembles and First-Order Thermodynamic Phase Transition. Ghaffarnejad, Hossein; Farsam, Mohammad Apr 30, 2019 6875
Separation of Levofloxacin from Industry Effluents Using Novel Magnetic Nanocomposite and Membranes Hybrid Processes. Ullah, Azmat; Zahoor, Muhammad; Alam, Sultan; Ullah, Riaz; Alqahtani, Ali S.; Mahmood, Hafiz Majid Apr 30, 2019 6340
Photometric Study of Oxidation of Ascorbic Acid by Methylene Green in Aqueous Alcoholic System. Khan, Sameera Razi; Saeed, Rehana; Ashfaq, Maria; Masood, Summyia Technical report Apr 30, 2019 3841
Thermodynamics of Cr(VI) Adsorption on Magnetic Core-Shell Nanoparticles. Campos, Alex Fabiano Cortez; da Silva, Fabiana Narciso; de Almeida, Marcelo Rubens Braga; Sales, Lua Apr 15, 2019 3800
Investigation of Chitosan, Quercetin and Water Interactions using Free Energy Calculations and Molecular Docking. Aguiar, Isabelle Caroline Alana da Silva; Stefani, Ricardo Apr 15, 2019 2426
Thermodynamic Study of Comfarol Binding to Urease. Zolghadr, Leila; Behbehani, Gholamreza Rezaei; Divsalar, Adeleh; Moubarakabadi, Zahra Apr 1, 2019 1853
Characterization in the Icosahedral Phase of [Al.sub.63][Cu.sub.25][Fe.sub.12] System. Nascimento, Luciano; Melnyk, Anastasiia Apr 1, 2019 3465
Structural and Mechanistic Studies of [gamma]-[Fe.sub.2][O.sub.3] Nanoparticle as Hydroxyurea Drug Nanocarrier. Avarand, Sadaf; Morsali, Ali; Moemen Heravi, Mohammad; Ali Beyramabadi, Safar Apr 1, 2019 3012
The Timeless Laws of Thermodynamics are Immutable ... So let's challenge old design concepts. Morgan, Alun Apr 1, 2019 923
Thermodynamic Characteristics of Methane Adsorption of Coal with Different Initial Gas Pressures at Different Temperatures. Cai, Tingting; Feng, Zengchao; Jiang, Yulong; Zhao, Dong Mar 31, 2019 5614
Heat Capacity and Thermodynamic Property of Cesium Tetraborate Pentahydrate. Sun, Kangrui; Zhao, Kaiyu; Li, Long; Guo, Yafei; Deng, Tianlong Mar 31, 2019 2951
Survey of the Thermodynamic Properties of the Charge Density Wave Systems. Saint-Paul, M.; Monceau, P. Mar 31, 2019 7864
Effects of Single Doping and Composite Doping of Yttrium and Antimony on the Structural, Thermodynamic, Mechanical, and Electronic Properties of [Mg.sub.2]Si by First Principles. Zhou, Zhonghao; Zhao, Zhen; Li, Zhi Mar 31, 2019 6321
Newtonianism, Thermodynamics, and Information Theory in Zola's Le Ventre de Paris. Byron, Thomas Critical essay Mar 22, 2019 10845
Scientists create 'time machine' that rivals Doctor Who's TARDIS; Researchers have defied the second law of thermodynamics, which governs the direction of "time's arrow" from past to future. Mar 13, 2019 423
Improving the Electrical Conductivity of Ethylene 1-Octene Copolymer/Cyclic Olefin Copolymer Immiscible Blends by Interfacial Localization of MWCNTs. Hosseinpour, Ali; Nasseri, Rasool; Ghiassinejad, Sina; Mehranpour, Milad; Katbab, Ali Asghar; Nazock Report Mar 1, 2019 6009
Investigation of Intake and Exhaust Manifolds Parameters of a Turbocharged Diesel Engine Based on Steady-State Simulation. Menacer, Brahim; Ait Slimane, Boussad; Bouchetara, Mostefa Report Mar 1, 2019 3893
Mixing-Sequence Controlled Selective Localization of Carbon Nanoparticles in PLA/PCL Blends. de Aguiar, Jessica; Decol, Marindia; Pachekoski, Wagner Mauricio; Becker, Daniela Technical report Feb 1, 2019 4753
CLOUD SYSTEM EVOLUTION IN THE TRADES (CSET): Following the Evolution of Boundary Layer Cloud Systems with the NSF-NCAR GV: The evolution of the boundary layer aerosol, cloud, precipitation, and thermodynamic structures along trajectories within the North Pacific trade winds was investigated using the NSF-NCAR Gulfstream V. Albrecht, Bruce; Ghate, Virendra; Mohrmann, Johannes; Wood, Robert; Zuidema, Paquita; Bretherton, Ch Jan 1, 2019 14907
Flammable Refrigerants: Performance Comparison, Safeties and Lessons Learned. Jokar, Amir; O'hern, Sean; Anderson, David; Cundy, Michael; Ogle, Russell Jan 1, 2019 6435
Ferrocene derivatives: Potential anticancer material. Nigar, Asifa; Janjua, Naveed Kausar; Gul, Asghari; Ali, Abid; Akhter, Zareen; Mehmood, Sadia Report Dec 31, 2018 3722
Study of Volumetric, Viscometric and Thermodynamics Behavior of Binary and Ternary Systems for 2,5 Hexandione with Some Alcohol Cyclic at Different Temperatures. Abbas, Ahmed Mohammed Technical report Dec 31, 2018 7670
Plasma Synthetic Jet Actuators for Active Flow Control. Zong, Haohua; Chiatto, Matteo; Kotsonis, Marios; de Luca, Luigi Dec 1, 2018 18756
Breakthrough Research on Heat Production in Skeletal Muscles by Dr. Frank Diederichs from Oasis Publishers. Oct 16, 2018 933
Toward Material Efficient Vehicles: Ecodesign Recommendations Based on Metal Sustainability Assessments. Ortego, Abel; Valero, Alicia; Valero, Antonio; Iglesias, Marta Technical report Sep 1, 2018 9213
Hysteresis and thermodynamic properties of water sorption in 'Malagueta' pepper seeds/Histerese e propriedades termodinamicas de sornao de agua em sementes de pimenta malagueta. Silva, Hellismar W. da; Rodovalho, Renato S.; Silva, Isneider L. Sep 1, 2018 3745
Mmm, thermodynamics. Aug 26, 2018 568
p-Nitrophenol Removal from Aqueous Solution Using Raw and Modified Kaolinite. Adekola, Folahan Amoo; Jimoh, Sodiq; Inyinbor, Adejumoke Abosede Technical report Jul 1, 2018 5170
Thermodynamics and the Virial Theorem, Gravitational Collapse and the Virial Theorem: Insight from the Laws of Thermodynamics. Robitaille, Pierre-Marie Jul 1, 2018 2489
Role of Thermodynamic and Kinetic Interaction of Poly(Vinylidene Fluoride) With Various Solvents for Tuning Phase Inversion Membranes. Kurada, Krishnasri V.; De, Sirshendu Report Jul 1, 2018 7163
Biosorptive Decontamination of Acid Red-87 Dye from Wastewater by Citrus limonum Peels: Ecofriendly Approach. Jun 30, 2018 3609
Kinetics and Thermodynamics Studies of Cobalt (II) Adsorption onto Alumina. Jun 30, 2018 4720
Adsorption Equilibrium and Thermodynamics of Diatomite (Caldiran/Van) OnSome Textile Dyes. Alkan, Salih; Caliskan, Meliha; Irende, Ilhan; Kul, Ali Riza Technical report Jun 30, 2018 5389
Quantum Mechanical Study on the Mechanistic, Energetic and Structural Aspects of Adsorption of 2-methoxyestradiol Drug on Functionalized Carbon Nanotube. Arab, Mohammad; Morsali, Ali; Heravi, Mohammad M.; Beyramabadi, S. Ali Technical report Jun 30, 2018 4595
Thermodynamic properties and drying kinetics of 'okara'/Propriedades termodinamicas e cinetica de secagem de okara. Guimaraes, Rafaiane M.; de Oliveira, Daniel E.C.; Resende, Osvaldo; de S. Silva, Jhessika; de Rezend Jun 1, 2018 4024
A Novel Approach towards Stable and Low Emission Stratified Lean Combustion Employing Two Solenoid Multi-Hole Direct Injectors. Peer, Johann; Stadler, Andreas; Zimmer, Thomas; Hartl, Martin; Wachtmeister, Georg; Sauerland, Henni Technical report Apr 1, 2018 6626
ABOVEGROUND THERMODYNAMIC OBSERVATIONS IN CONVECTIVE STORMS FROM BALLOONBORNE PROBES ACTING AS PSEUDO-LAGRANG IAN DRIFTERS: Critical, hard-to-get observations in severe thunderstorms are obtained via a novel use of balloonborne probes. Markowski, Paul M.; Richardson, Yvette P.; Richardson, Scott J.; Petersson, Anders Apr 1, 2018 8165
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High efficiency pneumatic systems compressors hydrodynamics and termodynamics process research/Didelio nasumo pneumatines sistemos kompresoriu hidrodinaminiu ir termodinaminiu procesu tyrimas. Bogdevicius, Paulius; Spruogis, Bronislovas; Bogdevicius, Marijonas Report Oct 1, 2016 1748
Thermoacoustic pressure sensors. Sep 1, 2016 126
Evaluation of Adsorption Capacity of Low Cost Adsorbent for the Removal of Congo Red Dye from Aqueous Solution. Jirekar, Dattatraya B.; Ubale, Milind; Farooqui, Mazahar Report Jul 1, 2016 3201
Biosorption of Cu (II) and Zn (II) with acai endocarp Euterpe oleracea M. in contaminated aqueous solution/Biossorcao de Cu (II) e Zn (II) utilizando o endocarpo de acai Euterpe oleracea M. em solucao aquosa contaminada. Goncalves, Affonso Celso, Jr.; Coelho, Gustavo Ferreira; Schwantes, Daniel; Rech, Angela Laufer; Cam Jul 1, 2016 6574
Techno-economic and exergoeconomic analysis of a micro cogeneration system for a residential use /Analise tecno-economica e exergoeconomica de um sistema de microcogeracao de para uso residencial. Villa, Alvaro Antonio Ochoa; Dutra, Jose Carlos Charamba; Guerrero, Jorge Recarte Henriquez; dos San Jul 1, 2016 6949
No Good Deed Shall Go Unpunished ... Lstiburek, Joseph W. Jul 1, 2016 2601
Synthesis, Characterization and Thermodynamic Properties of Two New 1,3-Dioxolane Containing Copolymers. Ilter, Zulfiye; Oncu, Ilbey; Karagoz, M. Hamdi; Ercan, Selami; Alhanli, Ferhat Report Jun 30, 2016 4861
Sequestering Potential of Peach Nut Shells as an Efficient Sorbent for Some Toxic Metal Ions from Aqueous Media: A Kinetic and Thermodynamic Study. Jun 30, 2016 4164
Kinetics and Thermodynamics of Sorption of 4-Nitrophenol on Activated Kaolinitic Clay and Jatropha Curcas Activated Carbon from Aqueous Solution. Jun 30, 2016 5882
Conversion of Short-Chain Alkanes by Vanadium-Based and Cu/Zeolite SCR Catalysts. Ottinger, Nathan; Veele, Rebecca; Xi, Yuanzhou; Liu, Z. Gerald Technical report Jun 1, 2016 4601
Thermodynamic Analysis of Self-Ignition in Spark-Ignited Engines Operated with Alternative Gaseous Fuels/Analisis Termodinamico de la Autoignicion en Motores de Encendido Provocado Operados con Combustibles Gaseosos Alternativos. Duarte, Jorge; Orozco, Wilman; Gonzalez, Jorge; Buelvas, Edgardo; Corredor, Lesme Jun 1, 2016 4598

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