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Thermo makes two acquisitions. (News, Trends & Market Intelligence for Instrument Executives).

Middleton, WI 6/4/02 and Waltham, MA 6/5/02--Thermo Electron's Thermo NORAN business has acquired NeXray, LLC. NeXray, which was a wholly-owned subsidiary of Veeco Instruments, supplies microbeam x-ray fluorescence (XRF) metrology instruments for measuring film thickness and composition of metal layers and other structures. "The NeXray XR product line complements our line of analytical XRF systems with an optically collimated microbeam ideally suited to the needs of the microelectronics, telecommunications, data storage, and metal finishing industries," stated Thermo NORAN President don McCarthy. Thermo Electron also announced its acquisition of Saint-Gobain's radiation-monitoring business for $30 million in cash. The business, which recorded approximately $33 million in sales in 2001, will join Thermo's Measurement and Control unit's Environmental Instruments division.

It may be that last year's sale of Thermo's AFM business to Veeco (see IBO 7/31/01) set the stage for a reciprocal transaction this year. Thermo NORAN has a good position in the EDXRF market for analytical systems, so thickness gaging is a segment, although a small and slow growing, it can now address more profitably than Veeco. The Environmental Instruments Division started out in radiation monitoring, so this recent addition gives Thermo a vend strong position.
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Date:Jun 15, 2002
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