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Thermo Electron launches state-of-the-art Goring Kerr PROx[TM] X-ray inspection system.

Thermo Electron Corporation has launched its new state-of-the-art Goring Kerr PROx[TM] X-ray inspection system. The high performance PROx is a flexible, easy-to-use inspection unit capable of detecting metal, glass, stone, bone, plastic, wire and other dense contaminants in virtually any packaged or bulk food product, as well as pumped items. The seventh generation PROx provides industry-leading brand protection against a wide range of defects including contaminants and product assembly errors. With its proven X-ray sensing system and sophisticated image analysis software, Thermo Electron's Goring Kerr PROx provides actionable information that can track and improve the manufacturing process. The product is specifically designed for easy operation by production personnel and offers a large, colour touch-screen employing an intuitive icon-based graphical interface making product set-up and selection a simpler task. New products can be set-up by a technician in a matter of minutes with clear graphical feedback along the way.

To meet a wide variety of customer applications the Goring Kerr PROx is available in three basic models--a conveyor system for packaged products; a bulk flow system with one/two/four-lane operation to minimise scrapped product; and a pipeline system for liquids and slurries. The conveyor system is also available in a new compact, low cost, entry-level model called the C1.

"Machine size, complexity, and cost have inhibited greater on-line implementation of X-ray equipment for continuous process verification." noted ARC Advisory Group Field Systems Analyst, Paula Hollywood. "Proven technology in a smaller footprint such as the Goring Kerr PROx meets this need with the added benefit of greater installation flexibility as well as addressing risk mitigation and regulatory compliance issues for food manufacturers."

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Title Annotation:Thermo Electron Corp. introduces Goring Kerr PROx[TM] X-ray inspection system
Publication:Food Trade Review
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Date:May 1, 2006
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