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Thermo Electron Corp.

Thermo Electron Corp. develops, manufactures, and markets spectrometers for routine laboratory and production control applications in the metals, mining, and cement industries. Techniques include optical emission, laser spark, Wavelength Dispersive X-Ray fluorescence (WDXRF), Energy Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence (EDXRF), X-Ray Diffraction (XRD), and automation of spectrometers.

The WDXRF technique achieves the highest precision for minor and major element analysis. The samples analyzed include palletized oxide powders (cements, geological, etc.), metals, petrochemicals, polymers, glasses, liquids, and environmental air filters.

Thermo proposes four compact, reliable, and fast models:

* ARL ADVANT'X sequential XRF series, which offers to both the routine and non-routine analyst, element coverage ranging from Be to U, easy sample preparation, and non-destructive analysis. A large sample changer is included for up t0 176 samples.

* The series of ARL 9800XP x-ray spectrometers, allowing both elemental and phase analysis to be carried out at the same time on the same sample, through an innovative XRD system incorporated into the XRF instrument. One of these spectrometers, the ARL 9800 Total Cement Analyzer, has been specially developed with cement in mind. In addition to standard XRF analysis, this instrument permits free lime and limestone monitoring through its innovative XRD system.

* The compact and unique ARL OPTIM'X WDXRF, designed for dedicated applications with a unique combination of sequential (Smartgonio) and simultaneous (Multichromator) devices far flexibility and speed. No external cooling water is needed.

The EDXRF technique performs non contact, non-destructive analysis with speed and precision, combined with low cost of ownership and simplicity of operation. Thermo proposes the following instrument:

* The QuanX EC, providing simultaneously elemental and compositional analysis from sodium to uranium, including trace elements from below 1 ppm to 100%.

Thermo also offers microbeam XRF metrology tools for the measurement of metal film stacks n semiconductor and microelectronics production applications, and energy dispersive and wavelength dispersive (EDS/WDS) x-ray microanalysis systems for electron microscopy.

XRD is an analytical technique looking at x-ray scattering from crystalline materials, used in the areas of academic research, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, polymers, semiconductors, thin films, metals, and minerals.

Thermo proposes the following model:

* The ARL X'TRA XRD system that provides, thanks to its There-Theta configuration and exclusive Peltier-cooled solid-state detector, cost-effective solutions for high-quality powder diffraction analyses, and can also be a complementary technology to XRF. Thermo Electron Corp.

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Title Annotation:Spectroscopy X-Ray Systems
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