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Thermally stimulated luminescence study in preheated and X-irradiated polyether ether ketone.

In this study, we have detected Thermally Stimulated Luminescence (TSL) in as-received and X-irradiated Polyether Ether Ketone (PEEK) film. TSL on preheated samples of PEEK film is obtained to know the effect of heat on this polymer. We reported thermoluminescence in PEEK (as-received and X-irradiated), which is done the first time to our knowledge. The non-irradiated PEEK exhibits a sharp glow peak at about 150[degrees]C, near glass transition temperature. The X-irradiated sample shows a distinct peak at 100[degrees]C along with the 150[degrees]C peak. Intensity of these peaks seems to increase with the irradiation dose.The observed new peaks at 100[degrees]C and the increase in its intensity with X-ray dose may be due to chain scission in PEEK polymer chain as a result of X- irradiation.

When non-irradiated PEEK samples were first preheated before TSL measurements at temperatures ranging from 50-150[degrees]C, no significant changes in the glow peaks were observed. However, the intensity of the glow curves decreased as a function of temperature in the interval 150-250[degrees]C, and disappeared when heated at or near 250[degrees]C. The primary 150[degrees]C glow peaks disappeared upon preheating at temperatures from 250[degrees]C to 341 [degrees]C (near the melting temperature of PEEK), but then new thermoluminescence is detected at near 75[degrees]C of the TSL glow curve.

Key Words: Thermoluminescence, Glow curve, Chain scission.

D. Adhikari (1), M. S. Jahan (2), B. Walters (2)

(1) Department of Physics, University of Idaho, Moscow, ID. 83844, USA

(2) Department of Physics, University of Memphis, Memphis TN. 38152, USA

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Author:Adhikari, D.; Jahan, M.S.; Walters, B.
Publication:Journal of the Idaho Academy of Science
Article Type:Abstract
Geographic Code:1USA
Date:Dec 1, 2014
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