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Thermally apertured nonwoven product.

No. 5,567,501; Ramesh Srinivasan, W. Andrew Coslett, Leonardo Guerrero and Donald McCoombs, assignors to International Paper, Purchase, NY. Filed 6/15/94. Issued 10/22/96.

A thermally apertured nonwoven product was issued a patent. The nonwoven combines a layer of fibers with one melting temperature and a layer of polymeric film with a second melting temperature lower than the first. Heat and pressure are applied to the combination of fibers and film through calendering points of a calender roll so that the film becomes bonded to the fibers and simultaneously shrinks and takes the fibers away from the calendering points. Apertures are generated through the layer of fibers and film.

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Title Annotation:patent
Publication:Nonwovens Industry
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Date:Jan 1, 1998
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