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Adhesion between thermoplastic elastomers and polyamide-12 with different glass fiber fractions in two-component injection molding. Persson, Anna-Maria M.R.; Hinrichsen, Einar L.; Andreassen, Erik Jul 1, 2020 10170
Electrospun Polystyrene/LDH Fibrous Membranes for the Removal of [Cd.sup.2+] Ions. Alnaqbi, Mohamed A.; Samson, Joel A.; Greish, Yaser E. Mar 31, 2020 7236
Thermomechanical Characterization of Thermoplastic Polyimide-Polyurea to Improve the Chain Interaction via Internal Hydrogen Bonds. Nicholls, Alejandro Rivera; Pellisier, Matthew; Perez, Yesenia; Stock, John Allan; Kuli, Ken; Julien Report Sep 1, 2019 8233
Influence of Thermal Annealing on Mechanical Properties and In Vitro Degradation of Poly(p-Dioxanone). Zhang, Jian-Feng; Jones, Scott; Wang, Donghui; Wood, Andrew; Washington, Tommy; Acreman, Kevin; Cuev Report Aug 1, 2019 5966
Recent Advances in Characterization Techniques for the Interface in Carbon Nanotube-Reinforced Polymer Nanocomposites. Chen, Junjie; Gao, Xuhui; Xu, Deguang Apr 30, 2019 15238
Formation of Polypropylene/Functional Graphene Oxide Nanocomposites With Different FGs Loading in Elongation Flow Condition. Qiu, Feng; Yin, Xiaochun; Qu, Jin-Ping Report Apr 1, 2019 5541
Preparing and Mounting Polymer Nanofibers onto Microscale Test Platforms. Shrestha, Ramesh; Shen, Sheng; de Boer, Maarten P. Dec 1, 2018 6909
In Situ Polymerization of Propylene with Carbon Nanoparticles. Effect of Catalytic System and Graphene Type. Polschikov, Sergei; Nedorezova, Polina; Palaznik, Olga; Klyamkina, Alla; Shashkin, Dmitry; Gorenberg Report Sep 1, 2018 6702
A Study on the Photostabilizer Additives on the Textile Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites: Mechanical, Thermal, and Physical Analysis. Bodur, Mehmet Safa; Bakkal, Mustafa; Sonmez, Hasret Ece Report Jul 1, 2018 5902
A Novel UV-Cured Interpenetrating Organic--Inorganic Hybrid Polymer Network Based Phase Change Materials (IPN-PCM). Basturk, Emre; Deniz, Duygu Yuksel; Sen, Ferhat; Kahraman, Memet Vezir Report Jun 1, 2018 3258
Improvement of Anti-Icing Properties of Low Surface Energy Coatings by Introducing Phase-Change Microcapsules. Zhu, Kongying; Li, Xiaohui; Su, Junfeng; Li, Hui; Zhao, Yunhui; Yuan, Xiaoyan Report Jun 1, 2018 4197
The Structural, Crystallinity, and Thermal Properties of pH-responsive Interpenetrating Gelatin/Sodium Alginate-based Polymeric Composites for the Controlled Delivery of Cetirizine HCl/Setirizin HCl'nin Kontrollu Salimi icin pH Duyarli Interpenetrasyon Jelatin/Sodyum Aljinat-esasli Polimerik Kompozitlerin Yapi, Kristalinite ve Termal Ozellikleri. Afzal, Samrin; Khan, Samiullah; Ranjha, Nazar Mohammad; Jalil, Aamir; Riaz, Amina; Haider, Malik Sal Report Apr 1, 2018 8020
Dielectric, Transport, and Thermal Properties of Clay-Based Polymer Nanocomposites. Tripathi, Namrata; Thakur, Awalendra K.; Shukla, Archana; Marx, David T. Report Feb 1, 2018 5260
Synthesis of phenolic bio-resin for advanced biocomposites reinforced with coconut shell particle: mechanical and thermal properties. Sankar, R. Udhaya; Karthikeyan, B. Report Jun 1, 2017 3503
Mechanical and thermal properties of untreated bagasse fiber reinforced cardanol eco-friendly biocomposites. Balaji, A.; Karthikeyan, B.; Swaminathan, J.; Raj, C. Sundar Report Jun 1, 2017 3486
Vehicle door seals. Corneliussen, Roger Brief article Jul 1, 2016 185
The effects of microwave heating on the kinetics of isothermal dehydration of equilibrium swollen poly(acrylic-co-methacrylic acid) hydrogel. Jovanovic, Jelena; Potkonjak, Biljana; Adnadjevic, Tanja; Adnadjevic, Borivoj Jan 1, 2016 6575
Enhancing the temperature stability of PLA by compounding strategies. Laske, Stephan; Ziegler, Wolfgang; Kainer, Markus; Wuerfel, Johannes; Holzer, Clemens Report Dec 1, 2015 5611
Preparation of poly(vinyl alcohol) and hydroxypropyl-[beta]-cyclodextrin inclusion complex through polymer processing. Xiao, Hongqin; Kong, Xiangkun; Bao, Jianjun; Zhang, Sheng Report Sep 1, 2015 3539
Slow relaxations in semicrystalline poly(butylene succinate) below and above [T.sub.g]. Ramos, Joaquim J. Moura; Diogo, Herminio P. Report Aug 1, 2015 6930
The comparison between the effects of solvent casting and melt intercalation mixing processes on different characteristics of polylactide-nanographite platelets composites. Narimissa, Esmaeil; Gupta, Rahul K.; Kao, Nhol; Choi, Hyoung Jin.; Bhattacharya, Sati N. Report Jul 1, 2015 7107
Degradation of PLA fibers at elevated temperature and humidity. Mitchell, Mary K.; Hirt, Douglas E. Report Jul 1, 2015 5842
Synthesis and thermal properties of poly(ethylene 2,6-naphthalate) copolyesters containing modified diacid monomer. Baek, Seung-Suk; Kim, Jeong-Yeol; Yun, Ju-Ho; Hwang, Seok-Ho Report Nov 1, 2014 3244
Control of the mechanical and thermal properties of semicrystalline polymers via a new processing route of the equal channel multiple angular extrusion. Beloshenko, V.A.; Voznyak, A.V.; Voznyak, Y.V. Report Mar 1, 2014 5538
A study on the void formation in residual wall thickness of fluid-assisted injection molding parts. Park, Hyung-Pil; Cha, Baeg-Soon; Park, Soo-Bin; Choi, Jae-Hyuk; Kim, Dong-Han; Rhee, Byung-Ohk; Lee, Report Jan 1, 2014 2930
The influence of isosorbide on thermal properties of poly(L-lactide) synthesized by different methods. Ristic, Ivan S.; Radusin, Tanja; Pilic, Branka; Cakic, Suzana; Budinski-Simendic, Jaroslava Report Jul 1, 2013 4040
Synthesis, characterization, biological activity, and thermal stability of new styrenic polymer having pendant ketone and its some derivatives. Erol, Ibrahim; Sahin, Zehra; Ozcan, Levent Report Jul 1, 2013 6599
Light trap: organic solar cells, which use photovoltaic polymer, have a lot of promise: they are cheap, flexible, and made from easy-to-obtain materials. but they generate electricity much Less efficiently than do standard silicon cells. Brief article Feb 1, 2013 300
Electrical and thermal characterization of electrospun PVP nanocomposite fibers. Khan, Waseem S.; Asmatulu, Ramazan; Eltabey, Mohamed M. Jan 1, 2013 4243
Thermal properties of polymers at a glance. Sep 1, 2012 184
Thermal properties of polymer materials at a glance. Aug 1, 2012 116
Improvement of thermal properties of biodegradable polymer poly(3-hydroxybutyrate) by modification with acryloyloxyethyl isocyanate. Chen, Bor-Kuan; Lo, Shuen-Hung; Shih, Chien-Chang; Artemov, Arseny V. Report Jul 1, 2012 3795
Shear flow of molten polymer in melt blowing. Xin, Sanfa; Wang, Xinhou Report Jun 1, 2012 3570
Water spray cooling of polymers. Tan, S.B.; Hornsby, P.R.; McAfee, M.B.; Kearns, M.P.; McCourt, M.P. Report May 1, 2012 7083
Measurement of polymer-to-polymer contact friction in thermoforming. Martin, P.J.; McCool, R.; Harter, C.; Choo, H.L. Report Mar 1, 2012 6398
Radiation-induced graft copolymerization of acrylonitrile onto carboxymethylcellulose and modification of its chemical stracture. Sadeghi, Mohammad; Soleimani, Fatemeh Report Feb 1, 2012 2241
Crosslinked polysulfone obtained by Wittig-Horner reaction in biphase system. Popa, Adriana; Avram, Ecaterina; Lisa, Gabriela; Visa, Aurelia (Pascariu); Iliescu, Smaranda; Parvul Report Feb 1, 2012 3793
Polyacrylonitrile/acrylamide-based carbon fibers prepared using a solvent-free coagulation process: fiber properties and its structure evolution during stabilization and carbonization. Yusof, N.; Ismail, A.F. Report Feb 1, 2012 4902
Temperature dependence of oxygen diffusion into polymer/carbon nanotube composite films. Yargi, Onder; Ugur, Saziye; Pekcan, Onder Report Jan 1, 2012 4994
How fillers impact extrusion processing. Frankland, Jim Nov 1, 2011 676
Microcellular poly(hydroxybutyrate-co-hydroxyvalerate)-hyperbranched polymer-nanoclay nanocomposites. Javadi, Alireza; Srithep, Yottha; Pilla, Srikanth; Clemons, Craig C.; Gong, Shaoqin; Turng, Lih-Shen Report Sep 1, 2011 7181
Nonisothermal melt-crystallization behavior of calcium phosphate/Poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyvalerate) nanocomposite microspheres. Duan, Bin; Wang, Min; Zhou, Wen-You; Cheung, Wai-Lam Report Aug 1, 2011 6927
Structural changes and biodegradation of PLLA, PCL, and PLGA sponges during in vitro incubation. Yoshioka, Taiyo; Kamada, Fumiko; Kawazoe, Naoki; Tateishi, Tetsuya; Chen, Guoping Report Oct 1, 2010 6192
Numerical modeling of nonisothermal polymer crystallization kinetics: flow and thermal effects. Zinet, Matthieu; Otmani, Rabie El; Boutaous, M'hamed; Chantrenne, Patrice Report Oct 1, 2010 10382
Pyrolysis of Hyperbranched polyborate modified phenolic resin. Xu, Peijun; Jing, Xinli Report Jul 1, 2010 4343
Extrusion & thermal properties: not just for the lab guys. Frankland, Jim Jun 1, 2010 815
The use of acrylated fatty acid methyl esters as styrene replacements in triglyceride-based thermosetting polymers. Campanella, Alejandrina; Scala, John J. La; Wool, Richard P. Report Dec 1, 2009 6672
Proposal of ultrasonic welding technique and weld performances applied to polymers. Qiu, Jianhui; Zhang, Guohong; Wu, Yongbo Report Sep 1, 2009 2455
Thermodynamic characterization of hybrid polymer blend systems. Ophir, Amos; Zonder, Lior; Rios, Pablo F. Report Jun 1, 2009 5947
Performance of fly ash based geopolymer composites at elevated temperature. Thakur, Ravindra N.; Ghosh, Somnath Report Apr 1, 2009 3616
Anti-degradant dose optimization through TGA decomposition kinetics study. Chakraborty, S.; Debnath, M.; Dasgupta, S.; Mukhopadhyay, R.; Bandyopadhyay, S. Jul 1, 2008 2272
Measurement and prediction of thermal conductivity for hemp fiber reinforced composites. Behzad, T.; Sain, M. Jul 1, 2007 4270
Modeling particle inflation from poly(amic acid) powdered precursors. I. preliminary stages leading to bubble growth. Cano, Camilo I.; Kyu, Thein; Pipes, R. Byron May 1, 2007 7333
A new hybrid approach using the explicit dynamic finite element method and thermodynamic law for the analysis of the thermoforming and blow molding processes for polymer materials. Erchiqui, Fouad Nov 1, 2006 6012
Prediction of polymer pellet conveying behavior in microinjection molding machine. Xu, Yan; Yung, K.L.; Ng, H.P. Nov 1, 2006 3188
Upgrading heat properties of underhood resins. Toensmeier, Patrick A. Nov 1, 2005 1718
Temperature effect on mechanical properties of toughened silicone resins. Wu, Yuhong; McGarry, Frederick J.; Zhu, Bizhong; Keryk, John R.; Katsoulis, Dimitris E. Nov 1, 2005 6031
Thermodynamic analysis of the inequality of the cohesive energy density and internal pressure of polymers. Rane, Sagar S.; Choi, Phillip Jun 1, 2005 2194
On-line detection of the gate freezing-off time for injection molding. Chen, Xi; Gao, Furong Jan 1, 2005 4558
Experimental study on the flow and deposition of powder particles in rotational molding. Olinek, J.; Anand, C.; Bellehumeur, C.T. Jan 1, 2005 5945
Mixed matrix membrane materials with glassy polymers. Part 2. Mahajan, Rajiv; Koros, William J. Jul 1, 2002 4716
Replication of sub-micron features using amorphous thermoplastics. Monkkonen, Kari; Hietala, Joni; Paakkonen, Pertti; Paakkonen, Esko J.; Kaikuranta, Terho; Pakkanen, Jul 1, 2002 3676
3-D numerical analysis on the mixing performance for assemblies with filled zone of right-handed and left-handed double-flighted screws and kneading blocks in twin-screw extruders. Funatsu, Kazumori; Kihara, Shin-Ichi; Miyazaki, Masaru; Katsuki, Shingo; Kajiwara, Toshihisa Statistical Data Included Apr 1, 2002 7745
Gross melt fracture of polyethylene. I: A criterion based on tensile stress. Kim, Seungoh; Dealy, John M. Mar 1, 2002 5381
Measuring [T.sub.g] in Ultra-Thin Polymer Films With an Excimer Fluorescence Technique. WHITE, C. C.; MIGLER, K. B.; WU, W. L. Sep 1, 2001 4882
Fluorescence Based Temperature Measurements and Applications to Real-Time Polymer Processing. BUR, ANTHONY J.; VANGEL, MARK G.; ROTH, STEVEN C. Aug 1, 2001 4374
Membrane Inflation of Polymeric Materials: Experiments and Finite Element Simulations. LI, YONG; NEMES, JAMES A.; DERDOURI, A. A. Aug 1, 2001 5247
Modeling Heat Transfer in Screw Extrusion With Special Application to Modular Self-Wiping Co-Rotating Twin-Screw Extrusion. WHITE, JAMES L.; KIM, EUNG KYU; KEUM, JONG MIN; JUNG, HO CHUL; BANG, DAE SUK Statistical Data Included Aug 1, 2001 4419
Recycled and Restabilized HDPE Bottle Crates: Retention of Critical Properties After Heat Aging. KARTALIS, C. N.; PAPASPYRIDES, C. D.; PFAENDNER, R.; HOFFMANN, K.; HERBST, H. May 1, 2001 3993
Effects of Inhibitors and Retarders on Low Temperature Free Radical Crosslinking Polymerization Between Styrene and Vinyl Ester Resin. LI, LING; LEE, L. JAMES Jan 1, 2001 7991
Pressure-Volume-Temperature Behavior of Polylactide, Poly(butylene succinate), and Poly(butylene succinate-co-adipate). SATO, YOSHIYUKI; INOHARA, KENZO; TAKISHIMA, SHIGEKI; MASUOKA, HIROKATSU; IMAIZUMI, MITSUHIRO; YAMAMO Statistical Data Included Dec 1, 2000 3262
Degradation of Poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA) With Aluminum Nitride and Alumina. LEE, YI-MU; VISWANATH, DABIR S. Nov 1, 2000 4181
Non-isothermal Crystallization and Multiple Melting Behavior of Syndiotactic Polystyrene--Pre-melting Temperature Effects. CHIU, FANG-CHYOU; PENG, CHI-GONG; FU, QIANG Nov 1, 2000 5053
Creep Modeling of ABS Pipes at Variable Temperature. LU, J. P.; BURN, L. S.; TIGANIS, B. E. Nov 1, 2000 2767
Investigation of Wavelike Flow Marks in Injection Molding: A New Hypothesis for the Generation Mechanism. TREDOUX, LOUIS; SATOH, ISAO; KUROSAKI, YASUO Oct 1, 2000 7415
Effects of Reinforcing Fibers on the Crystallization of Polypropylene. LOPEZ MANCHADO, MIGUEL A.; BIAGIOTTI, JERICO; TORRE, LUIGI; KENNY, JOSE M. Oct 1, 2000 3958
Three-Dimensional Simulation of Thermoforming Process and Its Comparison With Experiments. NAM, GI JOON; AHN, KYUNG HYUN; LEE, JAE WOOK Oct 1, 2000 4303
Nature of Contact Between Polymer and Mold in Injection Molding. Part I: Influence of a Non-perfect Thermal Contact. DELAUNAY, D.; BOT, P. LE; FULCHIRON, R.; LUYE, J. F.; REGNIER, G. Statistical Data Included Jul 1, 2000 4829
Nature of Contact Between Polymer and Mold in Injection Molding. Part II: Influence of Mold Deflection on Pressure History and Shrinkage. DELAUNAY, D.; BOT, P. LE; FULCHIRON, R.; LUYE, J. F.; REGNIER, G. Jul 1, 2000 3901
Phosphorylation of Phosphazenes and Its Effects on Thermal Properties and Fire Retardant Behavior. ALLCOCK, HARRY R.; TAYLOR, JONATHAN P. May 1, 2000 7079
Thermoanalysis and Rheological Behavior of Emulsion Copolymers of Methyl Methacrylate, N-Phenylmaleimide and Styrene. JUNGANG, GAO; GUODONG, LIU; LITING, YANG; LIUCHENG, ZHANG May 1, 2000 2560
Effect of Structure on the Deformation and Failure of Oriented Polymer Films. SAMUELS, ROBERT J. Dec 1, 1999 3393
Constitutive Relations for Compressible Glassy Polymers. DROZDOV, ALEKSEY D. Nov 1, 1999 5144
Effect of temperature gradient on polymer migration. Choi, Hyoung J.; Cho, Min S.; Kim, Chul A.; Jhon, Myung S. Aug 1, 1999 3417
Preparation and characterization of composites of polypyrrole. Bhat, Narendra; Geetha, P.; Pawde, Sunita Aug 1, 1999 4141
Carbon black-filled immiscible blends of poly(vinylidene fluoride) and high density polyethylene: the relationship between morphology and positive and negative temperature coefficient effects. Feng, Jiyun; Chan, Chi-Ming Jul 1, 1999 4925
Interfacial tension of polypropylene/polystyrene: degradation of polypropylene. Visscher, E.J.; Willemse, R.C. Jul 1, 1999 2822
Processing and properties of high-temperature creep-resistant PVC plastisols. Horng-Jer Tai Jul 1, 1999 4107
Thermal and mechanical properties of the precursor polymers: comparison of their properties with poly(amic acid). Chang, Jin-Hae; Farris, Richard J. Apr 1, 1999 3114
Thermal stability of poly(methyl methacrylate-co-butyl acrylate) and poly(styrene-co-butyl acrylate) polymers. Leskovac, Mirela; Kovacevic, Vera; Fles, Dragutin; Hace, Drago Mar 1, 1999 2094
Experimental study of post-shear crystallization of polypropylene melts. Lee, O.; Kamal, M.R. Feb 1, 1999 6130
Polymer blends with spatially graded structures prepared by phase separation under a temperature gradient. Tran-Cong, Qui; Okinaka, Jin Feb 1, 1999 3988
Some thermodynamic and kinetic properties of the system PETG-CO2, and morphological characteristics of the CO2-blown PETG foams. Handa, Y. Paul; Wong, Betty; Zhang, Zhiyi; Kumar, Vipin; Eddy, Sharon; Khemani, Kishan Jan 1, 1999 3394
Additive group contributions to density and glass transition temperature in polyurethanes. Fedderley, Jeffry; Compton, Eric; Hartmann, Bruce Dec 1, 1998 3010
Dynamic and isothermal thermogravimetric analysis of a polycyanurate thermosetting system. Zacharia, R.E.; Simon, S.L. Apr 1, 1998 4028
Fluorescence based measurement of temperature profiles during polymer processing. Migler, Kalman B.; Bur, Anthony J. Jan 1, 1998 4857
The three successive stages of creep of PMMA between 55-degrees celsius and 90-degrees celsius. (poly(methyl methacrylate)). Cheriere, J.M.; Belec, L.; Gacougnolle, J.L. Oct 1, 1997 5010
Measuring temperature profiles during polymer processing. Migler, Kalman B.; Bur, Anthony J. Oct 1, 1997 2824
Polystyrene. Nyden, Marc R.; Coley, Terry R.; Mumby, Stephen Sep 1, 1997 2207
Synthesis and characterization of flame resistant poly(arylene ether)s. Riley, D.J.; Gungor, A.; Srinivasan, S.A.; Sankarapandian, M.; Tchatchoua, C.; Muggli, M.W.; Ward, T Sep 1, 1997 3701
Stability of blends of thermotropic liquid crystalline polymers with thermoplastic polymers. Machiels, A.G.C.; Van Dam, J.; De Boer, A. Posthuma; Norder, B. Sep 1, 1997 7339
Simulation of thermomechanical processes in crystallizing polymer. Shardakov, I.N.; Matveyenko, V.P.; Pistsov, N.V.; Beghishev, V.P. Aug 1, 1997 5583
Thermally stable polyimide binders from aromatic dianhydrides and acetyl derivatives of aromatic diamines: formation mechanism. Goykhman, M. Ya.; Svetlichnyi, V.M.; Kudriavtsev, V.V.; Antonov, N.G.; Panov, Yu. N.; Gribanov, A.V. Aug 1, 1997 2304
Heat transfer and solidification of polymer melt flow in a channel. Jaluria, Y.; Lin, P. Jul 1, 1997 4190
Aromatic copolyester thermosets: high temperature adhesive properties. Frich, Dan; Economy, James; Goranov, Konstantin Mar 1, 1997 4081
Aliphatic/aromatic copolyester thermoset adhesives: synthesis and characterization. Shi, Frank F.; Economy, James Mar 1, 1997 3884
Nonisothermal melt and cold crystallization kinetics of poly(aryl ether ether ketone ketone). Liu, Tianxi; Mo, Zhishen; Wang, Shanger; Zhang, Hongfang Mar 1, 1997 3604
Simulation of thermal degradation, peroxide induced degradation, and maleation of polypropylene in a modular co-rotating twin screw extruder. Kim, Byoungjoo; White, James L. Mar 1, 1997 3925
The effect of temperature on the interfacial tension of polycarbonate/polyethylene blends. Pham, H.T.; Carriere, C.J. Mar 1, 1997 1852
Polymer flow length simulation during injection mold filling. Buchmann, M.; Theriault, R.; Osswald, T.A. Mar 1, 1997 2768
Thermal stability of a novel poly(ether ether ketone ketone)(PK99). Abate, L.; Calanna, S.; Pollicino, A.; Recca, A. Jul 15, 1996 3046
Reactive processing of thermoset/thermoplastic blends: a potential for injection molding. Fujiwara, Hiroaki; Kim, Bong Sup; Inoue, Takashi Jun 15, 1996 2426
Polymer blends with a crystallizable diblock copolymer: thermal properties and phase behavior. Kammer, H.W.; Kummerloewe, C. Jun 1, 1996 5207
Analysis of the thermal expansion behavior of oriented polyoxymethylene sheets. Zahran, R.R.; Shenouda, S.S.; El-Tawil, Y.A.; El-Kayar, A. May 1, 1996 3886
The hybrid FEM/FDM computer model for analysis of the metering section of a single-screw extruder. Chang, Rong-Yeu; Lin, Kuen-Jang Nov 1, 1995 4544
Thermal studies of blends of poly(phenylene sulfide)(PPS) with poly(phenylene sulfide sulfone)(PPSS) and with poly(phenylene sulfide ether)(PPSE). Brostow, Witold; Seo, Kwan-Ho; Baek, Jong B.; Lim, Jeong C. Jun 1, 1995 2660
In situ composite: phenolphthalein polyethersulfone-thermotropic liquid crystalline polymer blends. Li, Gang; Yin, Jinghua; Li, Binyao; Zhuang, Guoqing; Yang, Yuming; Nicolais, L. Apr 1, 1995 3472
Room-temperature-functional shape-memory polymers. Hayashi, Shunichi; Kondo, Satoru; Kapadia, Pragna; Ushioda, Eiji Feb 1, 1995 1629
Microwave processing of two-phase systems: composites and polymer blends. Chen, M.; Hellgeth, J.W.; Ward, T.C.; McGrath, J.E. Jan 1, 1995 3522
Melting behavior and thermal properties of high density polyethylene. Woo, M.W.; Wong, P.; Tang, Y.; Triacca, V.; Gloor, P.E.; Hrymak, A.N.; Hamielec, A.E. Jan 1, 1995 2460
Isocyanate trimerization kinetics and heat transfer in structural reaction injection molding. Viola, G.G.; Schmeal, W.R. Aug 15, 1994 8458
A study of the effect of the extrusion variables and screw design on the thermal and rheological characteristics of acetal and nylon 66. Shah, Pravin L.; Steward, Edward; Yazbak, Gene Aug 15, 1994 3160
Crystallinities of poly(chlorotrifluoroethylene) and its copolymers by differential scanning calorimetry, X-ray diffraction, and density measurements. Murthy, N.S.; Khanna, Y.P.; Signorelli, A.J. Aug 1, 1994 2442
Thermal behavior of hydrostatically extruded polycarbonate and high-impact polystyrene. Ariyama, Takashi; Nakayama, Toshio Aug 1, 1994 2632
Zone drawn NEW-TPI thermoplastic polyimide and its blends with Xydar liquid crystalline polymer. Aihara, Yoshihiko; Cebe, Peggy Aug 1, 1994 6457
A new CPE for elastomer applications. Farber, Milton Jun 1, 1990 2987

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