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Influence of Annealing on the Permeation Properties of a Thermoplastic Elastomer. Puentes-Parodi, Alejandro; Santoro, Leandro A.; Ferreira, Ignatius; Leuteritz, Andreas; Kuehnert, In Report Sep 1, 2019 5187
The Effect of Polyester Fibers Addition on Some Mechanical Properties of Room Temperature Vulcanized Maxillofacial Silicon Elastomers. Jebur, Ahmed Nadhir; Fatalla, Abdalbaseet A.; Aljudy, Hikmat Jameel Report Mar 1, 2018 4351
Recycled Polypropylene Improved with Thermoplastic Elastomers. Matei, Ecaterina; Rapa, Maria; Andras, Arpad Andor; Predescu, Andra Mihaela; Pantilimon, Cristian; P Jan 1, 2017 6011
Nonisothermal crystallization kinetics of carbon nanotubes containing segmented polyurethane elastomer. Gupta, Y.N.; Bhave, T.; Chakraborty, A.; Pandey, A.K.; Sharma, R.B.; Setua, D.K. Report Nov 1, 2016 5678
Comparing thermoplastic elastomers and thermoset rubber: each class of material is well suited for its range of applications, but there are key differences. Jansen, Jeffrey Apr 1, 2016 1492
Flame retardant ethylene-vinyl acetate composites based on layered double hydroxides with zinc hydroxystannate. Jia, Chuixuan; Qian, Yi; Chen, Xilei; Liu, Yi Report Dec 1, 2014 3830
Design and synthesis of biodegradable copolyester poly([epsilon]-caprolactone-co-D,L-lactide) with four pendent functional groups. Zhao, Xiong-Yan; Wang, Ming-Zhu; Xing, Ai; Xiao, Ji-Jun; Xie, Jiang Report Sep 1, 2014 3333
Mechanical, thermal, barrier, and rheological properties of poly(ether-block-amide) elastomer/organoclay nanocomposite prepared by melt blending. Choi, Myung-Chan; Jung, Ji-Yoen; Yeom, Hyun-Sik; Chang, Yong-Wook Report May 1, 2013 5490
Thermomechanical and surface properties of novel poly(ether urethane)/polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane nanohybrid elastomers. Tan, Juanjuan; Jia, Zhiyuan; Sheng, Dekun; Wen, Xin; Yang, Yuming Report Apr 1, 2011 5173
Synthesis and antibiofouling properties of novel crosslinkable terpolymers containing semifluoroalkyl substituted aromatic side chains. Feng, Shijun; Huang, Yangen; Wang, Qiang; Gao, Yu; Qing, Feng-Ling Report May 1, 2010 4793
Highly transparent thermoplastic elastomer from isotactic polypropylene and styrene/ethylene-butylene/styrene triblock copolymer: structure-property correlations. Ahmad, Zubair; Kumar, K. Dinesh; Saroop, Madhumita; Preschilla, Nisha; Biswas, Amit; Bellare, Jayesh Report Feb 1, 2010 5749
Melt-blowing thermoplastic polyurethane and polyether-block-amide elastomers: effect of processing conditions and crystallization on web properties. Begenir, Asli; Michielsen, Stephen; Pourdeyhimi, Behnam Technical report Jul 1, 2009 6452
Discontinuous deformation in an elastic material. Part 2. Energy dissipative and storage applications. Raman, Arun; Farris, Richard J. Oct 1, 2007 6129
Elastomer swelling in mixed associative solvents. Westbrook, P.A.; French, R.N. Oct 1, 2007 12314
Effect of organoclay content on the rheology, morphology, and physical properties of polyolefin elastomers and their blends with polypropylene. Austin, Jeremy R.; Kontopoulou, Marianna Nov 1, 2006 5167
Investigation of rubber-rubber blends miscibility. Sebenik, Urska; Zupancic-Valant, Andreja; Krajnc, Matjaz Nov 1, 2006 7599
Relationship between the rheology and morphology of dynamically vulcanized thermoplastic elastomers based on EPDM/PP. Goharpey, F.; Nazockdast, H.; Katbab, A.A. Jan 1, 2005 2896
A new CPE for elastomer applications. Farber, Milton Jun 1, 1990 2987
Crosslinking system effect on processing behavior and performance profile of HNBR. Rohde, E. Nov 1, 1989 2863

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