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Thermal pain relief offered by Bruder.

ALPHARETTA, Ga. -- Bruder Healthcare Co. is dedicated to setting new standards in the area of thermal pain management.

In 2011 Bruder is celebrating 25 years of providing thermal analgesic and therapeutic products for medical professionals and consumers.

"We are proud of our medical heritage and of our innovative state-of-the-art products being used today in institutions and homes around the world," says marketing manager Sharon Burkart.

The use of natural products to manage pain at home has become very popular again. Many factors are driving this trend: the aging of the population, heightened concerns over the long- and short-term side effects of using over-the-counter oral medications, rising health care costs, and an increasing movement toward self-care and self-medication.

This is being compounded by the potential dangers inherent in the growing number of different prescribed drugs consumers are taking.

In response, Bruder has developed a full line of innovative thermal topical products that provide safe, effective and easy-to-use ways for consumers to manage their pain more naturally.

With its comprehensive range of products, Bruder offers a treatment plan that professionals trust for its safety, efficacy and ease of compliance, and that consumers appreciate for its convenience of use.

Utilizing patented and proprietary technologies and a broad knowledge base, Bruder has developed a comprehensive line of thermal pain management products, designed to relieve chronic and acute pain, for both medical professional and consumer use.

Bruder's microwave-activated Thermalon moist heat wraps employ a new technology that brings moist heat treatments that were traditionally available in clinics into the home. These unique wraps meet all the criteria of an ideal analgesic and represent a major breakthrough in the delivery of safe, drug-free, nonsystemic pain relief, notes Burkart.

The wraps are microwaved for a minute and then applied to provide relief that begins immediately and lasts for hours, she says. There are no wires, mess, odors or sticky patches, and no waiting.

Bruder has employed this unique delivery system to create new category growth opportunities with its Thermalon Dry Eye and Sinus compresses.

Bruder's revolutionary new powered automatic moist heating pad, originally developed for use in clinics and institutions, is now being introduced for use at home.

This pad represents a major advance in safety, reliability and effective self-administered moist heat treatments, says Burkart.

In the first aid category, the company is introducing a new line that features a patented one-piece pad and wrap system that is designed to deliver timed-release cold and heat therapy economically and safely in any setting.

Its transdermal pain relief spray is a unique botanical analgesic spray activated by applied heat that is clinically proven to deliver fast, effective pain relief, says Burkart. It has all-natural ingredients to moisturize and nourish skin.

"Our product development resources are focused on providing products designed for safety, proven efficacy and convenience of use," Burkart remarks. "Our commitment is to deliver the highest-quality products supported by guaranteed satisfaction and a promise of integrity.

"Today Thermalon brand products are available in over 30,000 retail locations."

Bruder Healthcare Co.

3150 Engineering Pkwy.

Alpharetta, Ga. 30004

Key Contact: Mark Bruder, President


Phone: (770) 410-0726

Fax: (770) 521-2210

Primary business: HEALTH CARE Thermal pain management products

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Date:Jun 27, 2011
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