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Thermal hydraulic engine designed to replace electric motors, gas engines and steam turbines.

MARICOPA, Ariz.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 7, 1997--

Hageman's Engine(TM) in Test at UofA Ag Center;

Production Model Due in January

Hydrotherm Power Corporation announces its final prototype test of an innovative thermal hydraulic engine, designed by Brian C. Hageman, the company's CEO and Director of Research.

Hageman's Engine works by expansion of fluids pushing pistons, similar to the Sterling Engine, except that the new design uses expansion of liquids rather than gases as with the Sterling.

Expansion and contraction of liquids, caused by a high and low temperature sources as fuel, provides the hydraulic force necessary to turn a crankshaft. The crankshaft is geared to the necessary speed to run water pumps or electric generators.

The high temperature source can be solar heated water, "waste heat" from industry, geothermal sources, or traditional fuels. The low temperature source is any water source or evaporative cooled water or air.

"The thermal hydraulic engine is an advancement in mechanical engineering because of its ability to use low grade heat that no other engine can utilize," said Brian Hageman. "All heat engines such as a steam turbine require temperatures higher than the boiling point of water, and at least 250 degrees is preferred by most engineers. Hageman's Engine can operate at temperatures lower than 200 degrees, and the current e doesn't need to change phase -- or turn liquid into gas. For example, converting a liquid such as water inof the ten horsepower engine and water pumpin g system now in test at the University of Arizona Maricopa Agricultural Center in Maricopa, Arizona, began in September 1996. Within a few weeks, the work will be complete and the engine will become a permanent fixture at the Agricultural Research Center.

The next research project planned is a fifty horsepower water pump, to be built on the UofA MAC's local water district, the Maricopa-Stanfield Irrigation and Drainage District. Agriculture was chosen as a first application because of obvious need. A reduction in the cost of pumping water will have the greatest effect on cotton crops and other water-intensive crops.

"The most significant aspect of this technology is its timing in the marketplace," said Hageman. "For a new technology to succeed in the alternative energy market, there must be private, public and governmental support. Deregulation of the electric power industry in Arizona will dramatically enhance the future of such technologies."

Brian Hageman's private research and development company, the Hydrotherm Power Corporation, has just formed a wholly owned subsidiary, Deluge, Inc., which will begin production prototype fabrication in January 1997 in Phoenix.

Hageman has worked in field engineering throughout his career at Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Stations for Bechtel Power Corporation and with Fluor Corporation in Daharan, Saudi Arabia. Hageman also was lead engineer at the Pertimina Oil Refinery in Cilicap, Java, Indonesia.

Hydrotherm Power Corporation is a member of the Environmental Technology Industry Cluster of GSPED Brian C. Hageman, 520/568-2273 X218

mobile 602/541-9760

800-225-2030; SF 415-986-4422 or 800-227-0845; LA 310-820-9473

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SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 7, 1997-- tility, DS Expert.

The product will be available by Jan. 31, 1997, and can be downloaded from NetPro'd buttons within DS Expert. The NDS error code help vastly improves DS Expert's troubleshooting capabilities.

SMP support expands its versatility while security settings enable administrators to restrict access to sensitive threshoeturn on investment (ROI) based on impr oved prnalysis of numerous critical conditions, usefuld further position DS Expert as one of the most valuable NDS tools available."

DS Expert evaluations can be downloaded from NetPro's website . DS Expert has a suggested retail price of $1,299 for the two-tware including administrator utilities and virun the AzTech 50 list of Arizona's fastest-growing technology firms and ranked No. 213 on the INC 500's fas or

Gordon C. Jaor 800-221-2462; Boston 617-236-4266 or

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Date:Jan 7, 1997
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