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Thermal desalination contract.

Aquatech International Corp. (based in Canonsburg, Pa), a leader in the field of desalination, water reuse, and zero liquid discharge, said Oct. 27 it recently received a contract for a thermal desalination plant for the Valero Refining Company. Aquatech will design and supply equipment that will treat over 1.5 million gallons of seawater per day that will be used as boiler feedwater for Valero's cogeneration power plant at their Aruba refinery. The desalination equipment features the Multi Stage Flash (MSF) process. When delivered in 2006 the fast-track project will be the 8th identical MSF unit supplied by Aquatech on the island of Aruba. Over the past 20 years Aquatech has supplied desalination equipment with a total installed capacity of over 11 million gallons per day to the island's power and water utility, said Devesh Sharma, Aquatech Exec. V.P. Details: Karin L. Brightwell. Aquatech International Corp. Tel: 724-746-5300. Fax: 724-746-5359. Email:
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Date:Dec 1, 2005
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