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Therm buys into Family Safety.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.--Therm Technology Corp. has acquired the assets of Family Safety Products Inc., a supplier of detectors of hazardous gas, for an undisclosed amount.

Family Safety Products Inc. (FSPI) formerly was a wholly owned subsidiary of VISTA 2000. FSPI will now be a sister company of Therm Technology under a new holding company, Therm Acquisition Inc., which was formed for the acquisition.

Therm Technology makes heated cells for portable electric heaters. The firm's products also are used in the automotive aftermarket. The company has distribution in a variety of retailers, including Wal-Mart, Meijer's, Pep Boy's, Brookstone and Orvis catalogs.

FSPI's best known product is a carbon-monoxide detector. The firm also launched a detector for carbon monoxide and combustible gases such as propane and methane, which it says is the only kind in the industry. FSPI's products are designed for residential and commercial use.

Dan Gauthier, president and chief executive officer of Therm Technology, said the acquisition will give Therm access to retailers in the consumer market.

"TTC is a small player in the housewares and automotive aftermarket," he said in a statement. "One of our biggest challenges has been to get the ear of the buyers because we are seasonal and have not had a broad line of SKUs to offer. With FSPI, we bring to the table an established line of hazardousgas detectors and several other proprietary products. As importantly, FSPI has a professional sales and marketing team with the relationships necessary to bring products to market."

FSPI plans to offer an electronic radon-gas detector, similar to smoke and carbonmonoxide detectors.

With most radon detectors, consumers must purchase charcoal-activated canisters that collect radon particles and then send the charcoal to a lab for analysis. FSPI's product will continuously monitor radon levels in the home and sound an alarm if the radon reaches the danger zone.
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Title Annotation:Therm Technology Corp. acquires Family Safety Products Inc.'s assets
Publication:HFN The Weekly Newspaper for the Home Furnishing Network
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Date:Sep 9, 1996
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