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There were many questions raised [...].

Byline: IAN HYLAND'S TV DIARY He writes about telly.. weekly

There were many questions raised at Murder Island on Tuesday night. But no one asked the obvious one.

Namely, if this new murder mystery from Ian Rankin was such a cracking tale why didn't he just release it as a book instead of letting Channel 4 turn it into a dull reality show?

I'm not saying I lost interest really quickly, but by the time that Dogs Trust advert came on in the break asking dog owners to complete the National Dog Survey online I almost logged on straight away. And I don't even own a dog.

I know we're only one episode in, but I fear we've already reached the stage where even the Goggleboxers pretending to like it would not be enough to turn things around.

Also, I don't think much of the observational skills of the real detectives who are helping the amateur sleuths out - especially after one of them said this: "The only person who doesn't write anything down is Rain Man."

Guv, he famously carried a notebook around in his bag and wrote lots of stuff down.

Have you even seen the movie?


CLUELESS Show's a crime scene

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Title Annotation:Features
Author:IAN HYLAND'S TV DIARY He writes about telly.. weekly
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Oct 8, 2021
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