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There Is No War, and You Would Not Have to Consider It if There Was.

You see, dollars spent on
whatever our armed forces have undertaken in Afghanistan
or anyplace else are not ordinary dollars.
Because this money is allotted for completely different purposes
than the usual government spending on
agricultural development, commuter trains, or
consumer protection agencies, this cash flow
does not arise from taxation, nor does it involve
fiscal activity in the standard sense
used to calculate, for example, GNP. Such peace or
security funds, including everything from weapons procurement
to repatriation of remains
and future veterans' care facilities, in fact evaporate retroactively
the moment these dollars are spent
and therefore generate zero impact on the economy,
let alone budgetary surpluses or deficits.

You see, too, Afghans have a proud warrior culture.
You'll recall this fact from the news stories when our allies were arming,
training and supplying the tribal groups
that now, sadly, have become the enemy
or at best are indifferent to the fate of the present tribal inhabitants of
the National Palace, who require an ever-increasing number
of our troops, and those of our coalition partners,
to protect Kabul from other tribal alignments among
the resolute fighters who comprise--leaving aside women and children--
that portion of the population not unfortunately freezing or starving to
as they watch the convoys of ammunition
pass through their villages or along the roads,
or not busy raising the one stable cash crop
all sides encourage and purchase: the poppies
whose residue eventually is detected
in the veins of deceased inhabitants of certain urban districts
in our own country
--thus demonstrating that while the balance of casualties
inflicted by our soldiers or theirs currently may be tilted in our favor,
the comparative statistics are not yet complete
regarding collateral non-combatant deaths.
And speaking of fatalities, remember that the tragedy of
Canadians killed by firefights or improvised land mines
only occurs because the insurgents
are doing their job. Wait, that's wrong: our

 soldiers are the ones
who, as they stress in media interviews,
have a job to do. Armed individuals on the opposing side, you see,
by contrast are devious and malicious,
display no regard for human life
and, despite lacking any airborne logistical or tactical capabilities
and bolstered by foreign personnel
who have no right to intervene in
Afghanistan's domestic affairs,
are determined to impose by force
a set of alien values
on an abject and defenseless people.
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Author:Wayman, Tom
Publication:Antigonish Review
Geographic Code:9AFGH
Date:Jun 22, 2009
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