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There Are Alternatives! Markets and Democratic Experimentalism in Early Childhood Education and Care. Working Papers in Early Childhood Development, Number 53.

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In this paper Peter Moss, a Professor of Early Childhood Provision at the University of London, challenges the hegemony of the market model in early childhood education and care. He shows how the market model embodies the values of neoliberalism and, drawing on the work of the Brazilian social theorist Roberto Unger, discusses "democratic experimentalism" as an alternative. The paper's aim is not to prove that one is superior or that these are the only two models available; rather, it is to show that alternatives to the market model exist, and that the questions raised by ECEC (early childhood education and care) are therefore ethical and political rather than merely technical. A bibliography is included. (Contains 17 footnotes.)

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Author:Moss, Peter
Publication:ERIC: Reports
Date:Jul 1, 2009
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