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There's no biz like PONCHOBIZ; Celebs are going mad for necks big fashion fad.


IT'S the necks big thing and celebrities are showing how Britain is going poncho crazy this autumn.

Following the over-the-shoulder look first made fashionable by Clint Eastwood, stars from Corrie's Tina O'Brien to Jordan are joining in.

But the poncho can either make you look like a million dollars...or as crumpled as a fistful of dollars!

People fashion stylist Debbie Hamblin warned: "Ponchos are great on young, trendy girls but can look awful on older women. They can end up looking like old hippies if they don't get it right.

"But it's clear why they're so popular. They're warm, comfy, ideal for day or night - and cover up a multitude of sins."

So here's Debbie's verdict on who's ponch-oh!...and who's ponch-NO!

KATE MOSSNO! You'd need a stiff tequila before looking at those stripes

SADIE FROSTNO! It might be chilli - but the towelling top's not hot

MELANIE COH! Singer's as spicy as a sizzling fajita!

WENDI PETERSNO! It's Les's old car blanket for Corrie Cilla

SARA COXNO! This can't hide the top DJ's growing bump

TINA O'BRIENOH! Street's Sarah has the hole look just right

LUCY-JO HUDSONOH! Corrie's Katie is Streets ahead in this

JORDANNO! Sorry, but it looks like a horse blanket

NATASHA BOH! Miss Bedingfield's a hit in her tassle top
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Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Oct 10, 2004
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