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There's even worse to come.

I WRITE this in response to Bryan Smith and Mr Harry Thomas as a proud remainer, bremoaner, a 48%er or whatever epithet anybody wishes to give me.

In my correspondence in the past I tried to state the economic case for remaining in the EU in a rational and logical way as possible.

In my own way I obviously failed big-time. I refuse however to go gently into that dystopian Faragian/ Johnsonian/Govian/Hamiltonian night constructed by what I consider to be people who are xenophobes, terminally nostalgic, or economic illiterates - and possibly all three.

Those making the economic argument convinced so many people that leaving would lead us to the sunny uplands of an economic utopia.

However depending on the type of Brexit negotiated a very dark economic future beckons. Many of those arguing for a hard Brexit don't appear to know a customs union from a farmers' union, a single market from a cattle market, inter-industry trade from intraindustry trade, trade creation from trade diversion, a tariff barrier from a non-tariff barrier and an integrated supply chain from a daisy chain.

I could go on and on.

These are not dry dusty economic concepts. They are real world phenomenon that will crash in on post-Brexit Wales if a hard Brexit is what we end up with.

The referendum result, I believe, shot the wrong fox. The reason postindustrial Wales has suffered so much is not because of any economic policy emanating from Brussels.

It was the result of home-grown economic policies emanating from Westminster and indeed Cardiff Bay.

Monetarism was the mother and unregulated capitalism and austerity its children.

These were political not economic choices and still are.

Nigel Farage claimed there will be social unrest on the streets if the "will of the people is denied by the judges".

Well I would argue the real social unrest will come when the economic hardship that is likely to result from Brexit starts to cut in and people realise they were lied to and misled, when the economy starts to contract, when tax receipts fall so we can't fund our public services, and when unemployment and poverty rises.

As somebody said to me during the campaign: "I voted out because it can't get any worse."

Well it can and it will. The Brexiteers of course won't blame themselves. They will blame those nasty people on the other side of the channel for not allowing us to have our cake and eat it.

The people of Wales dealt Carwyn Jones, WAG and most of all themselves an appalling hand in a deadly serious game of poker. Witness how little traction we have compared with Scotland. We are already essentially ignored by Westminster and outshouted by Scotland, and this is only likely to get worse. I find it so sad that Welsh voters were somehow convinced that the answer to our problems lies in the hands of the far right chancers and ideologues. As Marine La Pen said, there's not a cigarette paper between the Front National and Ukip.

I will continue to make the case for remain, for a second referendum on the leaving package whenever I can. Mr Smith and Mr Thomas write as if Brexit was a binary choice, in or out? Nothing can be further from the truth. The question was entirely misleading. There are many Brexits. Staying in the Single Market and/ or the Customs Union or opting for the WTO default (if in fact that is available) are just three.

It's too important for the sake of my children and grandchildren, and yes Wales, to do anything else.

I refuse to succumb to the tyranny of the majority.

I am not an "enemy of the people" (fascist overtones there) as the gutter press puts it. No. True friends speak out when they believe a massive mistake has been made, fundamentally damaging the very fabric of our economy and society.

Was change necessary? You bet your bottom dollar it was, but not change based on lies and a distortion of the facts.

Dr Bob Morgan Efail Isaf, Pontypridd
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Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
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Date:Nov 24, 2016
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