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There's a styling tool for every need. (Merchandising).

NEW YORK -- Brushes and styling tools are an integral part of the hair care category and a mainstay of mass market retailers across the country.

Hair care experts caution, however, that not all brushes are created the same. Some brushes, they say, are designed specifically for styling, while others are created simply to smooth and detangle hair.

For instance, they note, paddle brushes are well suited for brushing out long hair and creating straight, smooth styles.

Cushion brushes work better on medium-length hair that is naturally smooth and straight; and sculpting brushes are best for back combing to add volume to short, textured styles.

Other brush types include thermal flat and thermal round brushes.

Complementing the wide variety of brushes on the market are unique tools that help braid or wrap hair.

Conair Corp., for example, offers three such implements--the Quick Braid hair braider, the Quick Braid styling kit and Quick Wrap. The company also offers a wide variety of accessory kits for the battery-operated devices.

Conair also has used the battery-powered hair styling technology to enhance the traditional brush segment with a battery-powered hair brush called the Straight Styles. The brush is ideal, a spokeswoman says, for styling freshly washed, damp or dry hair with a blow dryer.

While many of the Conair styling devices are aimed at helping teenagers and young adults apply trendy styles to their hair, World Trend Inc. is targeting slightly younger consumers with a wide range of hair brushes and mirrors bearing the likenesses of a variety of licensed characters.

Among the company's offerings are mid-size, purse-size and full-size cushion brushes with molded handles shaped like such popular movie and cartoon characters as Mickey Mouse, Scooby Doo, Garfield, Winnie the Pooh, Peanuts and The Muppets.

World Trend also offers handheld mirrors, styling brushes and a brush that has a magnet in the handle and that is ideal for students to keep on the inside of their locker doors.

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Date:Feb 10, 2003
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