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Therapist explains why supporting 'Game of Thrones' incest is okay.

Any 'Game of Thrones' fan has experienced their morals put into question after watching the show: Murder, torture and deception are all fair game.

But possibly the biggest moral dilemma yet occurred in the seventh season, when two character favorites, Jon Snow (Kit Harington) and Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) become romantically linked.

Unknown to the two, they are related; Daenerys is sister to Jon's biological father, making him her nephew.

While incest is not new to the show-Daenerys' parents are siblings-rooting for it is another matter.

'how do you feel about an aunt and her nephew doing the dirty?' #GameOfThronesFinale #Jonerys

- stephanie (@1D_20something) August 28, 2017

In a Newsweek article, psychosexual therapist Mike Lousada explains why it's still within reason to find Jon and Daenerys' relationship romantic, even if they are related.

One is pretty obvious: because it's a fantasy.

'The fantasy of taboo is always going to be exciting-to have that thrill enacted, and we know that it's fantasy.'

Another is because we empathize with the characters. The past seven seasons have seen the two start as social outcasts; eventually, they become beloved leaders because of their courage and ability to rule with compassion.

'We can all feel ourselves in many of the characters in the plot. What if we put ourselves in the role of Jon-wouldn't you be attracted to Dany, and vice versa?' Lousada shared in the report.

Yet another reason is biology: people tend to choose partners who are similar to themselves. Because of this, there have been cases where people who don't know they are related end up attracted to one another.

'If we take the idea of sameness being attractive, we like what we know, what is familiar,' explained Lousada.

'There's a narcissistic mirror in the other; there's that biological sameness that's going to create similar characteristics. They're both driven. They're leaders... They have similar characteristics,' the therapist said.

Historically, incest was once acceptable, especially in noble bloodlines-which also led to many a genetic disorder among royal families. Now, in most societies, incest is not only a taboo, it has become illegal.

Whatever the sentiment, Peter Dinklage who plays Tyrion Lannister has the best prediction for the scandalous relationship in an HBO behind-the-scenes interview: 'It's 'Game of Thrones', there's a long history of romance not ending well on this show.' Nia V. Guno/JB


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