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Theologians can explain creation; Your Shout.

WHY is Alan E Appleby so exercised about the wacky American creationists who appear to misunderstand disastrously the true worth of the Biblical creation stories - stories which are indeed in a mythological mode and none the worse for that (Your Shout,Sept 20).

There is no need for Christians to call into question what scientists, using the scientific method, have uncovered about the workings of the physical universe, whether it be subatomic particles, quasars, human DNA, or indeed all events and states within the physical, natural order.

When, however, we arrive at the question of how this natural order came into existence in the first place, then we are dealing with what is not wholly within the natural order, and we have no reason to believe at this point that the scientific method will apply.

We are still faced with the child''s question, 'Why is there anything at all?'' A projection of attractive sets of mathematical formulations will not do.

The orthodox Christian doctrine of creation by uncreated being - God - while offering no explanation of how the universe came to be, and also expressed in mythological terms in the scriptures, at least has a direct simplicity.

It is arrived at through Man''s inner spiritual perception rather than through mental excogitation and equations.

For it is Man''s immediate experience, perceived through the ages and confirmed in Christianity, that Man is a spiritual being albeit with a physical, bodily expression, and as such, potentially capable of awareness of God.

The exercise of that awareness has provided evidence through the centuries.

If Stephen Hawking (pictured) actually said, Science can explain the universe without the need for a creator, then surely he is wrong.

Besides, this eminent cosmologist is not a theologian.

Any attempt to replace the belief in God the Uncreated as Creator by an atheistic explanation seems to end in something like belief in an infinite regress.

I hope, then, that Alan Appleby and others, instead of heeding what the said creationists say, will pay some attention to Orthodox Christian theologians, for they are immeasurably more representative of the Christian view.

JOHN G LOVEJOY, Westbourne Avenue, Walkergate.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Sep 25, 2010
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