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Their old swimming pool is now a tranquil lily and koi pond.

Fonder of viewing lilies than of doing laps, Herb Allen and Arthur Moss transformed a little-used swimming pool into a tranquil home for koi and aquatic plants.

To make the pond bottom, they coated the concrete cavity that held their vinyl swimming pool with a black-tinted waterproof sealer. They added small lava rocks around the original pool rim and replaced a concrete patio with a redwood deck and mondo grass.

Inside the pond, a planter box and island-like lava rocks perch on concrete-block pedestals anchored to poured-concrete bases. (Plywood pouring forms were cut to follow the contours of the pool.) The concrete blocks are held together and anchored to their platforms by lengths of steel reinforcing bar and by more concrete poured through their openings.

To make the two-tiered waterfall at the far end of the pond, the owners mortared together large chunks of concrete from the old pool patio. A pump recirculates pond water over the falls. The balanced ecosystem requires no filter.
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Date:Jul 1, 1985
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