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Their newest fans.

If you want a real barometer for how much things have changed since Sept. 11, all you needed to do was look at the Union Leader editorial praising the rock group Godsmack for donating $58,000, the proceeds of merchandise sales that it earned at its Manchester concert Sept. 15, to disaster relief efforts.

First, the editorial proceeded to "thank the Boston-based band with New Hampshire ties." Then it proceeded:

"Yes, they used the 'f-word,' and yes, the music was loud. But although we were expecting a redux of the Slipknot/Mudvayne/Disturbed outdoor concert this summer whose volume and obscenity were enough to wake the dead, it was almost a PG-13 concert. The hard rock band kept the volume to a level pre-determined by the aldermen. They only dropped the 'f bomb' twice. I Pretty sanitary for the band who used the 'f-word' 37 times at a concert we reviewed in August."

This from the newspaper that acted, both in its news and editorial pages, that the group was the second coming of Satan.

Of course, the paper admitted that "had Godsmack played Manchester Sept. 10 instead of Sept. 15, perhaps we wouldn't be thanking them," which may very well be the point.

By the way, here's another example of how things have changed in recent weeks: You may have noticed that the U-L has stopped running signed editorials -- a hallmark of the Loeb era, which apparently has run its course.
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Title Annotation:Manchester, New Hampshire Union Leader newspaper editorial criticized
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Date:Oct 5, 2001
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