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Their covered patio became an enclosed sunroom.

Their covered patio became an enclosed sunroom

Converting a covered patio to a sunroom gave this tract house a bright dining area that helps heat the house on winter afternoons. The west-facing room has the same roof that covered the concrete patio, but owners Birdie and Rob Gamble changed almost everything else.

Instead of the concrete that sloped away from the house, the Gambles now have a redwood floor. The 2-by-6 decking rests on angled 2-by-8 sleepers that level the floor and run from the house to a new perimeter foundation.

At each end of the room, the Gambles added sliding doors. To the west, they built an angled wall with six 33- by 57-inch windows, pitched to provide maximum exposure to afternoon sun. The 1/4-inch-glass panels, sealed with silicone, fit into notches in 4-by-6 posts.

French doors and a big kitchen passthrough open the room the house. A tile counter that matches one facing the family room cantilevers into the sunroom, making a place to pull a stool and chat with the cook. Redwood paneling on the walls and ceiling adds an informal look.

Photo: Pass-through from kitchen faces new room; redwood covers walls, floor, ceiling. Outside (above), angled west wall has roll-down dlinds to shade glass from summer sun; stucco blends addition with existing exterior

Photo: Glass-walled addition extends from family room and kitchen, enjoys garden views
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Date:Jan 1, 1985
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