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Their "stream" flows from knoll to swimming pool.

The sound and sight of moving water give a lush quality to any garden, but they are especially welcome in areas that are normally dry and hot. On this hilltop site in Sonoma, California, a 40-foot-long stream courses from an elevated planting area to a swimming pool below, blending a natural setting with an obviously manmade element.

The boulder-strewn planting area is part of a natural rocky outcropping dominated by an indigenous manzanita. Additional boulders from the site were relocated to define the edge of an artificial stream bed that starts like a spring in the center of the knoll. A pump recirculates water ftom the pool to a basin at the headwaters. The stream spills down the knoll over a series of broad, shallow steps made with layers of greenish brown slate.

The rugged, natural design comes to an abrupt halt when the stream bed reaches a deck made of irregular but straightedged slabs of Arizona sandstone. The running water is revealed in small, shallow pools in the decking that give the illusion of a subterranean river. For color contrast with the sandstone, green-brown state lines the bottom of these mini-pools. Designed by Santa Rosa architect Robert G. Zinkhan, Jr., the deck also has provision for nighttime safety Lights positioned under the stream-spanning sandstone slabs provide indirect lighting so the 6-inch-deep recesses are clearly revealed. June King of Landmark Landscaping Company chose deer-resistant plantings for the knoll. They include armeria, berberis, cerastium, lavender, lithodora, lupine, polygonum, rosemary, thyme, and wild iris.
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Date:Jul 1, 1989
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