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WESTON, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 21, 2001

EarthNet.Tv, Inc. (OTC:EATV) just announced the formalization of a strategic alliance with High Plains Internet, an industry-leading Internet service provider and communications network infrastructure solution. Under the terms of the agreement, EarthNet.Tv has identified High Plains Internet as its exclusive provider of Internet infrastructure solutions.

In addition to aiding in the deployment of business solutions, the companies will work jointly to market and support both companies. These efforts will include extensive cross-training efforts on the product lines of each company and the introduction of each company to appropriate customer prospects. CRG believes that this could save the company a substantial amount of money in the long run, and CRG is expecting to see a positive increase to the bottom line due to this agreement. CRG is also hoping to see the stock trading at much higher levels, as the company approaches their 2nd - 3rd quarter.

NeoTherapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ:NEOT), a biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of small molecule drugs for unmet medical needs and the treatment of important diseases recently presented an update of its strategy and clinical development program to potential investors at the 13th Annual Roth Capital Growth Stock Conference. Alvin J. Glasky, Ph.D., Chairman and CEO discussed the clinical development program for the Company's lead drug, Neotrofin. Within 60 days, NeoTherapeutics expects to begin Phase 2 clinical studies in Parkinson's disease, spinal cord injury and a higher dose 12-week pivotal study in Alzheimer's disease.

Neotrofin is currently being developed for Alzheimer's disease and other neuro-degenerative diseases, such as Parkinson's disease and spinal cord injury. In animal models of cognitive decline, aging and spinal cord injury, Neotrofin has been shown to restore neurological function. The Company believes that there is sufficient evidence to expect that the doses to be used will provide enhanced clinical effects. The study is slated to begin in April 2001, and should be completed by the end of this year. Shares have recently been gaining ground in the low $4 level. Watch this one.

[pilcrow (paragraph sign)] Venture Catalyst Incorporated (NASDAQ:VCAT) gained 30 percent on Tuesday, closing at $1.625 on news that VCAT's Board of Directors has approved a plan to repurchase up to $1 million of VCAT's common stock. VCAT President and CEO Don Speer said, "We believe that VCAT's current stock price does not fully reflect the potential of our strategies and growth prospects. We believe a repurchase plan is a way to deploy our surplus capital and enhance VCAT's value to its shareholders."

The share repurchases are slated to be made from time to time over the next twelve months, at the Company's discretion, as market and business conditions warrant. The shares will be purchased in open market transactions or through privately negotiated transactions. As of December 31, 2000, VCAT had approximately 7.4 million shares outstanding. Investors should consider any dips in the stock due to market conditions as opportunities to accumulate the stock.

Upside Development, Inc., formerly Alottafun! Inc., (OTCBB:ALFN), announced that it has purchased the scrap tire recycling division of Tony Canale, Inc., a privately held company. Upside Development projects that this new operation will have revenues of at least $2,500,000, and profitability in 2001. The tire facility is located on 10 acres of land, and is capable of processing over 2.5 million tires annually.

Michael Porter, CEO of Upside Development, Inc., stated, "Combined with our purchase of Adriatic and Emert Grinding, we now have the capability to collect, process, and sell scrap tires throughout the northeast portion of the United States, and we can develop and maintain our own equipment. We have conservatively projected total sales of $3.7 million this year, we expect profitability, and we are working on several exciting opportunities that we believe will synergize with what we have built so far." Shares of ALFN recently popped 114 percent, to $0.15, on volume of 2,341,000, and should continue to benefit from the Company's acquisition in the intermediate term.

e-VideoTV Inc. (OTCBB:EVTV), a licensor of copy protection technology with its pre-caching VOD delivery technology currently under patent-pending, announced that it will begin licensing Set-Top-Box manufacturers for the sue of Macrovision copy protection for Faster-Than-Real-Time video-on-demand caching. E-VideoTV has the exclusive rights to license FTRT use of Macrovision Corp.'s copy protection technology in the United States.

The Company will earn revenue by charging a license fee plus a royalty on each set-top-box. E-Video also has the exclusive rights in the United States to license all PPV & VOD operators broadcasting via cable, satellite, telco, broadband or wireless to STB's in FTRT.

According to recent studies the worldwide set-top-box market will explode in the next three years with up to 143 million STB's installed in homes by 2004, expanding the market to $5.4 billion. E-VideoTV believes that the only economically viable VOD solution is to cache movies in hard drives in the STB. If they are right, stock in EVTV should explode with the market. Shares were up 24 percent on Tuesday, to $1.218, on 845,000 shares traded.

Wall Street seems to be disappointed about how Mr. Greenspan's testimony fits in with hopes for more aggressive interest rate reductions on the part of the Federal Reserve. And the stock market, technology names in particular, are caught in a tug-of-war between optimism that the Fed's recent rate cuts will help bolster the economy, and pessimism about the weak first-half outlook for corporate profits." Stated Peter Antipatis. More is available at

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About Capital Research Group Inc.

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Date:Feb 21, 2001
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