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Depp's candelabra

Will Johnny Depp trade in Ed Wood's angora sweater for something even more outrageous, like sequined hot pants, an ermine cape, and a flaming candelabra? Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps--if plans materialize for him to portray the high priest of ivory-tickling kitsch, Liberace. Word is that Depp is mulling over a script--being retooled by Ed Wood scribes Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski--based on the life of the "confirmed bachelor."

Or how about a track suit and whistle? The star is also mentioned as a contender for the long-awaited film version of Patricia Nell Warren's The Front Runner. Barry Sandler, who's adapting the heartbreaking novel with the author, says Depp has a "real magnetic intensity and vulnerability" necessary for track coach Harlan. Go, Johnny, go!

Xena and Garth

Garth Maxwell, one of New Zealand's top directors, will make a queer landmark of sorts when he helms the 100th episode of Xena: Warrior Princess in August. "The show's been my bread and butter," says the wry, openly gay Maxwell, 36, who also just shot the next-to-final segment of Hercules. Any Xena scoop? "Well, Lucy's pregnant in real life," says Maxwell, slyly hinting that the show's she-warrior--played by Lucy Lawless--may have something to explain in next season's stow line. He's less cryptic about another milestone: his artsy film feature When Love Comes. Set in the fringes of New Zealand's music scene, the drama--which includes Young Hercules' cute Dean O'Gorman as a gay rock lyricist--has been playing at both gay and straight film festivals. "That's what it's all about--mixing it up," says Maxwell, who just might give Hollywood a stir. "L.A. is so full of weird and interesting types." You heard it here first.

Let's circuit party!

This may be the first August in years sans Fire Island's notorious Morning Party, but circuit-themed movie scripts are popping up around Hollywood like X tabs at a--well, you know. Strand Releasing exec Marcus Hu has heard no fewer than five pitches on the subject. "One was a soap opera, and one had a murder in it," says Hu, barely stifling a giggle. "They were all very earnest about what a great, life this is." Hu, who has produced films about HIV-positive criminals and gay serial killers, wasn't buying: "I know there's a faction that responds to this culture, but I think there's something icky about it."

Tell that to the makers of Circuit, a not-yet-cast flick from writer Dirk Shafer (Man of the Year). "It's a hard-hitting look at the scene," says producer Steven Wolfe. And of course, he adds, "There will be a lot of eye candy."
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