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The wrong tool for the job.

We've run a lot of these kinda stories in Back Blast--never use a .25 auto to remove an aching tooth, never replace a dead fuse in your truck with a .22 LR round, never try to relieve a headache by shootin' nails into your noggin with a nail gun, never try to use a jailhouse bedsheet for a parachute when leaping out the fourth floor window of a county lockup--and here's a new one for you!

While firefighters in Bowie County, Texas, were hosing down the smokin' remains of a home, the boggled fire chief was gettin' an earful from a crying woman.

The lady was doing some yard work when she flushed a snake--and she really, really hates and fears snakes. Now, some people might call it "overkill," but let's remember her phobia, okay? Since a can of gasoline and matches were nearby, naturally, she drenched the snake in gas and set it on fire.

The flaming serpent took offense to this and promptly slithered into a big brush pile, which ignited like a tinderbox, quickly spreading to the home burning it right to the ground and setting the neighbor's home on fire. We're betting there was a better tool for killing snakes nearby, like a rake or shovel--but they probably burned up.

Commander Gilmore

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Title Annotation:Back Blast & other hot gases
Comment:The wrong tool for the job.(Back Blast & other hot gases)
Publication:Shooting Industry
Date:Nov 1, 2013
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