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The Livescribe 3 connects via Bluetooth to a mobile device, converting handwritten notes to digital form in close to real time. Once captured on a smartphone or tablet, the notes can be converted to text, emailed, printed, tagged and flagged using the free Livescribe app. The smartpen requires special paper, which comes in a variety of formats (including a Moleskine notebook), and can be made from ordinary paper with an appropriate printer. The Livescribe 3 is ideal for note-taking wherever a keyboard is impractical.

* Learn more at The Livescribe 3 is $149.95; the Pro version (including a one-year Evernote subscription) is $199.95; the Moleskin edition (which adds a notebook and tool belt) is $229.95.

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Title Annotation:Tech Bytes: TOOLS THAT MAKE THE JOB EASIER
Publication:Valuation Magazine
Date:Mar 22, 2016
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