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The worst plague affecting Yemen's development: - Old and new guards (Opinion).

The greatest and most terrible plague affecting development in this country is represented by the concept of "Old guards and the outdated ideas that are currently producing new guards, who don't understand even themselves.

The old guard is a unique octopus that excelled its marine counterpart in the number of body parts.

It existed with hundreds and thousands of arms in numerous official and private sectors. It also has social parts that hinder development and such parts might have been the cells of its brain, thereby controlling all its movements.

This guard, along with students of its school who belong to the new generation, claims that it is mature and understands everything in this life while others are immature since they consider themselves as part of the exalted shrines and principles. As a result, they can not accept any constructive change or justified criticism, nor can they do something good for humanity. This is the way others behave, according to the strong beliefs of the old guards.

Regretfully, the old guard and students of its school exhaust capacities and resources of the nation under the allegation of their being senior, more understandable and more capable of getting things done. This guard doesn't accept anything but obedience to its orders. It accepts nothing but insurance for its sayings and actions.

The worst thing is that these guards are sinking in the swamp of corruption and as are their children. They don't have strong faith in institutionalism and want to run on the base of exceptionality.

Via this exceptionality, these guards make decisions themselves, but apply them on others. They admit the importance of leadership but deny the significance hierarchy in leadership, and are ready to breach all the rules and traditions in order to meet their moody demands.

Of the notorious characteristics demonstrated by the old guards is that of the white slogans, variegated with black, on their heads don't help them acquire knowledge on what is happening around them. They believe that survival and continuity in this life still requires endless bloodshed, and therefore they find themselves obliged to listen to all the instructions indicating that placing general laws into effect is a public task and not private. They strongly believe that violations, though numerous they are, neither annul the task nor erase its significance.

It prefers wired to wireless communication:

Claiming to care for everything in this life, this guard hinders progress and development in this life. It has no single correct password except for its. It wants affairs to proceed via wired communication and doesn't acknowledge the significance of wireless communication in the daily dealings and finishing people's issues and procedures timely.

The old guard has strong faith that it is the only one who can see, and therefore ignores that others around him are observing his baseless action, wrongdoing and alleged professionalism.

The old and new guards sit on chairs and observe how the shrewd individuals of narrow interests behave. They provide nothing valuable for the everyday life except for creating multiple obstacles to development.

The old guard and its followers convey the same faked understanding to the new guards. It sees itself as a tall palace, while in fact it is an empty well. It claims to be infallible until the extent of refusing to settle the bills of its daily consumption of water and electricity, and access to communication services.

It refuses to wait at any point of the airport except in the VIP Lounge because it believes that it is entitled to have free services and that the state and community must pay the cost of its services.

The old and new guards may be maids, high-ranking officials, politicians, craftsmen, journalists, writers, housewives, working women, or schoolboys who learned from their parents how to behave this way: hindering developing under the allegation of being mature, understandable and aware of everything.

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Publication:Yemen Times (Sana'a, Yemen)
Date:Dec 14, 2008
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