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The world of showbiz is a baffling place at the best of times. But the battle between ITV and the BBC for flop The Voice was the biggest head-scratcher of the week.

Like an exhausted prize fighter, Auntie Beeb threw in the towel yesterday - saying they wouldn't be held to ransom to keep the series.

But it looks to me as if they've sold their rivals a dud. The show, which launched the careers of pop heavyweights Andrea Begley (nope), Leanne Mitchell (erm...) and Stevie McCrorie (me neither) has been as flat as a Jermaine Jackman (bear with me) chorus. They couldn't keep a judging line-up, the spinning chairs made viewers queasy and the bit where they all do "battle" in a boxing ring made of fluorescent tubes produced more screeching than a Bjork B-side.

And at PS10million per series, it doesn't come cheap - which makes you wonder why everyone is afraid to lose The Voice? With ITV looking to beef it up in the style of its US equivalent, expect even deeper misery.

Back in the land of musical credibility, The Stone Roses have made PS10million from ticket sales for their surprise run of gigs next summer. My hunch is a Glastonbury Festival headline slot isn't far off either.

Ian Brown's boys are now second favourites to headline at Worthy Farm - after Adele.

When Simon Cowell said he was bringing Louis Walsh back, we were braced for trouble. But trust that wily old fox to keep the peace by putting his old pal Walsh at a safe distance... behind a telescope on the moon.

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Nov 8, 2015
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