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The world is reset!

War-ravaged generators used in Iraq and Afghanistan need to be restored to good-running shape for use in the States or for redeployment. This program is called RESET. The generator RESET program is managed by the Communications-Electronics Life Cycle Management Command (C-E LCMC) in Fort Monmouth, NJ.

As soon as your unit returns from Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) or Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF), get C-E LCMC to inspect your generators and enroll them in the RESET program.

Contact your C-E LCMC logistics assistance representative (LAR) or go directly to one of these RESET program POCs:

Contact Edward Daly if you are in Europe or the East Coast Region. Contact David Aebischer if you are in the Pacific or West Coast Regions.

If you are a Depot involved in the RESET program and have questions, contact Richard Foster.

Finally, Giuseppe Sgroi is the chief over all the generator RESET work.

The RESET folks will work on-site to get your generators operational to 10/20 standards. If more work is needed, the RESET program will pay to have your generators shipped to the necessary repair depot and will also pay to have them returned.

None of the RESET work comes out of your unit's funds, so there isn't a good excuse for not taking advantage of this program. In addition, RESET is mandatory according to OPORD 06-002. Ask your C-E LCMC LAR for a copy.
POC DSN 992- Com 732- E-mail

Giuseppe Sgroi 6104 427-6104
David Aebischer 8119 532-8119
Edward Daly 3761 532-3761
Richard Foster 6899 532-6899
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Date:Aug 1, 2007
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