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The world's premier airport exhibition preview 2011: Tom Allett presents a round-up of some of the companies attending inter airport Europe 2011.

The world's best 'barometer' of the airport equipment market returns to Munich from October 11 to 14. Every two years this giant show - this is the [] in the series - presents the greatest line-up of products and services available to the commercial. aviation industry, though its military component also seems to be steadily increasing.

At the time of writing (September) the last few exhibitors were still signing up for the event, but over 500 companies have already committed themselves, thereby maintaining the show's credentials as a Leader in the field.

After moving from its previous airport location to the purpose-built Munich Trade Fair Centre site in 2009, organiser Mack Brooks has stayed with the dedicated show facility that appeared popuLar with the vast majority of exhibitors. As in 2009, the event will occupy two prime exhibition halls at ground level, Halls 85 and B6. The adjacent Outdoor Area will be used to accommodate the larger pieces of equipment, including the majority of the vehicles. Visitors can access the event via the east entrance to the Munich Trade Fair Centre or through the Outdoor Area to the north. There are plenty of parking spaces for exhibitors and visitors at the site.

The venue is well connected to the city centre and Munich International Airport, and offers a range of user-friendly facilities such as restaurants, meeting rooms and a regular shuttle bus service although, as you might expect, most of the hotel accommodation lies within the city itself.

Those of you who attended inter airport Europe last time round will alreachi be familiar with its four key areas: interTERM INAL, interDATA, interRAMP and interDESIGN; the last segment being introduced in 2009. For further information see and if you have a few minutes to spare, please call, by our stand, Hall B6, Stand 124, and tell. us about your company's Latest product or service so that we can feature your news in a future issue.

Exhibitor Profiles

Munich Trade Fair Centre, Germany.

October 11-12-13-14


Halt B6. Stand 330

AAT Alber Antriebstechnik develops, manufactures and deals with products in rehabilitation, transportation and medical. aids technology. It specialises in products that assist passengers with reduced mobility (PRM). MT says its Stairclimber products are in use at more than 100 airports worldwide.


Hall B5, Stand 1120

At inter airport Europe Aberie Automation GmbH is going to present an automated baggage loading facility for airports. The core piece of the plant is a robot. With image processing and an especially developed picker arm, the robot is able to select and load 90% of the incoming baggage - a real easement.



Hall B6, Stand 335

AB-Tech is a Leading industrial company specialising in the design and manufacture of custom-made high-tech passenger boarding bridges and offering worldwide customer support for installation, maintenance and operation. The company says it holds European Patents for minute approaching devices, shock-absorbing and operation method controls.


Hall B5, Stand 1680

Accessair manufactures ground support equipment, including passenger and cargo/materials handling items.


Hall B6, Stand 158

ACI focuses on the design and implementation of cargo and baggage handling solutions. Its members have managed projects for airlines and airports around the world.
Show Opening Times

Tuesday 09:00 - 17:00
Wednesday 09:00 - 17:00
Thursday 09:00- 17:00
Friday 09:00 - 15:00


Hall B5, Stand 1350

ACO specialises in airport drainage systems. As the world market Leader in drainage, ACO has the in-depth experience and the innovative strength to realise successful. solutions for the extreme challenges of modern aviation facilities. Our products help planners and airport operators to enhance safety and comfort on the taxiways, in the airport building and in front of the terminal.


Hall B5, Stand 1320

ADB says that 'green' environmentally-friendly lighting is without doubt the future of airfield ground Lighting and that ADB is at the forefront of developing eco-friendly solutions. ADB invites you to visit its stand and discover its proven concepts and innovative technologies.


Hall B6, Stand 547

ADDCON Nordic says it is the world's largest producer of formates. Delivering to its customers on a 24/7 basis, ADDCON already supplies airports in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and Poland. Its products include the Aviform L50 and Aviform S-Solid runway de-icers.


Hall B5, Stand 1351

ADELTE is a Barcelona-based engineering organisation that designs and manufactures passenger boarding bridges, ground support equipment and passenger terminaL solutions. At inter airport Europe, ADELTE says it will introduce two new passenger terminal solutions: ServiKart - a baggage cart management system and APRONAUT - a boarding bridge docking simulator.


Hall B5, Stand 1150

AEG MIS manufactures large-size passenger information systems. Several different displays will be on show at Munich.


Hall B6, Stand 812

Aero-Sense, based in Belgium, produces anti-/de-icing chemicals for the aviation industry. It also offers a mobile heated aircraft de-icing unit and AMS certified granular runway de-icers.


Hall B6, Stand 526

AERONET designs and manufactures cargo pallet nets, tie-down straps and spare parts, while MILOCO focuses on container dollies, baggage carts, pallet dollies and tri-palLet semi trailers.


Hall 36, Stand 836

Aerosweep manufactures the FOD*BOSS tarmac sweeper which, the company says, collects and removes both metallic and non-metallic debris, including large pavement fragments and nuts and bolts, down to very fine sand from aircraft operational surfaces. Aerosweep describes its FOD*BOSS as maintenance free and able to work on all hard surfaces, wet or dry, at up to 28mph (45 km/h).


Hall 35, Stand 1486

AGSE designs and manufactures ground support equipment including a range of OEM-licensed engine transportation and handling equipment, plus Boeing, GE and SNECMA (CFMI) licensed tooling and aircraft maintenance access stands.


Hall. B5, Finnish Pavilion

Airport Cluster Finland is an active alliance of 24 Finnish aviation-related companies. We offer networking, clustering, info collection, showroom, workshops and seminars. Contact us and you witt reach all the Finnish know how in airport and aviation business, technologies, services and R&D solutions.


Outdoor, Stand A86 / Halt B6, Stand 256

A welt-known name in the GSE field, Aviogei Airport Equipment will introduce its new airborne K-Loader Model TLM 7000. www.avingelit


Hall B5, Stand 1190

APS designs, manufactures and installs jet blast deflectors and ground run-up enclosures for civil and military airports.


Hall B6, Stand 124

Yes, you should have heard of this one as you're reading it already! Airports International has the greatest circulation and readership of any audited airport business title.

Available free to qualifying industry personnel, the magazine keeps airport and airline management and their employees abreast of significant international developments and technical innovations. Regular airport, airline and equipment reports provide well-researched information to aid decision-making processes, while analysis of current issues affecting the industry offers a truly global perspective. If you have a new product or service to promote, come and see us in Hall B6, Stand 124.


Hall B6, Stand 854

The Airsafe Airport Equipment Co, formed in 1987, specialises in engineering and manufacturing airport lighting equipment The company has 609001 authorisation and has passed the facility audit by FAA.


Hall B6, Stand 658

Airtec Corporation manufactures and distributes digital tyre inflation equipment. We supply to the petroleum, automotive, mining and aircraft industries in over 70 countries. Our XDH model, Aircraft Digital Tyre Inflator, can inflate up to 21 bar or 305psi. The DPG model, Digital Pressure Gauge, is a handheld device for checking tyre pressure with a range of 0.1-25.0 bar.

Getriebebau NORD

22941 Bargteheide

Rudolf-Diesel-Str. 1

Fon: +49 (0) 45 32 / 4 01-0

Fax: +49 (0) 45 32 / 4 01-2 53



Hall B5, Stand 1200

Akkuplanet produces battery, charging and accessory technology and develops, produces and sells battery packs for devices that require a mobile energy source.


Hall 65, Stand 1238 Albret Pourteau designs and manufactures docking systems and mobile access equipment for civil and military aircraft maintenance.


Hall B6, Stand 466

Italy's Alke produces compact electric vehicles for a number of airport operations such as baggage and goods handling, maintenance, waste collection and catering. The company says its vehicles are in service in over 30 countries.


Hall BS, Stand 1358

Allison Transmission is the world's largest manufacturer of fully automatic transmissions for medium and heavy duty commercial vehicles as well as hybrid propulsion systems for transit buses. Allison transmissions are used in a variety of applications including on-highway trucks (distribution, refuse, construction, fire and emergency), buses, motor homes, off-highway vehicles and equipment and military vehicles.


Hall B6. French Pavilion

ALPHA-CIM specialises in the integration of high-tech automation and industrial IT systems and lists airfield lighting, baggage handling systems, building management, fire security and access control as its specialist subjects.


Hall 66, Stand 556

ALSTEF provides baggage handling solutions to optimise the processes from check-in to the bags' delivery, including those for baggage screening. The company produces DCVs autover technology, RFID tags and automatic baggage drop-off equipment.


Hall B5, Stand 940

ALTEC has 25 years' experience in the development and production of aluminium working platforms and docking equipment for civil and military customers. It specialises in fabricating these systems for aircraft and helicopter maintenance companies.


Hall B5, Stand. 1170

AmmeraaL Bettech develops tailor-made process and conveyor belts for several industries. Amongst its products are high-performance flat, modular, engineered, timing and endless woven belts. It has developed belts for a variety of different airport projects including high-speed timing belts.


Hall B6, Stand 438

AmSafe has provided cargo restraint systems to the aviation, defence and speciality vehicle markets for many years, and its products are in widespread use in commercial airline operations.


Outdoor. Stand E60

AMSS designs and manufactures aircraft ground support equipment for military and civilian customers. Its products include cargo loaders, passenger stairs, baggage conveyors, ULD carriers, aircraft servicing vehicles, docking, air conditioning and fuel tank repair trolleys.


Hall B5, Stand 1498

Anderson Airmotive provides ground power plug, cable assembly and receptacle solutions. It will be displaying its new Attachable Power Nose with switches and LEDs, its quick-disconnect GPU cable system and strain-relief handles and its fingerproof and waterproof 400hz and 28 VDC attachable plugs, cable and receptacles.


Hall BS, Stand 1440

Aqua Signal is a development-partner and producer of aviation obstruction indication systems such as LED-obstruction, obstacle and perimeter lights, monitoring units and electrical cabinets. its products are built to international ICAO and AW standards. Application areas include buildings, airports, towers, helicopter Landing sites and customised tasks.



Hall B5, Stand 1174

Arnold AG specialises in producing check-in, vending, information, boarding, transfer, and passport control counters. Other products include technical interior constructions for terminals such as metal panelling and claddings, stainless steel handrails, doors, luminous ceilings, shop facades, commercial displays, terminal signage and queue management systems. Its customers include: Moscow Sheremetyevo, Frankfurt am Main, Munich, Nisseldorf, Cologne-Bonn, Paderborn, Berlin-Tegel, Saarbnicken and Stuttgart.


Hall B6, Stand 474

ASFT produces friction measuring equipment and road and runway weather information systems. Its products monitor and forecast variables in terms of friction, freezing point, precipitation and ground frost and is available for stationary or mobile use.


Hall 66, British Pavilion

ASI provides ingredients for the preservation, recycling, sealing and maintenance of asphalt, macadam and bituminous products. Its applications enable asphalt preservation and infrared pothole repair processes.


Hall B6, Stand 750

The Atcomex Group and its aircraft refuelling business unit manufactures mobile aircraft refuelling systems and platforms including rigid and towable dispensers, helicopter and static container refuellers, as well as hydrant pit cleaners and flushers. Its equipment ranges from 1,000-litre tanks for the refuelling of helicopters and small aircraft to 85,000 litres which are suitable for large aircraft, such as the Airbus A380. Their flow rates vary between 100 and 4,000 litres per minute.


Outdoor, Stand A94

ATES Italiana designs and installs 400Hz and PCAir central systems and manufactures ancillary equipment. The company is exhibiting its spiral hose retriever, DHR-30 drum hose retriever, PCAir telescopic tube and SDR-25 400 Hz cable retriever.


Hall B6, Stand 544

ATG airports offers a comprehensive range of engineering and design airfield services. In conjunction with its airfield lighting products, the company also offers a critical airside installation, commissioning and maintenance service in order to provide a complete turnkey package.


Hall B6, French Pavilion

Augier manufactures energy transportation solutions for the airfield lighting market. The company says that its CCRs are its reference product, but its range now extends to LED lights and remote control systems.


Hall B6, Stand 856

Celebrating over 70 years of innovation in security checkpoint design and support, AUTOCLEAR's research and development work is changing the speed, ease and accuracy of concealed threat detection. Airports and agencies around the globe trust AUTOCLEAR to provide innovative, proven security screening solutions.


Hall B5, Stand 1054

AUTOLOADER GmbH offers a robot-based system for fully automated ULD/cart baggage loading. The company says that its combination of special hardware components and intelligent self-learning software dramatically improves the loading process with regard to quality and efficiency.


Hall B5, Stand 1584

Avlite Systems is a world-class solar aviation lighting systems manufacturer of rapid, innovative and agile technology solutions designed specifically for defence, government, civil and humanitarian aid operations in the most remote, toughest environments. Avlite has built a well-earned international reputation for producing the most reliable, innovative solar-powered aviation lighting systems throughout the globe.


Hall B5, Stand 1130

AXA Power manufactures 400Hz solid-state ground power and pre-conditioned air units. The company says it has delivered over 7,000 units to date. At Munich, AXA Power will be displaying its MA 2300 Compact Power, and AXA Power Coil, a 90kVA, 400Hz GPU and cable retriever in one housing.



Hall B5. Star vi 1544

Barduva Hangardoor supplies hangar doors for virtually any size facility. The company says that it offers various solutions of bifold, hoist-up fabric and hydraulic doors that are produced in compliance with EU standards.




Hall B6, British Pavilion

Outdoor Area, British Pavilion BASEA is a trade organisation that represents a wide range of UK companies that are involved in supplying products and services to overseas markets. It is effectively a onestop-shop for the needs of the airport industry.


Hall B5, Stand 930

BENE manufactures plant technology for treating industrial waste water and rain water. The company says that its special features are operational safety, maintenance comfort, low costs and environmental protection.


Hall B5, Stand 1044

Baggage handling specialist Beumer will be displaying several of its engineering solutions including its autover BASS. Beumer says its BASS is an intelligent multi-functional sortation and distribution system, meeting all of the requirements for secure and gentle baggage handling.


Hall B6, Stand 454

BIRCO specialises in ecological channel systems, designing drainage concepts for various fields of work including environmental, landscaping, design and project management. Its products are sold via the company's sales offices in Germany, France and the Benelux countries, as well as through business partners and licensees elsewhere. The company says that its largest order to date was for the delivery of heavy duty channels to Europe's biggest airport construction site at Berlin Brandenburg.


Hall B5, Stand 1190

Blast Deflectors International has designed, manufactured and installed jet blast deflectors and ground run-up enclosures at airports and military facilities for over 50 years. The company says that its products are designed to improve AOA safety, maximise available space and minimise aircraft run-up noise.


Outdoor, Stand C40

Bliss-Fox Ground Support Equipment is an Australian-based designer and manufacturer of aircraft pushback and tow tractors, with an international network of partners. Bliss-Fox has delivered products to the aviation industry for more than 40 years, and offers a complete range from baggage tractors up to A380 capable models.


Outdoor, Stand D60

The Boschung group, based in Switzerland, supplies vehicles and equipment for maintaining the paved surfaces of cities, roads, highways and airports. The company has been developing and manufacturing such products for more than 60 years and currently has some 350 employees and branches worldwide.


Hall B5, Stand 1074

Brunner manufactures contract furniture such as chairs and tables for various applications. At Munich, Brunner will be exhibiting its new line for premium class waiting areas.


Outdoor, Stand E54

BULMOR Airground Technologies (formerly known as CATCON) will exhibit its SideBull Highlifter (previously exhibited as the SideCat), a vehicle for providing PRM or VIP transport, aircraft catering, cleaning, maintenance, etc. The SideBull does not require stabilisers and reaches up to the Airbus A380's upper deck. The company says that it can reduce the processing time of PRM handling by up to 60%.


Halle B5, Stand 1280

Butzbach offers a wide range of sliding door systems for aircraft hangars. The company says that over 600 hangar door projects have already been completed.


Hall. B5, Stand 1556

Germany's CADDIE is a long-established provider of retail shopping trolleys and has a long history of specialising in the airport market.


Hall B6, Stand 144

Cardinal/International Grooving and Grinding will introduce its FAA-endorsed patented grooving system to the European market. The company says that it drains the runway faster and extends pavement life.


Halt B6, Stand 850

Casper BV builds IT solutions for the aviation industry and has already implemented its noise monitoring, flight tracking or complaints communication and handling systems for airports, air traffic centres and regional governments. The company says that its ADSB network is expanding and enables flight tracking across the globe.



Hall B6. Stand 740

Cavotec is a ground support systems integrator for airports. It designs and manufactures ground support equipment - including in-ground fuel and utility systems, preconditioned air systems (PCAir) and electrically powered caddies for aircraft servicing.


Hall B6, Stand 418

Airport security specialist CEIA has over 45 years of experience in designing and manufacturing metal detectors and has developed a series of devices for the industry.


Hall B5, Finnish Pavilion

Champion Door provides fabric fold-up door solutions for aircraft hangars and other extra-large and unusually shaped doorways. Fold-up doors with elevating support posts for extra-wide and extra-high doorways are a speciality.


Outdoor, Stand E68

French manufacturer Charlatte Manutention provides a wide range of electric-and diesel-powered ground support equipment, including baggage tractors and belt loaders. The company has two factories, one in the United States for the North and South American markets and one in France for the European, Middle Eastern, Asian and African markets.


Hall B6, Stand 262

Chiarlone Aeronautical. is a division of Chiarlone Officine srl that, for the last three decades, has specialised in the design and manufacture of GSE for civil and military aircraft and helicopters, it lists hydraulic tripod and axle jacks, shoring jacks, hangar equipments, test benches, trolleys, weight systems for helicopters, docks, stairs and stands, hoisting equipment and special equipment amongst its products.



Hall 35, Stand 1534

CIAT produces a wide range of airconditioning products for the ramp, terminal and aircraft.


Hall B5, Stand 1550

Italy's Clampco Sistemi manufactures aircraft warning Lights for airports, energy, buildings and oil & gas fields. Founded in 1989, the company will be exhibiting its new generation LED technology low-and medium-intensity obstruction lights.


Hall B5, Stand 1214

Clariant, which recently acquired Octagon Process LLC, provides de-icing materials in Europe and the USA. At inter airport, the company will present its latest Safewing Aircraft and Safeway Runway de-icing and anti-icing products. Clariant says that its de-icing fluid recycling concept helps to reduce costs and the environmental impact of winter airport operations.


Hall B5, Stand 1484

CoLumbusJACK and Regent have around 50 years in the aviation supply business. Regent traditionally operated in the commercial sector, while Columbus.JACK was a major supplier of hydraulic jacks to the defence industry. In 2006 the two companies joined forces and have since continued supplying aircraft jacks and a broad line of ground support equipment to civil and military customers.


Hall B5, Stand 1162

CONRAC GmbH is a long-established supplier of information display screens and software to the aviation industry. At Munich it will be showcasing several new developments and features for both its range of displays and FIDS/PIDS software. Products on display will be public displays for indoor and outdoor use, high brightness displays, narrow bezel. displays - ideally suited for large arrival/departure boards - and special format displays.


Hall B5, Stand 1030

Continental is believed to be the only manufacturer to supply a comprehensive range of tyres specifically for airport use. Its products are designed with airside conditions in mind and have been tested on a range of airport vehicles.


Outdoor, Stand D36

Contrac will be exhibiting its new Cobus 2500 which, the company says, has been produced to satisfy the rising demand for smaller airfield buses. The 2500 will be presented in diesel and electric versions. The company's larger Cobus 3000, executive buses and mobile screening examples will also be on display.


Hall. B5, Stand 1231

Cooper Crouse Hinds Airport Lighting Products (CHALP) is headquartered in Windsor, USA, and is part of the electrical manufacturing and services company, Cooper Industries. CHALP says that it designs, manufactures and supports a full range of airfield Lights, signs and computerised control systems. The company also designs and manufactures signs for civil and military airfields.


Hall. B6, Stand 256 Crisotech's GSE division provides electro-mechanical and mechatronic lifting systems, based on its patented telescopic co-penetrating screw technology.


Hall B5, Stand 1044

Part of the BEUMER Group, Crisplant is a Long-established baggage handling solutions provider. The company designs and integrates complete baggage handling systems and at Munich it will demonstrate some of its high-speed sorting, tracking, scanning and transport and control systems.


Hall B5, Stand 1080

CTI Systems provides equipment used for the servicing and manufacture of aircraft. Products include telescopic platforms, maintenance docking and material handling systems. Installations for aircraft engines and air cargo handling systems are also produced.


Hall B5, Stand 1678

The D S Brown Pavement company produces floor sealant products. At Munich will exhibit its Delastic preformed pavement seals and its Delpatch Elastomeric Concrete products.


Outdoor, Stand D20

Herbert Damnnann GmbH manufactures de-icing equipment for airport vehicles such as trucks, trailers and other specialist vehicles.


Hall B5, Stand 1220

The Danish Airport Group is a representative organisation that promotes Danish export interests. Its members cover a broad range of products and services for airports from, for example, master planning to baggage handling.


Outdoor, Stand D58

DC Spezialfahrzeuge GmbH is an agent for Sarsys' friction tester vehicles and equipment.


Hall 86, French Pavilion

Dedienne has manufactured precision aircraft tooling and ground support equipment for over 50 years and is officially licensed by Airbus, Boeing, CFMI and Pratt & Whitney.


Hall B6, Stand 756

France's Deltabox-Sera manufactures aircraft warning/obstruction lights and offers strobe, LED and neon technology lights to ICAO standards.


Hall B6, French Pavilion

Deschamps specialises in recovery solutions for crashed, damaged or disabled aircraft, offering consulting, training and equipment services.


Hall B6, Stand 490

Dokasch supplies baggage and cargo containers. At Munich the company will showcase its new products which, it says, weigh about 20-30% less than traditional aluminium containers.


Outdoor, C46

Doll manufactures catering trucks for the commercial aviation industry and its products include vehicles capable handing all of today's airliners. The company will exhibit its 1,000th high loader vehicle at Munich.


Outdoor, Stand A70

Douglas Equipment will be promoting its range of towbarless and conventional aircraft tow tractors and runway friction measuring equipment at Munich. The company says it will display its Douglas-Kalmar TBL-280 Mk5 towbarless tractor fitted with Stage 3B/Tier 4 interim emissions compliant engine for aircraft up to the size of the Boeing 777. Also on show is the Douglas Tugmaster DC10-44 conventional tractor for aircraft up to and including Boeing 747s, the Douglas Tugmaster DC5-42 conventional tractor for regional aircraft and its Mu-meter Mk 6 for measuring runway friction.


Hall B6. Stand 118 D-Tec System Consulting GmbH provides security applications for ports, airports and other critical infrastructure facilities. Its products range from cabin and hold baggage x-ray systems to parcel and cargo scanners. D-TeC also provides explosives trace detection equipment as well as drug and explosives simulators for verification and training.


Hall B6, Stand 456

Eagle Tugs has been providing commercial aviation and military customers with tow tractors for over 40 years. The company offers three-year warranties on its vehicles.


Halt B6, Stand 710

EAS Envimet Analytical. Systems GmbH offers aviation security products and services that comply with the latest European standards.


Hall B6, Stand 140

EPS is launching its new fuel additive injection system at Munich. The company says it is based on a positive displacement pump and three adjustable piston pumps. Additional pumps can be provided if required. The system comes complete with calibration jars, and is mounted on a robust metal frame suitable for remote operations.


Hall B5, Stand 1026

Amongst its product portfolio Eaton Electrical Solutions offers a drive system rapid link for baggage handling systems that the company says will save you more than 20% of your energy consumption.


Hall B5, Stand 1560

Eckelmann will be exhibiting its semiautomatic flight baggage loading system called Load Commander. At most airports the loading of flight baggage into containers is still carried out manually. The physical burden on the handlers is significant so, to reduce the load on the baggage staff as well as the increase of loading capacity per employee, Eckelmann/Wipotec introduces its new Load Commander.



Hall B5, Stand 1058

Efaflex manufactures high-speed spiral, roll-up and folding doors and its sales network, customer service and spare parts supply covers five continents. The company says its doors are designed for 250,000 working cycles per year.


Hall 85, Stand 1104

Italy's Effeti has produced a range of aircraft ground support units since 1980. This now features ground power units in several configurations, including diesel, static or electric and combo units with air conditioning. Effeti says all its products can be custom-built and are suitable for indoor or outdoor use.


Halt B5, Finish Pavilion

Efla manufactures aeronautical ground lighting (AGL) connectors and transformers, supplying its products globally. The company says its connectors and transformers have been developed to meet the most rigorous customer specifications with regard to quality and reliable installation.


HaLLBS, Stand 1020

EFM has specialised in aircraft towing and de-icing at Munich Airport since 1992. The company also acts as a consultant. Under the AvGround brand name it offers IT services for ground handling process management, process analysis, WiFi access point positioning and network design, information systems for control centres and mobile units and IT solutions for airports.


Outdoor, Stand E56

Spain's EINSA designs, develops, manufactures, installs and provides after-sates support for commercial and military aviation.


Hall 86, Stand 426

Germany's Elaflex manufactures and distributes refuelling equipment including aircraft refuelling over-wing nozzles and rubber expansion joints for aircraft refuellers.


Hall B6, French Pavilion

For 60 years, Elaul has been making Lighting products. The company's research department can develop products for special applications. Products and services include portable airfield lighting systems, stick lights (signalling wands), battery chargers for helicopters and static converters.


Hall B6. French Pavilion

Elno produces passenger information solutions for airports, such as public address and automatic flight announcements systems. Its product range includes its Public Address System (PAS) Audio Digital Voice Announcements (ADIVA) and Public Address Management Systems (PAMS), which feature Automatic Announcement Systems (MS).


Hall B6, French Pavilion

Specialising in power electronics and energy conversion, Enag offers standard and customised 400Hz converters, 28V power supplies, plus charge/discharge units for onboard batteries.


Hall BE, Stand 2 56

Italy's civil air service provider operates 39 control towers and four area control centres. ENAV is a strategic partner in international projects like SESAR and BLUE MED.


Hall B5, Stand 960

The two long-established names of ERNI-AGL AG and LUCEBIT GmbH have joined forces to continue the production and supply of airfield ground lighting systems. Their common product range comprises LED technology light fixtures including individual lamp control systems, constant current regulators, as well as control and monitoring systems.


Hall B5, Danish Pavilion

Denmark's Eshacold Danmark A/S produces PenTack, a solution for sealing asphalt surfaces on airports and roads. The company says that PenTack refreshes old and hardened asphalt by re-activating the aged binder, thereby giving lasting protection to the surface.


Hall B6, Stand 757

Esseco supplies many industrial sectors with a broad range of products that revolve around the use of several key raw materials including sulphur dioxide, carbon dioxide, ammonia, alkali hydroxides and several organic acids. In the aviation industry their most widespread applications are as runway de/anti-icers.


Outdoor, Stand C30

Esterer is a long-established supplier of refuelling vehicles to the international aviation market.


Hall B5, Stand 1438

A private, independent and family owned company, EUPEN manufactures a wide range of cable products. These include FM primary and secondary AGL cables, along with primary connectors and secondary junction boxes. The company says it can manufacture cables according to other standards or customer's specification on request.


Hall B6, French Pavilion

France's EUROGSE offers a range of new and reconditioned ground support equipment. The company sells, maintains and overhauls new and used GSE equipment, supplying maintenance, spare parts and services.


HaLL 35, Stand 1255

Germany's ewo designs and produces lighting systems for public spaces. The company says it specialises in the illumination of large areas and has completed a project at Marco Polo airport in Venice. Since 2010, ewo has provided mast systems using LED technology.


Hall B5, Finnish Pavilion

Finland's Exel provides lightweight frangible structures for airports. Products include composite masts and towers for airport approach lighting, weather stations, ILS systems and fencing. The company's masts are impact tested to meet frangibility ruling as per Aerodrome Design Manual 6.


Hall B5. Stand 1158

Expresso manufactures baggage carts, management systems and vending units. At inter airport Europe the company will exhibit its wide range and baggage carts and present its 'baggage cart of the future.


Hall B5, Stand 922

Facet International designs, manufactures and markets advanced filtration and separation solutions for the aviation, marine, petrochemical, power generation, industrial and environmental. markets. Products include fuel. quality management systems (JETGARD), refuelling systems, basket strainers, cartridges, filters, monitors, oil. water separators, sewage treatment plants, fresh water generators and re-hardening filters.


Outdoor, Stand A46

The autobody and vehicle specialist is a marketing partner of electric car manufacturers. It turns small vehicles into electric versions for airports.


Hall 86, Stand 694

FAUDI Aviation GmbH operates globally, manufacturing filtration equipment for commercial and military aviation fuels. Its latest development is the DPGUARD, which calculates corrected differential pressure on a filter vessel.


Hall B6, French Pavilion

FB Technology provides PAC airfield Lighting photometry measurement equipment for airports. The company has developed DICE (a dry-ice cleaning system), LED taxiway fittings and LED guidance signs.


Hall B6, Stand 142

Fids3 is a new-generation flight information display system (FIDS) dedicated to web technology. The company says this approach allows for the consistent usage of browsers (desktops, smartphones and tablet computers) and off-the-shelf hardware such as servers, monitors and video controllers.


Hall B6, Stand 554

Field International Ltd designs and manufactures aircraft jigs, fixtures and tooling from its head office in Poole, UK, and a subsidiary Asia-Pacific office in Singapore. The company is an Airbus and Boeing aircraft tooling licensee, a distributor for Messier Services and the European and North Africa sales agents for Malabar.


Hall 36, British Pavilion

Established in 1967, Fluid Transfer International supplies refueLlers, electric/diesel-drive hydrant dispensers, ship/fixed refuelling modules, fuel delivery system software, technical services, training courses and long-term fleet maintenance.


Outdoor, Stand D80

Flyer-Truck develops, produces and markets towbar-less aircraft tractors for aeroplanes and helicopters. Its self-propelling or hand-operated aircraft towing machines are designed for private and business jet5, commercial use at airports.


Ha11 B5. Stand 986

At inter airport, Forbo Siegling will be exhibiting its new conveyor belt which, the company claims, cuts energy costs by up to 40%.


Hall 36. French Pavilion

Fortal provides work platforms and other solutions for the aeronautical industry. The company states its clients include Airbus, Eurocopter and Dassault.


Hall B6, Stand 266

Franke GmbH manufactures aviation ground-support equipment, producing products for passenger and aircraft services, along with maintenance and special. engineering requirements.


Hall B6, Stand 446

Fresia SpA offers several ground-handling products including a complete range of tow tractors, which can handle aircraft up to the Airbus A380. Its snow-removal range includes self-propelled sweepers and blowers while its ARFF chassis production, in 4x4, 6x6 and 8x8 versions, is now available with EURO 5 standard engines.


Hall B6. Stand 134

As its name suggests, Funkwerk Eurotelematik GmbH manufactures telematics to support ground-handling operations. The company says one of the prime requirements it supplies is the automated acquisition of billing data for deployed ground power units.


Hall B5, Stand 1180

Since 1992, GATE has been the 'umbrella' association for German airport technology providers. It provides a network of information to potential customers and, as usual at inter airport, has a communication and meeting point on its stand for the executives and experts of its members and customers. GATE invites visitors to join its members for live entertainment and drinks at its 'GATE get together' at the end of the exhibition day.


Hall B6, French Pavilion

France's GATE GSE, which also has an office in Dubai, offers a full range of ground support equipment and prides itself on its simple design qualities.


Hall 65, Stand 936

GHMT AG produces special engineering services for sensitive IT and networking equipment at airports and ATC facilities. Fields include electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), the design of radio networks plus the quality assurance of LAN and WAN, and components.


Hall B6. Stand 234

Established in 1947, Gilardoni SpA designs and manufactures x-ray and ultrasound equipment for security, non-destructive testing and medical applications. 4n the security field, Gilardoni offers a range of luggage-screening systems from small hand-baggage control through to cargo systems.


Outdoor, Stand E20

Italy's Giletta produces modular concept de-icing equipment, customised as required.


Hall B6, Stand 354

China's Gita Aviation manufactures cargo nets with C/E/TSO (CAAC/EASA/ FAA) approvals. The company says its tie-down straps complywith 150160491, IATA 60/2, TSO-C172 and AS5385 RevB Cargo Restraint regulations.


Outdoor, Stand C84

Global Ground Support provides military, airline and airport ground-support equipment. It manufactures, sells, services and supports a full line of aircraft de-icers, glycol recovery vehicles (GRV), aircraft washers, catering/cabin service scissor-trucks, ambu Lifts, tow tractors and other specialised industrial service equipment. The company says it has produced over 1,100 units for 117 customers in 30 countries.


Hall B6. Stand 176

Globalsys produces ramp wireless communication systems, mainly for voice communications. These include full duplex radio links for aircraft and wireless communications with up to eight headsets, useful for push-back, towing, de-icing and maintenance operations.


Hall B6, Stand 444

GlobeFuel Systems & Services GmbH provides fuel-handling software solutions for the aviation industry. The company says it currently supports aircraft operations at more than 500 airports around the world.


Outdoor, Stand D36

Goldhofer will present two of its towbar-less aircraft tractors at Munich, the AST-3L and AST-2R, which can handle aircraft from the Boeing 737 up to the Airbus A340-300. The company says it has currently sold over 450 towbar-less aircraft tractors. In addition, Golhofer will also be presenting its ARTS product, designed to recover disabled aircraft.


Hall B5, French Pavilion

Goupil will be presenting its G3 all-electric utility vehicle, designed for airport operations. With 20 versions available, the company says it's suitable for any application. Goupil has also developed a specific luggage-carrier to transport last-minute luggage for connecting flights.


Hall B6, Stand 390

GPI has been developing and manufacturing pallet nets and tie-down straps for 30 years, and claims its 'Extra' pallet nets are the lightest polyester nets available.


Hall. B6, Stand 156 NPO Granit is the head company of a research and manufacturing group. Its primary focus is on the distribution of materials and equipment used in airport and roadway repair.


Hall B5, Stand 914

Grenzebach manufactures robotic solutions for automated baggage-Loading and off-loading. The company says its products are designed for integration into planned or existing baggage-handling systems.


Outdoor, Stand C20

GSE Europe claims to be the first German company to provide the complete spectrum of ground-support equipment for the European market.


Hall B6, Stand 716

China's Jirong manufactures preconditioned air units for aircraft and air-conditioning units for terminal buildings, and says it has provided ISO-certified and CE-marked units for three of the biggest airports in mainland China plus Hong Kong International Airport, Turkey's Antalya and Germany's Fraport IC airports.


Outdoor, Stand C70 GuinauLt designs and manufactures ground-support equipment such as GPUs, ASUs and air-conditioning units, and claims to have over 7,000 units in operation in almost 80 countries. In July 2010, it began a new company with Lebrun in Belgium for the design and manufacture of a new range of Guinault-Lebrun air-conditioning units.


Hall B5, Stand 1152

Gunzburger Steigtechnik supplies access equipment solutions for maintenance work in the aviation sector. These include working platforms, maintenance stairs and dock systems for various applications, including power-operated solutions.


Outdoor, Stand C87

Harlan Global Manufacturing and Kocoverk International design and manufacture GSE equipment. At inter airport they will exhibit all-electric and hybrid baggage/cargo tractors and belt-loaders plus an aircraft cabin-heater. Harlan will also be showing an array of GSE and aftermarket parts, including baggage/cargo tractor belt-loaders and forklifts.


Hall B5, Stand 1038

Hauraton is a surface drainage and percolation solutions specialist with 50 years' experience. At Munich it will display its RECYFIX HICAP product.


Hall B5, Stand 1457

HELLA Airport Lighting manufactures LED airfield lighting equipment for civil and military airports. Its sales portfolio covers the whole airport lighting product range, including guidance signs and inset lights, of high and low intensity, serving all applications approach, runway and taxiway.


Hall B5, Stand 980

HIMA is a manufacturer of safety-related systems. It develops and implements safety-related automation solutions for process, plant and building safety worldwide. HIMA solutions are used for applications up to SIL 4 (IEC 61508/IEC 61511), Cat 4 (EN 954) and PL e (EN ISO 13849).


Hall B6, Stand 484

Hitzinger is an airport power-supply specialist producing a wide range of static and mobile products including diesel-driven GPUs, rotary frequency converters, emergency diesel-generating sets and diesel-driven dynamic UPS-systems. It is also involved in project planning, plant engineering, installation, commissioning and maintenance.


Hall B6, Stand 480

Hobart Ground Power has provided over 50,000 ground power units to the aviation market since 1946. With a wide array of output ratings available, including 28.5VDC, Hobart offers engine-driven units and converters that can provide power to all aircraft from the smallest commuter aircraft to the largest jets.


Outdoor, Stand D80

Holder offers multi-functional, custom-made articulated tool-carriers, fitting attachments and individual services. The company says its products are used in the fields of ground services, maintenance works, transport, earth-moving, winter service and various special applications.


Hall B5, Stand 1460

Honeywell. Building Solutions' airports business installs and maintains integrated solutions for terminal building management, security and Life safety systems. The company says its product portfolio also improves airside efficiency and safety, and includes airfield Lighting/ALCMS, ASMGCS, VDGS and electronic taxiway navigation arrays.


Hall B6, British Pavilion

Houchin Aerospace manufactures diesel-driven ground power units for both civil and military aircraft. Its range of GPUs includes 90, 100, 140 and 180kVA AC outputs, with the option of a 28VDC output.


Hall B6, Stand 724 China's HSQ specialises in manufacturing a wide range of aircraft ground air-conditioning units.


Hall B5, Stand 1439

Hubner builds folding canopies for passenger boarding-bridges. Alongside its existing product portfoLio, at this year's inter airport the company will exhibit new designs for boarding bridges and passenger stairs and says its focus will be on the use of translucent materials to brighten the interior of canopies along with a broad range of colour design options to highlight their interior or exterior.


Hall B6, Stand 326

Hycom is a supplier of hydraulic test-equipment for aircraft maintenance. At Munich it will exhibit the latest version of its test stand, which is designed for the Boeing 787 DreamLiner aircraft. The company's HT2000-X350 model is also on the B787's maintenance equipment list.


Hall B6, Stand 284

HYDRO provides a wide range of aircraft and engine maintenance tooling and GSE products for the aviation support industry.


Outdoor, Stand A80

The IAT - Italian Airport Technology Group - consists of prominent Italian companies working in a range of aviation industry fields. The group works to promote its members' interests internationally.


Hall B5, Stand 1406

ICM Airport Technics supplies individual material flow and logistic systems. At inter airport the company wilt showcase its Bag Drop product. ICM says this self-check-in facility, which includes a full-service baggage drop, is designed to increase check-in capacity and availability while decreasing operational costs.


Hall B5, Stand 1166

INFORM's 'intelligent' decision support systems optimise complex planning and tactical processes for airlines, ground handlers and airports. The company says that, with over 60 customers at more than 200 airports, its GroundStar suite is enhanced with a "ground-breaking application" to identify and implement passenger and baggage transfer solutions with minimum impact on service and cost.


Hall 86, Stand 400

Inowa specialises in wastewater treatment, and already has its airport pre-field dewatering solutions in use at Leipzig and Innsbruck airports. Its light Liquid separators, with maintenance-free separation technology, are filter-less and equipped with separate oil storage. The company says this guarantees a secure operation without any service interruptions.


Hall B5, Stand 1662

Integro is located in New Britain, CT, USA. It manufactures L830 and L831 isolation transformers and ICAO-style earthed series isolation transformers as well as primary connector kits and fixture leads.


Hall B5, Stand 1338

ISO Software Systeme presents SKYport, its new web-based solution suite, which supports a wide range of processes within the airport management process. Its functions include SKYport-AODB operational flight management; SKYport-Billing rule-based aeronautical charging including IATA-compliant electronic invoicing; SKYport-FIDS passenger and staff information; SKYport-CDM decision support; SKYport Billing for SAP; and SKYport BI.


Hall B6, Stand 243

Isoil Impianti SpA designs, produces and distributes positive displacement meters, sliding vane meters, electronic registers for mounting on boards or on loading bays, control. valves, strainer air-eliminators, badge readers, grounding monitors and relevant accessories, MID-approved metering systems and its 'Master Meter' for flow-meter calibration.


Hall B6, Stand 254

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), together with TLD and Airbus, has developed and introduced a new tow tractor concept, the TaxiBot (taxiing robot). It is a semiautonomous towbar-less tractor that enables airliners to be taxied by their pilots while the nose-wheel of their aircraft is held by the tractor. The vehicle is designed to carry out the task without shortening the nose landing-gear's life-cycle.


Outdoor, Stand E40

JBT AeroTech, an airport GSE and gate equipment supplier, will be premiering a 28-tonne push back tractor, Expediter 310 towbarless tractor and Jetway preconditioned air system mounted on a custom chassis.


Hall B5, Stand 1445

Jetting Systems will be exhibiting its OSPREY runway rubber-removal. equipment which, the company says, is a self-contained machine featuring the latest CNC and servo motor technology. The company claims it is the only robotic rubber-removal machine in the world with a control system accurate to within 0.5mm resulting in no damage to the runway surface.


Hall B6, British Pavilion

Jewers Doors is a family-owned company based in the UK with 28 years' history as a specialist door manufacturer. Its ranges include Esavian hangar doors and Phoenix industrial. doors.


Hall B6, Stand 226

JMS AG offers aircraft towbars, jacks (axle and tripod types) and corresponding products for aircraft ground-handling and maintenance (tooling). The company says many of its products are also available as customised 'fly-away' designs on request.


Outdoor, Stand E78

Jungheinrich offers various airport-related solutions. At Munich, tow-trucks and electric counterbalance trucks will be the main products on its stand. Jungheinrich also specialises in material-handling equipment, warehousing and material-flow engineering sectors. The company says it's a service provider with manufacturing operations as well as being an intra-logistics solution supplier, offering customers a range of forklift trucks, shelving systems, services and consulting.


Hall B5, Stand 1256

Kaba produces a wide range of physical access control systems. Its products include self-boarding, automated boarding pass control, automated border control, air and landside separation and staff access systems.


Hall 135, Stand 1256

Kaba GmbH, from Dreieich in Germany, distributes staff time and attendance solutions, including access control., shop-floor data collection, safety doors, locking systems and system integration. Kaba also creates self-boarding gates for airports.


Hall BS, Stand 1256

Kaba makes biometric identification and verification terminals. With integrated biometrics and RFID readers, these enable identification via biometric characteristics or badge media. Time and attendance data can be purportedly collected for an unlimited number of users.


Outdoor, Stand D70

At Munich, the Tony Kalbacher company will present a new airport snowplough, the VAMPIR 690 KL - a nine-blade side plough developed specifically for clearing wide areas with a single sweep. Kalbacher says the plough will operate at high speed even in the hardest snow-clearance conditions.


Outdoor, Stand F30

Kalmar Motor produces towbar-less (TBL) tractors for handling regional. aircraft. The latest addition to its product range is an environmentally-friendly hybrid-powered TBL, with Lithium-ion-type batteries and power regeneration from its brakes and hydraulics. The company says this facilitates a full eight-hour shift without recharge. Its small. diesel engine starts to charge the batteries automatically and their replenishment is normally carried out via an electric power line.



Outdoor. Stand F40

At inter airport Europe, KAR KUNZ Aviation Refueling GmbH will exhibit aircraft refuellers with tank capacities of 40,000 and 45,000 litres (with pantographs) plus an aircraft hydrant dispenser that can produce up to 4,000 litres per minute.


Hall B5, Finnish Pavilion

Kemira is the sole manufacturer and marketer of the Clearway-branded range of runway de-icers. Clearway's product range has been developed to include both acetate-and formate-based Liquids, along with a complementary solid-product range.


Outdoor, Stand A40

Finland's Kiitokori designs, manufactures and markets aircraft de-icing vehicles, apron buses and other special. vehicles.



Had B5, Stand 1451

Kitfrost is known for producing environment-friendly de-icing and anti-icing products for the commercial and general. aviation markets. At Munich, Kilfrost will be demonstrating its ecofriendly Sustain family of products as well as its traditional. Type I, Type II, Type IV and ground de-icing products.


Hatt B5, Stand 1120

Austria's KLATT FOrdertechnik GmbH provides conveyor systems for airports and other industries. The company says its service portfolio covers planning, construction and innovation up to the assembly, commissioning and maintenance of its systems.


Outdoor, Stand E66

Knott specialises in producing brakes for off-highway vehicles and claims to offer the biggest variety of brakes and brake systems in its sector. Applications include those for small-to mid-size agricultural vehicles, construction machines, forklift trucks, military vehicles and all kinds of special purpose vehicles, such as those used at airports.


Hall 36, Stand 344

KAC is a total solution provider which has managed and operated 14 (seven international and seven domestic) of its airports. Its business scope includes production, airport consultation services and overseas airport operation plus the sale and export of its in-house-developed equipment and systems. KAC lists ILCMS, LED airfield lighting, DVOR, DME, ILS, TACAN, AMOS, FTS, site survey (for navigation systems) and airport pavement evaluation consulting among its areas of expertise.


Hall B6. Stand 210

KUNZ offers a wide range of dedicated aircraft recovery equipment such as lifting slings, recovery lifting bags, aircraft emergency towing sets, recovery dollies, recovery trailers and ground reinforcement mats. It also provides equipment for wheel and brake shops, such as its Dynamic Universal BeadBreaker, Universal Assembly Stand, Brake Test Stand and Universal Torquing System products.


Hall B5. Stand 1470

Kusch+CO is a long-established airport seating designer and manufacturer. Its latest 'Series 8000, created by the Porsche Design Studio, will be on display at inter airport Europe 2011. The company will also have its entire range of bench series variations on show, featuring seats and backs made of either perforated metal or wood. These variations are optionally available with comfortable upholstered pads or PU foam pads.


Hatt B6, Stand 710

L-3 Security & Detection Systems (SDS) has provided around 50,000 advanced systems and solutions for inspecting checked baggage, checkpoint screening, air cargo and cargo and border security. The company says its screening products incorporate a variety of proven technologies including 3D computed tomography, automated, conventional and high-energy x-ray, active millimetre-wave metal detection and energetic materials detection for trace explosives.


Hall B6, Stand 270 / Outdoor, Stand C78

Langa Industrial has over 40 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of ground support and maintenance equipment. Its products include hydraulic tripod/axle jacks, servicing carts, towbars, platforms, loaders and general lifting systems as well as tailor-made solutions and special projects.



Hall B6, Stand 214

At Munich, Latchways is exhibiting its full Wingrip vacuum anchor product range: single-user, barrier, lifeline and A10. Developed alongside selected manufacturers as a safe fall-protection system, the anchors can be fixed to wings, fuselage or stabilisers. Also on display will be the company's Overhead Self Retracting Lifeline system.


Hall B5, Stand 1128

Lattix has delivered frangible masts to over 200 airports in 40 countries over several. decades. Its masts are suitable for approaches, antennas, ILS, wind-cones and meteorological equipment. The company describes them as strong but soft, cost-effective, easy to transport and simple to erect, adding that they are maintenance-free, recyclable and conform to ICAO standards.


Outdoor, Stand C70

LEBRUN says its air-conditioners and PCA systems have been developed to meet the requirements of handling companies, airlines and airports in taking over the functions of an aircraft's APU while it's parked at the gate. Products are available as trailer-, truck-or ground-mounted for all types of aircraft and climates.


Hall B6, Stand 114

SealValue has been in the security-seal industry since 1975. The company says its patented Laser-marking technology gives a superior result. All seals have text, Logo, numbering and barcode according to customers' specifications.


Hall B5. Stand 1250

Lodige Systems GmbH designs, manufactures, installs and maintains fully-automated air cargo handling systems. Products range from terminal equipment to tailor-made solutions for air cargo, baggage handling, aircraft catering, production and maintenance.


Hall B5, Stand 1524

Having joined Daifuku and Jervis B Webb, Logan Teleflex says its in a stronger position to provide its baggage handling system technology to the market - augmented by adding ASRS, tray systems, high-speed conveyor and Webb-View products to its capability.


Hall B6. French Pavilion

LORD's TOM5 50 Laser system combats bird-strikes at airports. Its green laser Light and a sharp, large-diameter collimated beam is designed to constantly sweep birds off the runway. The company says that, because there is no bird habituation to such a visual deterrent, the T0M550 creates a continuous threat for birds, making them leave the area permanently.


Hall B6. Stand 374

Losberger provides temporary or permanent additional building capacities through its re-locatable terminal solutions. The company says these offer additional space rapidly and can be erected and dismantled very quickly. Its mobile constructions are available in span widths of up to 164ft (50m), are limitless in length and can be completed with all necessary terminal equipment and logistics.



Hall B5, Stand 1062

Airfield lighting companies LUCEBIT GmbH and ERNI-AGLAG have joined forces to offer a complete product range for turnkey AGL solutions for all types of airports.


Hall B6, Stand 150

Lufthansa Leos, the ground-handling division of Germany's national airline, prides itself on its 'green' credentials and has more than 30 engineers working on innovations to reduce noise, energy consumption and emissions. The company claims some LEOS inventions evolve to become technological milestones while others just quietly generate savings from optimised processes in locations such as airport workshops.


Hall B5, Stand 1370

Luxsolar provides LED products such as aircraft warning lights for elevated structures (flares, chimneys, radar, antennas etc) which are manufactured in compliance with ICAO and FM rules. LED models on show at Munich include the L810-LXS-100 for 32cd, L864-LYS-300 for 2,000cd and L865-LX5300 for 20,000cd.


Hall B5, Stand 1487

Malabar International has been producing aviation ground-support equipment for over 75 years. Its products include aircraft jacks, fluid dispensers and its new Coolant Service Cart and Coolant Top-off Pack for the Boeing 787 DreamLiner aircraft.



Outdoor, British Pavilion

Mallaghan supplies ground-support equipment, including passenger steps, toilet and water service units and scissor-Lifts designed for catering, cabin cleaning and PRM duties. The company says it supplies its products to many of the major airlines, ground-handling companies and catering companies throughout Europe, the Middle East and Far East.


Hall B6, French Pavilion

France's Made/ has worked in the air cargo market for over 20 years and deals with products involved in the production, maintenance, lifting and handling of aircraft pallets.


Hall B6, Stand 130

Mauderer ALutechnik provides aluminium airport steps and maintenance platforms among a variety of access equipment. Due to its modular construction, the Maudere system ranges from basic to highly-complex maintenance podiums which can be either fixed or mobile and adjustable.


Hall. B6, Dutch Pavilion

MEA is an experienced provider of drainage systems for airports and many other users, and helps to providE solutions for airside and landside zones.


Outdoor, Stand E76

Meiren Snow provides a range of snow-removal equipment, including snowploughs for trucks, tractors, whee Loaders and pick-ups. Its biggest unit is its 29ft 6in (9m)-wide airport snowplough. The company says it has developed and sold snowploughs for the Nordic market where large deposits of snow and ice require high-quality machinery.


Hall B6, Stand 470

Mess-und Fordertechnik Gwinner (M+F) supplies aircraft fuel. management refuelling systems as well as engineering support, and delivers system components for all types of jet-fuel. handling at airports. This includes product reception through to filtration, pump systems anc refueller loading as well as the design of, and equipment for, hydrant systems.


Hall B5, Stand 950

At Munich, MIAG Fahrzeugbau GmbH will be showcasing the latest addition to its 'Ex' range of compact aerial work platforms with telescoping arms, the FHAB Ex. The company says this platform is characterised by its small dimensions, large lateral outreach and stewing range for optimal usage in paint-shops.


Hall B5, Stand 1531

Moderniek provides automatic and semi-automatic baggage unloading solutions. The company says it supplied the first mechanical unloading module (MUM) for unloading suitcases from ULDs without requiring any physical effort from personnel. The MUM, including an automatic ULD transport system, has been running in the baggage hall at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol since 2009.


Hall B6, Stand 370

Moser Systemelektrik manufactures electrical pop-up, floor and hatch power-systems for airports, and works as a partner with EADS Airbus.


Hall B5. Stand 1456

Motion06 designs and builds customised airport baggage-handling solutions. The company says it specialises in check-in equipment, vertical and horizontal sorters, merge and centring stations, diverters, Luggage lifters, belt conveyors and passenger security controls.


Hall B6, Stand 690 & Outdoor, Stand C72

Mototok manufactures electric towbar-Less aircraft tractors that can pass underneath the fuselage of any aircraft and be parked by wireless remote-control.


Outdoor, Stand C50

Mulag is a German manufacturer of ground-support equipment. Its product range includes Comet towing/push-back tractors, Orbiter conveyor belt vehicles with Lengths from 13ft (4m) to 39ft (12m) and Pulsar container pallet transporters. All are available with a wide range of engine options including diesel, hybrid, CNG, fuel-cell or electrical drive.


Outdoor, Stand C96

Ireland's Multihog is an implement-carrier for airside maintenance applications. The company says its product's ability to operate attachments front and rear simultaneously increases productivity significantly.


Hall B5, Stand 1020

Munich Airport was back on an upward growth path in 2010. Approximately 35 million passengers - a gain of 6% over 2010 - used Bavaria's international hub during the past year. In terms of total passengers, Munich maintained seventh position among Europe's top airports. See pages 22-23 of this issue for more information.


Hall B6, French

Musthane's main products for the airport and aviation sectors are its Musttift MARS Mobile Aircraft Recovery Solution - which is based on lifting-bags, a roilable, flexible roadway and tethering equipment - and its Muststore Mobile Fluid distribution units, such as fuel or water bladders and other mobile fuel dispensing units. The company also produces Mustshock, a shock and vibration absorption solution produced to customers' specifications.


Hall B6, French Pavilion

Nash-Tec provides fleet management solutions. At Munich it will exhibit its ASTUS fleet management product alongside its XOPS (operations on screen) system. XOPS uses a powerful calculator as part of a simulation system, to quantify human and vehicle deployment needs while taking into account operational constraints. Factors, such as an aircraft's late arrival or change of gate are taken into consideration. XOPS principal objective is to assist fleet managers to control all movements of vehicles, driver deployment, security and productivity, while reducing costs.



Hall 86, Stand 562

The Netherlands Airport Technology group (NAT) is located in Zoetermeer, close to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. It is an association of manufacturing and service providing companies that promotes Dutch products for international. markets. Together, the members of the NAT group offer a comprehensive range of products and services.


Hall B6, Stand 531

NUL Aircraft Docking is a NATO-certified manufacturer and supplier of aircraft maintenance docking systems and mobile access stairs and stands for all types of aircraft. At inter airport Europe, NIJL will present its A380 Docking System plus a wide range of mobile access stands for tine and base maintenance.


Outdoor, Stand D84

Nilfisk-Advance Technologies produces the Cyclone ultra high-pressure surface cleaning machine for runway rubber and paint line removal, plus the cleaning of other outdoor surfaces. The Cyclone cleans and removes build-ups from hard surfaces, with no discharge or damage to the surface itself.


Hall B5, Stand 1194

Nivatec and Europoles provide floodlight masts for airport aprons and lowerable systems for all kinds of airfield Lighting. They deliver products for the air-traffic control, approach-lighting, glidepath towers, Localiser mast and the wind measurement/direction markets. Aircraft docking systems, antenna and radar systems and mobile telephone facilities are also available.


Hall B6, Stand 450

Nordisk's Lite product line is the company's second generation of lightweight storage containers. It includes its 55kg Nordisk UltraLite, the 60kg Nordisk TwinLite and 65kg Nordisk AluLite; three models that the company says offers its customers substantial cost savings without sacrificing storage volume. At Munich it will show you how it can support your airline in its transition to lightweight ULDs.


Hall B5. Finnish Pavilion

Obelux Limited is a Finnish-based company that is primarily involved with LED Lighting equipment and says that it was one of the first to focus on LED technology in 1997.


Hall B6, Sand 726

OBSTA is the manufacturer of long life obstruction lights for obstacles, towers, air traffic control and high-voltage lines.


Halt B6, Dutch Pavilion

Ooms International produces and supplies products for the construction and maintenance of airports, roads and industrial areas. The company says that its main product lines are its Sealoflex Polymer Modified Bitumen, asphalt reinforcers, clear binders and geogrids. Ooms can assist you from the design stage through to the supply, installation and maintenance of infrastructure projects.


Hall B6, Stand 604

Optosecurity, Inc. develops security software solutions for the transportation and critical infrastructure markets. Its OptoScreener includes an XMS Suite to enhance x-ray systems with liquid threat detection. The company states that its integrated security screening eVelocity product provides real-time remote checkpoint screening and operations management, network management and data analytics.


Hall B5, Stand 1316

Orientitan GSE is a Chinese ground-support equipment provider that has over ten years' experience in manufacturing. Its main products include container/pallet dollies, safe pallets, baggage trailers, belt loaders and tow-tractors. The company has achieved IS09001 certification.


Hall B6, Stand 659

Orlaco has developed safety camera systems for airport vehicles that provide visibility and meet the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) standard. Its certified camera systems help with the transportation of hazardous substances.


Outdoor, Stand a36 Oxley Srl is an Italian company that designs and manufactures aerial working platforms, such as electric medical lifts that make the PRM boarding process easier, secure and more comfortable. Its NEWOX906AIR vehicles are in service at Pads' Charles de Gaulle and Le Bourget airports.


Outdoor, Stand E66

Palliard manufactures steering axles with calliper disc or drum brakes (using KNOTT brake technology) for self-propelled machines of up to 13 tons dynamic load capacity per axle. It also manufactures front turntable and steering axles with drawbars for handling trailers with load capacities of up to 20 tonnes.


Hall B6, Stand 318

PalNet is a manufacturer of air cargo ULDs. These include standard pallets, 20ft (6.1m) and 16ft (4.9m) heavy duty pallets, special pallets able to transport aircraft engines, plus LD-3 containers and horse boxes for Boeing 747 and MD-11 aircraft. The company says that it is currently developing lightweight pallets that don't have aluminium as their core ingredient. One of these pallets will be on display at Munich.


Hall B6, British Pavilion

Northrop Grumman's Airport Realtime Collaboration (ARC) system enables airports to gain A-CDM status. Park Air says that ARC provides the airport community with accurate information in real time, utilising mobile technologies for decision making and improving airport operations. ARC is supported by a professional services team for technology and business process implementation.



Hall B5, Stand 1638

PF Fishpole Hoists provides hoisting equipment to the world's airlines. By focusing on only one aspect of ground support equipment, the company says that it is able to offer the best products and service in the industry. Its hoists are designed to permit precise installation and removal of aircraft components. Typical applications include the installation and removal of APUs, flap actuators and engine/cabin accessories. Most models allow the user to change barrels and attach points for various uses.


Hall B6, Stand 338

Phonak Communications provides hearing protection and communication systems for the aviation industry.


Hall B5, Stand 913

For more than 30 years, Piller has been supplying ground support equipment. It offers a range of Rotary and solid-state 400Hz aircraft ground power units, electronically regulated 400Hz step-down transformers, cable reefers, aircraft service cables and 400Hz power distribution units. The company also provides personnel. operator training when required.


Outdoor, Stand E70

Pinion provides airports with trailers and fixed-rack installations for ULD storage. It offers a range of container dollies, pallet dollies, trailers for bulk baggage/cargo and storage racks. The company says that it has products in use with 55 airlines and 80 handling agents at 100 airports.


Outdoor, Stand C80

Platform Sales & Hire Limited supplies access equipment for aircraft maintenance tasks. At Munich it will display its Flying Carpet VM26 vehicle-mounted scissor lift, which is specifically designed for line maintenance. Other products available include new and refurbished self-propelled booms.


Hall B5, Stand 942

Polartherm has been producing aircraft heaters since 1984 and over the last ten years its biggest customer has been the United States Air Force. The company manufactures heaters for both narrow-and wide-body aircraft.


Outdoor, Stand C88

POLYMA Energiesysteme has been manufacturing ground power units for airports since 1967. At Munich the company will be showcasing what it describes as its highly ergonomic GPU.


Hall B5, Stand 1450

Since 1956, PossehL Spezialbau has been providing anti-skid top surfaces for airport runways, taxiways and other safety-sensitive areas of airfield pavement construction. The company says it has already treated more than 35 million square metres of airfield surfaces with its ANTISKID high-friction surface covering for concrete and/or asphalt runways. It also supplies its cds-Epoxy coating systems and flooring materials; a range of epoxy resin coating systems, primers, sealers, mortars and speciality products for either new constructions, or the lasting repair of concrete/asphalt floors and pavements.


Hall B6, French Pavilion

PROAVIA - French Airport Technology is the official trade association which groups together 48 French companies willing to promote their know-how in the field of airport and ATC equipment and services abroad. PROAVIA helps customers to source the right product or service in France and the right business partner for airports and ATC.


Hall B6. French Pavilion

The Pronal Aircraft Recovery Cushion (PAC) is a lifting system consisting of various inflatable and independent chambers or compartments that are made from heavy-duty reinforced rubber that enables it to lift disabled aircraft without causing secondary damage. The PAC range includes standard 15, 25, 40 and 60 metric ton cushions which are manufactured in accordance with the Airport Services Manual (Part 5) and the Aircraft Recovery Manuals provided by the aircraft manufacturers.


Hall. B6, Stand 600

Protego offers tank accessories and safety valves. Its floating Suction Units, Protego SA/S, are designed to ensure that liquids in a storage tank are drawn off just below the surface where it is cleanest. Fixed roof tanks that store chemicals with different densities are fitted with a float-operated skimming system called Protego SA/DA for separating the various liquids.


Hall B5, Stand 1533

Proviron supplies environmentally friendly formate and acetate based runway and taxiway de-icers. At Munich Proviron will present its latest development; Provifrost KF ECO, a 100% azole free, potassium formate de-icer.


Hall B6, Stand 176

Ouickloading GmbH is a young company that provides solutions for problems encountered in airport operations and flight handling.


Hall B6, Stand 176

RCS Contracting GmbH offers rubber, markings and oil removal from runways. It also cleans large-scale areas with only one truck - its ARC1000 - which also provides friction coefficient measurements with or without official classification.


Hall B6, Stand 354 Redak says that by working together with other associated specialists that cover different aviation disciplines it provides a network that is able to serve many requirements. Services include auditing, handbooks, certifications and aircraft importations. It also offers a range of training programmes that are used in the aviation industry.


Hall B6, Stand 242

Research Engineers' modular PAPI was introduced in 1979. The company says that its product is compact, Lightweight, unaffected by ice, compliant with all standards and in service at hundreds of airports worldwide. It also supplies its Workstar high-output portable LED works light, with contactless recharging.


Hall B6, Stand 366

Resqtec has developed and manufactured the compact, modular rapid recovery system, the R2s. A wide range of aircraft can be recovered with it, including the new Airbus A380. Resqtec says that R2S is unique in its ability to allow controllable, continuous Lifting over a changing angle, while maintaining extreme stability throughout the lift.


Hall B6, Stand 723

Reveal provides threat detection products and services. Its flagship explosives detection system (EDS), the CT-80DR, works by using proprietary dual-energy computed tomography (CT). At Munich, Reveal. will be promoting its new CT-120 product.


Outdoor. Stand A48

Rheinmetall Landsysteme supplies powerful gas turbine-driven Air Start Units (ASUs). The output of its MSU 200/400 models is sufficient to meet the demand of all aircraft. The company says that its modular MSU 200/400s are robust, environmentally friendly, easy to operate and require no scheduled maintenance.


Hall B5, Stand 1638

Rhine Air manufactures confined space ventilation equipment that is specifically designed for aircraft fuel. tank inspections and maintenance operations on any size of aircraft.


Outdoor, Stand A50

Nutzfahrzeuge ROHR GmbH manufactures tanker vehicles for several. industries. For airports it provides aircraft refuelling tankers for civilian and military operations.


Hail B6, Dutch Pavilion

Saba Dinxperlo has produced sealing materials for airport pavement construction work since the 1960s. The company says that its two-component polysulfides offer advantages such as fast and efficient application, and long service life that has been independently tested over 20 years.


Outdoor, Stand E30

Safeaero i Trelleborg AB is a manufacturer of aircraft de-icers that has its headquarters and production facilities in Trelleborg, Sweden. The company Safeaero produces single and two person operated de-icers to serve airports of all sizes.


Hall B6, Stand 430

The Safegate Group offers a wide range of airfield lighting and docking solutions for airports around the world. The group already has over 70 partners, and Thorn AFL and Idman are the latest companies to join it. Both of the new team members have over 40 years of experience in airfield lighting solutions for airports and heliports worldwide.


Hall B5, Stand 1576

Sage Parts provides ground support equipment and airport-related replacement parts via warehouses in the USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, UK, France, Holland and Hong Kong. Other services include GSE rebuild, life extension, troubleshooting and training programmes together with supply chain management, on-site supply services and cost reduction courses.


Hall B6, French Pavilion

Sovis, a company within the French Saint-Gobain group, processes glass components for optical lighting applications. Products include prisms and dichroic filters for airport lighting, lenses for stage lighting, self-cleaning treatments for outdoor lighting and fibre optics for medical purposes.


Outdoor, Stand F56

The 65-year-old Sajas Group manufactures technical brushes and says many global patents have been granted to its products and production methods. Now, the Sajas Group has customers in over 30 countries.


Outdoor, Stand D58

At inter airport SARSYS will be showcasing two pieces of equipment that are new to the Munich show. One is the VW Transporter Friction testing equipment that was launched earlier this year and the other is the SVFT (SARSYS Volvo Friction Tester) built on the V70 model which was announced in 2010.


Outdoor, Stand F50

SAVAS manufactures a wide range of seating for many types of vehicles. At Munich it introduces an electrically-powered seat with ten internal. motors that ensure that every individual can set their own personal seating preference with a key.


Hall B5, Stand 1230

Savatech has 90 years' experience in rubber manufacturing and produces and markets a wide range of inflatable rubber products for environmental. protection and aircraft recovery


Outdoor, Stand E80

Scania, operating in more than 100 countries, is famous for the trucks and buses it produces for heavy transport applications, but it also manufactures industrial and marine engines. In Line with growing environmental awareness Scania says it can provide engines for all commercially available renewable fuels, such as bioethanol, biodiesel and biogas.


Hall B6, British Pavilion

Scarecrow Bio-Acoustic Systems Ltd provides airside bird dispersal soLutions using bio-acoustic technology. Scarecrow offers three systems for airside operation: Ultima v3 (a PC-based system with GPS functionality), Premier (its standard digital unit) and Patrol 2 (a fully portable system).


Hall B5, Stand 1210

Germany's J Schmalz GmbH is a vacuum technology company that produces a baggage lifting device called JumboFtex and aturninium cranes. The JumboFlex handles baggage weighing up to 35kg while sorting baggage tapes or loading/ unloading chutes, conveyors or baggage trolleys.


Outdoor, Stand B30

The Aebi Schmidt Group manufactures a range of high-specification runway/apron de-icing and cleaning vehicles. See pages 64-65 of this edition.


Hall B6, Stand 246

With its RS-Guideline queue management systems, R Scholz GmbH & Co KG offers individual barrier solutions as required. Beside the numerous different standard items, such as barrier posts and wall-mounted units with different tape extensions and accessories, the company also offers individually printed tapes.


Outdoor, Stand B50

Schopf is a long-established manufacturer of aircraft tow tractors for the civil and military markets. The company has joined forces with another regular Munich exhibitor - Rofan - which produces a range of cargo/baggage tractors. At inter airport Europe 2011, Schopf will showcase aircraft tow tractors in the 5 to 70 ton range together with its PowerPush tractor In addition, the newly redesigned diesel/hybrid Rofan tractors will. be on display alongside the 7-and 14-ton LoadStar cargo loaders.


Outdoor, Stand C90

Schrader manufactures toilet and water service units for the aviation industry. The company says that its modular assembly methods allow it to fulfil all its customers' needs for all aircraft. Its designs can handle temperatures ranging from -40[degrees]C to +50[degrees]C.


Hall 35, Stand 1340

SELEX Elsag, a Finmeccanica Group company, was created by the merger of SE LEX Communications and Elsag Datamat. At Munich it will exhibit its Cross-Belt and Tilt-Tray baggage handling technology. It will also present its biometric perimeter monitoring, attendance logging and access control solutions for security.


Outdoor, British Pavilion

Britain's Semmco produces a wide range of ground support equipment and access platforms for the civil, and military aviation markets.


Hall B6, Stand 735

The Shenzhen Techking Industry Co Ltd was acquired by Chongqing Dima Industry Co Ltd in 2009.

The company says that it has produced aviation ground support equipment for over ten years and has obtained 28 state patents. All of its airport equipment products are certificated by the General. Administration of Civil Aviation of China.


Hall 36, Stand 538

SIB produces brush cassette systems that designed to clear airport operational areas of ice, snow, rubber, sand and FOD. The company says that its SIB-patented core construction and its brush cassettes with steel or poly bristles are designed to work as a complete sweeping solution.


Hall B5, Stand 1138

SICK produces intelligent sensor solutions for the airport industry. it works in security applications, luggage identification and the sizing, weighing and scanning of air freight. At inter airport, SICK will present its solutions for automatic baggage identification through the whole transport process, from check-in to flight make-up and baggage reclaim.


Hall B5, Stand 1260

A famous name in engineering, integration and supply, Siemens is involved in almost every part of airport development. lt is focussed on the development of 'green' and efficient solutions including saving energy and reducing [CO.sup.2].


Hall B5, Stand 1100

Siemens Bacon specialises in LED and conventional airfield-Lighting solutions. Products include LED backlit signs, obstacle lights and heliport equipment. All conform to ICAO Annex 14 standards. Services include engineering, measurements and maintenance.

SIMAI Outdoor, Stand A80

SIMAI will present its fourth generation of its electric tractor, the TE250R, which has a 25-ton towing capacity. Its 40-ton capacity electric tractor, the TE380Rm is produced on the same concept. The company's new TE150AC and the TE80IXB vehicles, designed for light airport duties, will also bean show.


Hall B6, French Pavilion

Simcore Airport provides software and services for capacity planning, forecasting the resource needs at areas such as security check points. Its customers include Athens InternationaL London Heathrow, Paris CDG, Roma Airports, Basel-Mulhouse EuroAirport and Liege Airport.


Hall B5, Stand 1034

SITA WorkBridge claims it offers a portfolio of resource management solutions that streamlines the entire chain of airport services. The company says that its expertise includes the optimisation of planning and rostering activities, operations in real-time, staff management, communication and service registration.


Hall B6, Stand 246

The patented RS-SKIPPER barrier system enables any hazardous or restricted area, indoors or outside, to be cordoned off Either clipped on top of a cone, with the help of a wall support bracket, or on the new RS-SKIPPER-barrier post, it has a maximum tape extension of 9.0m. A full range of accessories is also available.


Hall B6, Stand 176

German company SM ETSTechnology offers multi-purpose vehicles for various cleaning applications such as its ARC1000 airport runway cleaner and MRT300/2 paving marking removal truck MRT300/2.


Hall B6, Stand 410

Smiths Detection provides government-regulated technology products and advanced services to security experts and governments worldwide, to detect and identify CBRNE material and other dangerous/ illegal objects. At Munich the company will exhibit the multiple-purpose x-ray inspection system HI-SCAN 6040aTiX for automatic liquid detection in carry-on baggage, an iLane checkpoint concept, its new HI-SCAN 145180-2is and simulation tools for air cargo and EDS applications.


Hall B6, French Pavilion

Founded in the 1960s, SOVAM produces a wide range of GSE products for the civil, and military aviation markets.


Outdoor, Stand F50

Founded in 1938, Spijkstaal develops and constructs eiactric vehicles (45U500 annually). The company says that all. products are custom made. At Munich, alongside its baggage and cargo tow-tractors, SpijkstaaL will exhibit its PRT, a driverless People Rapid Transport system.



Hall B6, Stand 250

Stahwille manufactures high-grade tightening tools and intelligent torquing technology for aerospace applications. The company was DIN EN ISO 9001 certified as early as 1992 and its calibration laboratory was recognised and certified for torque by the German Calibration Service (DKD) in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 in 1997.


Hall 86, French Pavilion

Sterela designs, manufactures and sells electronic systems for transport applications. Products include bird control, meteorological and voice recording equipment, and its partners include the French Civil. Aviation Authority.



Hall B5, Stand 1546

Stertil-KONI makes mobile column Lifts for Lifting heavy vehicles. Its most successful. product is its hydraulic mobile column Lift, which has a lifting capacity ranging from 6 to 17.5 tons per column. Its ST 1175 mobile column is used for Lifting exceptionally heavy vehicles, such as aircraft tractors.



Hall 136, Stand 322

Strate Wasserhochdrucktechnik provides runway rubber deposit removal, apron cleaning and oil, grease, kerosene and runway marking removal services using high-pressure water The company says that it works on asphalt, concrete and anti-skid pavement surfaces.


Hall 66. British Pavilion

TMS says its range of AGL photometric testing equipment such as its MALMS Mobile and Photometric Bench Tester, have been enhanced by additional products such as the company's MALMS Transverse, MALMS AGL Cleaner and MALMS Engineer. MALMS Transverse allows the airport to test services such as threshoLd and runway ends lights in one single test. MALMS Engineer is new maintenance and asset management software for the maintenance of airfield ground lighting. A new airfield-based cleaning machine, MALMS AGL Cleaner will clean lights on the airfield automatically without the need for so much manpower.


Outdoor, Stand D54

TCR has provided airport ground support equipment solutions since 1996. Services include Leasing, R&M and fleet management at 80 airports. It can also deliver a wide range of second-hand GSE equipment. The company says its 10,000 GSE items are managed by just 300 people. It has affiliates in the UK, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Ireland and the USA.


Hall B6, Stand 300

TCS manufactures rotary and piston-style positive displacement flow meters for aviation fuel measurement applications. The company says its flow rates range from 0.76 to 2271 Litres per minute and that sizes range from 1-1/2 in (3.8cm) to 4in (10cm).


Hill B6, Stand 238

TDA Lefebure offers a wide range of aircraft ground power connection systems for civil, and military airports, aprons and maintenance hangars. Products include 400 Hz, PCA and other utilities such as its Skypit uncles-ground pit and retriever, cable coilers, etc. TDA says it also takes charge of the whole integration chain, from the 50Hz plug to the aircraft connector.


Hall B6, Stand 730

TECHMAN-HEAD (TMH) offers GSE, maintenance tooling and hydraulic test equipment. The company says that it hold several manufacturing licences and has the capability to deal. with almost all aircraft and engine types. The TMH Group designs civil and military applications.



Hall B6, Stand 256

Tecnomech Srl, based in Rome, has manufactured ground service equipment since 1985. Its product range includes ramps for aircraft up to and including the Airbus A380, passenger stairs, conveyor belts, toilet service/portable water trucks, ambu lifts, catering trucks, trolleys, dollies, transporters, loaders and elevator platforms for maintenance.



Hall B6, Stand 244

Test-Fuchs provides systems that test aircraft hydraulic, pneumatic, electric and fuel. components. The company's headquarters are in Austria and it has branches in Germany, Italy and UK, as well as a service office in France.


Hall B5. Stand 1441

ThyssenKrupp Airport Systems provides integrated gate systems, such as passenger boarding bridges, with related auxiliary equipment, escalators and moving walkways.


Outdoor, Stand B80

Timsan, established in 1982, says it exports ground service equipment to 41 countries in Europe, Asia and Africa. Products includes catering trucks, ambulifts, water & lavatory service vehicles, passenger stairs, de-icing trucks, maintenance platforms, loaders, tow-tractors, belt conveyors, pallet & container dollies, baggage trailers, tow-bars, and oxygen & nitrogen carts. The company offers battery and diesel powered equipment.


Outdoor, Stand D50

Established in 1968 and based in Krsko, Slovenia, TIPS provides ground servicing equipment for airports, airlines and ground handling companies. After taking over the Swiss FRECH/JOSEF MEYER company in 2007, it adopted its products and traditions.


Hall B6, French Pavilion Titan Aviation has supplied airport refuelling equipment for over 50 years and has designed and manufactured more than 5,000 systems. The company is based between Villefranche-sur-Saane and Aix-en-Provence in France.


Outdoor, Stand 870

TLD manufactures a wide range of ground service equipment through its seven factories. The company, in partnership with Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) and Airbus has developed a new tow-tractor concept, the TaxiBot (Taxiing Robot). It is a semi-autonomous towbar-less tractor that enables airliners to be taxied by their pilots while the nosewheel. of their aircraft is held by the tractor. The vehicle is designed to carry out the task without shortening the nose landing gear's Life cycle. TLD has 25 sales offices worldwide.


Hall B5, Stand 1110 Topsystem offers IT solutions for airports and ground handlers. The company says its main focus is on modular software solutions and system integration. This includes A0D6, information brokerage and process improvement with workflow optimising solutions from flight scheduling and resource management through to aeronautical billing. Systems are completely web-based and allow networking between airport departments and business partners.


Outdoor, Stand E74

Toyota Material Handling Europe (TMHE) says that it helps European businesses to meet today's material-handling challenges. TMHE's offerings includes Toyota counterbalanced forklift trucks and tow-tractors, warehouse equipment, services & solutions including service contracts, short-term rental, used trucks & fleet management.


Outdoor, Stand D58

The Tradwind Group (Tradewind Scientific & Tradewind Aero) supports and markets its TRACR II Touchscreen Remote Airfield Condition Reporting and TRACR AIM Airfield Inspection Management Systems. The company says that there are over 120 such systems operational at airports worldwide.


Hall B5, Stand 1284

Transnorm is a manufacturer of high-performance conveyor moduLes for baggage handling systems. Products incLude belt curve conveyors, sorter solutions and vertical distribution units.


Outdoor. Stand D 36

At Munich TREPEL will exhibit its Challenger 160, 430 and 700 aircraft tow-tractor models. The company says that the push back and maintenance towing requirements for aircraft up to the size of the Airbus A380 are covered with these tractors.


Hall. B6, Stand 480

TriLectron/Air-A-Plane has provided over 25,000 engine-driven and static air conditioning units to the aviation market since 1946. The company says that it offers solutions that have been developed, tested and optimised to take advantage of the Latest generation of high efficiency, zero ozone depleting refrigerant to cool any aircraft type under the most demanding of ambient conditions.


Hall B5, Stand 1481

Tronair provides a wide range of ground support equipment including eL.ectric towbar-less tugs, GPUs, jacks, towbars, hydraulic equipment, air start units, engine stands and slings.


Hall B5, Stand 1580

With over 40 years of experience and over 35,000 units deLivered worldwide, TUG's GSE products include aircraft tow tractors, air start units, belt loaders, ground power units and baggage tractors.


Hall B6, French Pavillion

UBIFRANCE is the French agency for international, business development and is the key driver behind the country's pubLic sector export support framework. With 64 Trade Commissions in 44 countries, UBIFRANCE offers a comprehensive range of products and services aimed at helping French-based companies to develop their export markets.


Hall B5, Stand 1042

UFIS-AS will, show its Latest advanced airport information management solution for airport operation management. The product enhances punctuality, quality & service level. compliance. It includes modules for A-CDM compliant flight and resource management, FIDS, airport activity monitoring and hub management.


Hall B6, French Pavilion

Ulmer Aeronautique has developed its own 6.6A and 110/220-volt converters for its new Une of airport and heLiport LED tights. These products will be on show at Munich.


Hall B6, Stand 256

Unioncamere Lazio, will be at Munich with a qualified delegation of 12 companies - Airport Equipment; Argos Ingegneria; Crisotech; Darmec; Enav; Fonderie Belli; NTS Europe; NTS International. Group; Oleodina mica Romana; RHS; Tecno Engineering 2C and Tecnomech--that speciatise in airport equipment, technology and services.



Hall B5, Stand 1480

Unitron manufactures solid-state 400 Hz, 28 VDC, 270 VDC, onboard frequency converters and combination AC/DC Ground Power Units. The company says that its Unitron GPUs are one of the smallest and lightest in the industry, and available in mobile, towable, bridge-mounted or freestanding configurations. Unitron also manufactures diesel and all-electric preconditioned air (PCA) systems for Class A to D aircraft. A combination four-in-one PCA/GPU single cabinet configuration is available for Class A to C aircraft, which provides heating, cooling, 400 Hz and 28 VDC ground power


HIL 86, Stand 650

Frances Usimat-Sermees has designed and manufactured ground support equipment for over 35 years. Products include towbars, handling equipment and aircraft servicing devices.


Hall B5, Stand 1530

UTI says that since the 1997 start of its collaboration with Romanian's Henri Coanda International. Airport, it has been delivering Large-sc1e airport projects. Areas of expertise include construction works, airfield lighting, boarding bridge installations, integrated security, automated luggage control, flight information display systems, enterprise business and building systems integration and maintenance.


Hall B5, Stand 1086

Vaculex manufactures Lifting systems based on vacuum technology. At inter airport it is exhibiting baggage handling products specially designed for use in areas with low headroom or odd-shaped working areas.


Hall B5, Stand 1310

Vanderlande Industries provides total. baggage handling solutions and services all across the world. At Munich it will introduce a new addition to its loop sorter family.


Outdoor, Stand B60

At inter airport, Vestergaard will exhibit its latest GSE solutions, the new-generation Elephant Beta De-icer; high-reach Elephant MY De-icer, a new Toilet Service Unit plus a De-icing Simulator and Inline Refractometer.


Hall 86. Stand 440

Vetter supplies aircraft lifting bags and recovery equipment for all kinds of civil and military aircraft. Vetter says it is the only company to offer aircraft lifting bags with 1 bar and 0.5 bar air pressure and vacuum contour matching bags to fit every kind of aircraft.


Hall B6, Stand 290

Germany's Via Guide GmbH provides public guidance systems. At Munich it is introducing its JetTrac product which enables airport staff to quickly secure aircraft during short turnarounds. The company says that JetTrac has been developed for outdoor use and can be used in any weather conditions.


Hall B5, Stand 1660

Vista's Airport Report is an online application that gives customers up-to-date information about all winter operations, mobile (FOD/ BIRD etc) inspections and sweeping activities. It also provides Geographic Information Systems (GIS) reports.


Outdoo, Stand C66

Germany's VOLK manufactures tow-tractors for baggage and cargo handling. VOLK is exhibiting its hybrid tractors at this year's inter airport and says that its references include London/Heathrow, Amsterdam/ Schiphot and Munich airports.


Hall 86, Stand 651

VRR offers customised air transport solutions, assisting with the design, manufacturing and maintenance services of lightweight products for civil and military environments.


Hall B5. Stand 1270

Wanzl offers its airport partners a complete service for landside and airside luggage trolleys including their management, circulation, tracking and passenger guidance systems. The company says it now supplies more than 200 airports.


Hall 86, Strind 218

Warner Lewis, Jr, Industrie-Filter GmbH has been supplying aviation fuel filters from Velcon Filters LLC and aircraft refuelling equipment from Carter Ground Fueling Company in Europe, Africa and the Middle East for over 40 years. The company has recently supplied equipment for major airport projects in Dubai, Jeddah, Milan, Hurghada and Kiev. Headquartered in Frankfurt, it also has offices in the UK and France.


Outdoor, Stand A24

At Munich Waterblasting Technologies is showcasing its Stripe Hog airfield marking and runway rubber removal models at its outdoor stand.


Hall B. Stand 584

Weigel Hochdrucktechnik has specialised in ultra-high water pressure jetting applications for 30 years. Following a request from a customer in 1997, its Trackjet rubber and paint marker removal system was developed and sold to an airport contractor in East Asia. Since 1998, another 30 systems have been sold. The company says that more than 150 international airports have already used Trackjet.


Hall 86, Stand 176

At Munich, Weyer is sharing a booth with partners LNT Solutions Limited (de-icing products), RCS Contracting GmbH (runway rubber removal), Globalsys (wireless and cable headsets), Ouickloading GmbH (new towbar for aircraft, fanblade de-icer, new loading system for aircraft), Via Guide GmbH (passenger guidance systems), Douglas (new generation friction tester, aircraft tractor) and Guinault (GPU, airstarter, airconditioning).


Hall B6, Stand 344

Youyang is a manufacturer of airport lighting equipment including in-pavement/elevated halogen lamp/LED lights, portable lights, constant current regulators, isolating transformers, plus various signs and remote control systems.

ZACHER Hall B5. Stand 1238

Zacher, part of the Zarges Tubesca Group, provides refuelling products for any type of aircraft. Other products include aircraft and helicopter docking systems and mobile access equipment that facilitate the maintenance and repair of civil and military aircraft.


Outdoor, Stand B90

Switzerland's Zaugg Ag Eggiwil develops and produces snow clearance machines and vehicles for roads, railways, airports and the preparation of ski slopes.


Hall BS, Stand 1141 Zebra Enterprise Solutions GmbH (ZES) supplies systems that incorporate hardware and software to locate, track, manage, and optimise high-value assets, equipment and people. Its real-time asset tracking solution improves the management of ground support equipment to gain measurable business improvements.

During your inter airport Europe visit, can you spare a few minutes to tell us about a new product or service that your company has to offer?

Visit Airports International at inter airport Europe 2011 in Hall B6, Stand 124 and speak to either Tom Allett or Caroline Cook from our editorial team. Book an appointment in advance via or as we took forward to seeing you there. Check out the new website: which is launched on October 1st.
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