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The world's most popular word processor.

From the press kit for WordPerfect 6.0:

"WordPerfect for Windows was the most successful product launch in Windows history, selling one million copies in the first six months. With more than 3.5 million' copies sold, WordPerfect for Windows continues to lead the Windows word processing market.

"WordPerfect for Windows captured 51% of the U.S. Windows word processing market in the first quarter 1993, according to the Software Publishers Association (SPA) and WordPerfect data. WordPerfect for Windows currently tops the U.S. retail sales charts--often outselling Windows 3.1."

From advertising copy for Microsoft Office:

"To see for yourself why Word has become the most popular word processor in the world, hurry and visit your local reseller..."

WordPerfect general counsel Duff Thompson on the lawsuit his company filed Oct. 15 against Microsoft for "false and deceptive" advertising:

"As far as we can tell, 14 million [the installed base of WordPerfect] exceeds 10 million {the installed base of Word], even in Redmond."

Microsoft chairman Bill Gates in a speech at PC Expo, shortly after his company agreed to a legal settlement with WordPerfect over the "most popular" issue:

"Many years ago, WordPerfect was outselling us, so they have a larger installed base. Today, we're outselling them. What we will do now is say, 'We are the best selling word processing program.'"
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Title Annotation:comments on Wordperfect Corp.'s Wordperfect 6.0 word processing software
Date:Nov 4, 1993
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