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The word for work is `compressors'; manufacturers work to make workhorses of refrigeration industry work even better.

Most people in the frozen food and refrigeration industry may not hang out with the homey set, but they sure rely on their workhorses: compressors. They want those compressors to be up to date in their technology, and at once reliable and economical. What can manufacturers do but compete to satisfy them? It's an everybody wins situation.

Vilter Manufacturing, Cudahy, Wisconsin, USA (Telephone 1-414-744-0111), has expanded its line to include aluminum and copper air units to complement its already extensive list of standard and stainless steel compressor products. It has also formed an exclusive partnership with Colmac to offer that company's complete line of air unit products.

With this expansion, Vilter has instituted a new air unit manufacturing cell comprised of specialists in engineering, sales, and manufacturing -- all solely dedicated to air unit performance, quality and cost reduction.

With Vilter's years of experience in the refrigeration industry, custom air units can be designed to customer's exacting requirements. Air models are available with ammonia, brine and glycol coils, special air delivery systems, air-cooled condensers, reheat and heat reclaim units, custom coil banks, or other features required for the application.

Another innovation from Vilter is the Cool Compression[TM] ammonia screw compressor, which offers a dramatically smaller package. Compressors using the CC technology have fewer components and are now nearly half the size of traditional compressors.

The design offers a significant improvement in system performance, as well. Users will realize a reduced maintenance schedule, lower maintenance costs, and the elimination of high maintenance sub-systems. Ammonia compression has never been so efficient, the company says.

Vilter's patent-pending design offers several exclusive features. Cool Compression[TM] uses direct contact heat transfer to cool compressor oil fight in the oil separator -- there's no oil cooler. The design also uses the inherent pressure of the oil separator to transfer the cooled oil back into the compressor -- no oil pump either. And the technology keeps the oil and liquid refrigerant at saturation temperature, so there's no three-way valve necessary to control oil temperature.

Cool Compression[TM] is also unique, the company says, in that it reduces oil carryover and eliminates oil foaming, because the liquid ammonia layer in the separator covers the heavier oil. The oil separator shrinks to half the size of a conventional separator. The refrigeration system requires only about half the oil charge of a conventional system. The oil filter is smaller. And the coalescing element is replaced with an inexpensive, maintenance-free demister pad. Plus, older systems are cleansed of excess oil when a retrofit compressor is applied.

The VSM family of compressors, introduced in 2000, has been the focal point of direct drive compressor packages built to be efficient and reliable. The VSM models are designed without the use of gear drives or poppet valves for capacity control. Instead, they use a reliable direct drive compressor with slide valves for maximum full and part-load efficiency.

But new products and design innovations don't stop there. Vilter has also introduced a new optical slide actuator, standard on all Vilter Singe Screw products and available for retrofits on older units. This generation of slide actuators was designed for simplicity in calibration, reliability, and low maintenance. Every aspect of the past actuator's design was scrutinized, and the new version has heavy-duty gears internally situated in a sealed gearbox, keeping them properly lubricated and protected from the environment.

While some other companies have focused on restructuring, the new team at Vilter has focused on revolutionary design innovations coupled with a major new customer service program. But they're not afraid to have a little fun, too. Their humorous and eye-catching "Being Single Has Its Advantages" advertising campaign has people talking and shows how this company, known for its innovative single screw compressors, is changing how people think about refrigeration.

Hartford Compressors, West Hartford, Connecticut (Telephone: 1-860-518-3700) has come out with the MSC-110 hermetic screw compressor. Based on the platform of the company's MSC-127K series, it is designed for DX (direct expansion) systems with air or water-cooled condensing and can run on R22, R134a or R407C refrigerants. Three sizes are available: 118m 146 and 176.1 CFM at 3,500 rpm, and 60 Hertz.

The compressors are the same but the names are new at GEA-Grasso, `s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands (Fax: 31-73-6214-320). To assure worldwide standardization and acceptance, the four largest screw compressors manufactured by Grasso were renamed in March.

The screw compressors involved are Alpha (3.250 m[PI]/h), Beta (4.150 mi-I/h), Gamma (4.800 m[PI]/h) and Delta (5.800 m[PI]/h). It seems that these names and the Greek characters have caused some problems in the past -- especially in the Asian and Arab states, where the Greek characters are more or less unknown.

The new names for the same compressors are XA (Alpha), XB (Beta), XC (Gamma) and XD (Delta). These changes will also influence the screw compressor package designation, where the old names will similarly be replaced by the new ones. Grasso is still in the process of reviewing and revising all the documentation, so it will take a while longer to implement the changes fully.

Europe and North America may still dominate the compressor market, but that doesn't keep companies elsewhere from getting in on the action. Sea Bird Refrigeration, Delhi, India (Fax: 91-11-214-1668) for example, is producing open, high speed, semi-hermetic and ammonia compressors for ice cream plants, ice-making machines, coldstores and other applications.

In Australia, Kirby Refrigeration of Milperra (Fax: 61-2-97747238) has teamed up with its Thai joint venture Kulthorn Kirby to design a new WJ series that offers the heavy-duty bearings of a twin cylinder compressor in a single cylinder model for extra ruggedness and durability -- while at the same time offering quiet performance thanks to its internal muffler design. Other features include a low-profile housing, standard mounts and convenient installation.

At Hasegawa Refrigeration Ltd., San Antonio, Texas, USA (Fax: 1-210-494-9680), they're serious about the quality of their compressors. If any proof were needed, it's in the fact that the company has now been accepted for ISO-8001-2000 certification -- the latest and most stringent standard.

As a manufacturer of compressors and related products for more than 80 years, Hasegawa is determined to keep its promise to consistently provide the highest quality and optimal performance industrial refrigeration equipment for the global market. As a certified ISO 9001:2000 manufacturer, it has implemented required business and manufacturing policies to assure the highest quality refrigeration equipment for its clients at all stages of operation -- from research and development, design, raw materials and production to sales and technical support after the sale.

ISO 9001:2000 certification is not limited solely to the Hasegawa SURELY[R] industrial refrigeration compressors and Hasegawa SURELY[R] replacement parts, but also includes thermal engineering, design, installation, testing and warranty and maintenance services. With ISO 9001:2000 certification, the Hasegawa Group stands behind its promise to offer superior quality equipment and services.

Due to the extensive number of individual parts and part numbers, Hasegawa began offering some of its SURELY[R] replacement parts as complete sets beginning last June. The action was taken to simplify replacement part number specification, assure expediency in shipments and assure that all parts required for maintenance, repair or overhaul are on hand when such work is completed.

Hasegawa also continues to offer set pricing for replacement parts, including: safety head spring sets; discharge valve spring sets; suction valve spring sets; crank pin metal sets; unloader pin sets; unloader stop ring sets; oil relief valve packing sets; water-cooled oil cooler packing sets.

As for the compressors themselves, the most recent additions to the SURELY[R] line are the VKS, VK and VKL reciprocating compressor series, which features 4, 6 and 8 cylinder compressors for single or two-stage applications. The VK and VKL compressors have a 3 11/32" bore. The VK compressors have a 2 3/4" stroke whereas the VKL compressors have a 3 11/32" stroke. Both the VK and VKL compressors can operate at speeds as high as 1,800 RPM and are available for R-717, R-22, R-404a, as well as other refrigerants.

SURELY[R] VKS/VK/VKL units can also serve as an integral parks of a complete chiller package for water, brine and other low-temperature applications. VKS/VK/VKL compressors' compact design also makes them attractive for onboard refrigeration of deep sea fishing vessels. They have been proven to meet a myriad of high performance and reliability requirements essential for marine fishing systems.

When it comes to compressor pans, only top quality will do. Compressor Engineering Corp. (CECO), Houston, Texas, USA (Fax: 1-713-664-0444), keeps adding more items to its stock of replacement parts for numerous models made by leading manufacturers.

The company makes valves from 17-7 ph stainless steel. It laps both sides of safety heads to assure a proper sealing surface for the cylinder liner and safety head diaphragm to improve efficiency. Its pistons and connecting rods for compressors meet or exceed OEM specifications. Besides parts themselves, the company offers a wide range of accessories such as gaskets, oil filters, safety relief valves, crankcase heaters and piston pin bushings.
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