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The wonder of VoWLAN: a fast-growing technology for business.

WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY is changing, and improving, the way business is being done. Take for example, technology that is perceived as the most basic wireless device: the two-way radio. Two-way radios continue to be one the most cost-effective solutions for a variety of applications where reliable one-to-one or one-to-many communications is necessary But did you know that two-way radios are now available in a digital platform that combines the best of two-way radio with digital technology--delivering integrated data applications and voice communications while also being GPS capable.

Many businesses are relying on a variety of wireless devices to not only meet their communication needs but also improve worker productivity, accessibility, responsiveness, inventory control, and accuracy in data collection. In some environments wireless technology can allow for remote monitoring and automation.

Mobile computing devices such as handheld computers allow users who might need the power of a cellphone, PDA, computer, scanner, and imager--all in one device that is designed to tolerate all-day use. Other mobile computing devices that significantly improve business performance and accuracy are handheld scanners. Bluetooth capable handheld scanners give users the ability to scan bar codes practically anywhere reading labels as far away as 45 feet and as close as 1/4 inch! Handheld scanners can capture and decode one-dimensional and two-dimensional symbols as well as images. They can read electronic signatures and documents to comply with state HIPPA regulations. Together, handheld computers and scanners can deliver unheard of productivity and accuracy in the workplace.

Along with devices are technologies such as Voice over Wireless LAN (VoWLAN). It use to be that enterprise productivity was constrained by wired communications networks. This posed a problem because business could only be conducted when the user was within reach of a wired connection. With the evolution of communications technologies to all IP-based voice networks and wireless local area networks (WLAN) based on the IEEE 802.11 or Wi-Fi standards, there is no longer any reason for users to be constrained by the limits of wired communications. VoWLAN makes it easy to resolve problems and respond to customer requests quickly by allowing users to move about freely and collaborate on a moment's notice, regardless of whether the user is in the office, on the shop floor or at the loading dock. Flexible businesses require a reliable mobile network that will allow their employees to remain accessible and productive while on the move and VoWLAN provides that. VoWLAN delivers secure, dependable communications while improving operating efficiency Businesses have a lot to gain from mobilizing their internal communications through VoWLAN, such as improved in-building coverage, productivity, accessibility, responsiveness, and converged networks.

Some businesses have even found that they can use wire less technologies to improve their performance through remote monitoring of doors and equipment, liquid and pressure levels and the automation of equipment. Wireless technologies are enabling businesses to operate smoother and more precise with a lower cost of ownership and quick return on investment.

If you're in charge of operations or information technology, set up an appointment with a wireless communications specialist to evaluate your current voice and data processes. You might find that wireless technology can improve daily operations while increasing your bottom line.

Daphne Knox is the marketing director for Emergency Radio Service, Inc. (ERS)
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Author:Knox, Daphne
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Date:Feb 1, 2009
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