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The witches who gave TV star Derek a real fright on the night; Even the most experienced of paranormal investigators can be spooked. We talked to two about their scariest moments.

ECHO columnist and presenter of TV's Most Haunted Derek Acorah says: "There have been a number of spooky encounters but one of the worst was when I did the investigation with Most Haunted at Pendle Hill when we encountered the Pendle Witches.

"There were eight in all. They were all active in the site where we went to investigate and they basically wanted to rip the whole Most Haunted crew apart.

"They knocked them down, they did despicable things to hurt and dishevell them. It was an investigation that I hope I never have to go through again.

"I got the team out of the main building, and put spiritual protection around them. I told them that the best policy was rather than jibe the spirits, to be a little more respectful. I couldn't even cleanse the area because it was so negatively spiritually charged.

"What I plan to do, with the owner's permission, is to go back to the site at a later date and cleanse it.

"Since then I know the occupants and people around the area have had all sorts of problems with them, s o it just goes to show you really have to be careful." PARANORMAL investigator and ECHO Flashback columnist Tom Slemen says: "One experience which really stands out happened in 2001.

"On a country lane in Sefton, near the Punchbowl Hotel, there was a phantom motorcyclist which bus drivers had seen tearing along at all hours of the day and night.

"One of them invited me to go on his bus and see this biker, dressed in black, who'd been a member of a chapter of Hell's Angels. He had apparently crashed on this stretch of road and where he'd crashed they'd painted a white cross on the wall.

"I got on the bus one night and as we were driving along a woman got on in a long gaberdine mac, with a blue rinse and horn-rimmed glasses. She waved her pass at the driver, smiled at me and sat down.

"When we got to the white cross, we stopped and I got out to look.

When I got back on, the woman had disappeared. There was no way she could have got past the driver, and he even looked under the seats, but she'd gone.

"When we got back t o the depot, another driver told me about a woman who had collapsed and died on one of the buses about two months earlier. He described this woman exactly the way we'd seen her.

"So we were looking for one ghost and actually found another
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Oct 31, 2005
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